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   Chapter 142 Your Opponent Is Prince Of Segavina

All Dote On One: CEO's Only Love By Xiang Si Characters: 7002

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Blushing, Cassie covered his mouth and said shyly, "Shut up!"

Dylan held her hand and pulled her into his arms. The light in the kitchen was a little dazzling, and Cassie saw his black eyes.

Under the light, Dylan's long eyelashes flickered slightly. When he closed his eyes, his warm thin lips were about to fall, which made Cassie want to tease him. Cassie raised her lips slightly. When Dylan's lips were about to touch hers, she broke away from him in an instant.

With nothing in his hand, Dylan opened his eyes and looked at the mischievous figure. He had no choice but to chase after her.

Holding the egg tart in her hand, Cassie smiled proudly and said, "I won't let you kiss me!"

She smiled innocently, and the light fell on her lips. Even her eyes were shining, like a river of stars that had been crushed by the summer night.

Dylan followed her and Cassie ran out of the kitchen.

Dylan said, "Wait tonight!"

Cassie had underestimated his ability to bear grudges. As a result, she was almost broken into pieces.


Horse racing is a grand event once every three years in Looping Harbor. In addition to the local people of Looping Harbor, there were also many successful people from the upper class in Zhaocheng, including rich ladies and high officials.

Of course, except Sunny. Sunny was doomed to be removed from the list at the moment she provoked Cassie.

The racetrack was very large, with an area of three hundred and twenty thousand square meters. It was not until Cassie and Dylan walked in arm in arm that Cassie felt the shock of the race. A dense number of people surged in their positions. The host's figure appeared on the big screen in front of her. The crowd was in an uproar, and many limelights were shining on the horse race track.

"Mr. Dylan, Mrs. Dylan, this way please."

Simon said. Dylan didn't like too much noise, so Simon arranged a VIP private room.

Today, a lot of reporters came. Cassie dressed in a white Chanel suit and Dylan wore a white shirt, which matched the color of her suit.

Cassie sat in the box, in front o

as to be polite to our CEO."

Hearing this, Cassie was relieved. "That's good."

In this way, she wouldn't lose face. She could throw the blame to prince of Segavina, who was keen on horse racing and had more experience than her! If she won, she could still get money.

Simon asked, "How many are you going to place, Mrs. Dylan?"

Scratching her head, Cassie asked, "Can't I have one?"

Dylan looked at her, "But... The beginning is three bets on a horse."

After explaining the rules to Cassie, Dylan looked at Simon and said, "Place five bets."

Wait?! Cassie calculated that one bet was five hundred thousand, and five bets meant two million and five hundred thousand?!

Lying on the sofa, Cassie felt aggrieved and said to Dylan, "You said five bets. If lose, I won't pay you."

Dylan said, "You are mine now. Do I need to care about that?"

He wouldn't change his wife. It was priceless.

With a giggle, Cassie leaned against his arm and said, "Okay."

The horse race was about to begin. Cassie could see the panoramic view of the whole race course, but everything turned to be a little, so she had to look at the projector.

The sound insulation effect of the glass window was very good, and the room was very quiet. Hearing the host's words, Cassie became nervous. She pulled the sleeves of Dylan and bit her nails and said, "It's about to begin. I'm so nervous!"

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