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   Chapter 138 Go Back To Zhaocheng Tonight

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Cassie felt ridiculous. She sneered, "Why can't it be me?"

Holding her arms, Sunny looked at her arrogantly and said, "What's wrong? Do you feel lonely without Brother Dylan? "


Cassie thought that Sunny was not only stupid, but also blind. She probably didn't see the man standing behind the flower bed over there.

But it didn't matter. She was in a good mood today and didn't want to argue with Sunny.

She said, "You'd better leave here."

A hint of surprise flashed through Sunny's eyes. She said, "What did you say?! Leave here?! What? What right do you have to order me? "

Cassie still got something on Yvette, so Yvette didn't dare to be arrogant in front of Cassie. She had to pull Sunny and said in a low voice, "Sunny, let's go..."

Stunned, Sunny looked at Yvette and sneered, "Didn't you hate Cassie the most before? Why are you so timid now? "

Yvette's eyes darkened. She pursed her lips and said nothing. On the contrary, after hearing what Yvette said, Sunny became more arrogant. She said, "I'll give you three minutes to get out of here."

Hearing that, Cassie didn't get angry but laughed. She stood up unhurriedly. Her calmness was more intimidating than the fact that Sunny's eyes were as wide as bells.

"Miss Sunny, don't you think it's ridiculous?" said Cassie.

She paused and smiled, "As I remember correctly, this hotel belongs to the Lu group. I'm the wife of Dylan. As an outsider, how can you order me to leave? "

Glaring at Cassie, Sunny reached out her hand and was about to slap it on the face of Cassie. Cassie quickly caught her wrist. She smiled and said, "I thought you were powerful. That's all you can do? Tell me... "

Before Cassie could finish her words, Sunny struggled to free herself from Cassie. The three of them were standing by the swimming pool. Without wearing shoes, Cassie slipped and fell

can you do this to me?"

Dylan interrupted Sunny and looked at her with sharp eyes. He narrowed his eyes, which were full of danger. He warned her in a tone that allowed no one to refuse, "Miss Sunny, I told you not to call me brother Dylan. My wife doesn't like others to call me like this!"

The suffocating fear of drowning was still lingering in her mind and did not dissipate. She pursed her lips and tried to hold back her tears. Yvette didn't dare to say anything, but her fist left a row of crescent shaped marks in her palm.

The air around Dylan was very depressing. His voice was ruthless and cold, smashing into the ears of Sunny and Yvette. "For the sake of my wife, I will let you go this time. Book a ticket and go back to Zhaocheng tonight! "

Both of Sunny and Yvette breathed a sigh of relief and nodded in agreement.

Looking at the pale-faced Cassie, Dylan felt sorry for her. He held Cassie horizontally and walked back to the suite with firm steps.

In the presidential suite

Dylan put Cassie on the bed. It had been a long time since Cassie swam last time. The fear of drowning suddenly haunted her.

She was still shivering.

Seeing her like this, three words popped up in Dylan's mind.

'She was scared.'

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