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   Chapter 131 If You Don't Use My Money, Whose Money Are You Going To Use

All Dote On One: CEO's Only Love By Xiang Si Characters: 6696

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Cassie immediately stretched out her hand to protect herself and said, "There are so many people at home. What do you want to do?"

He was not shy at all when he behaved like a rascal, but she was!

Dylan broke into a laugh, "As I said, we are legal."

They were a legal couple. No matter what he did, it was not excessive.

What's more, working in the West Mountain Linyu, the staffs should learn to ignore something they see.

Cassie was like a paper tiger that could be easily pierced. She pretended to know a lot about love, but when she met Dylan, she was at a loss. Perhaps, this was what Tsangyang Gyatso's poem said, "Worry because of love, fear because of love."

She was afraid that she didn't dare to look at Dylan's face.

She pursed her lips and changed the topic. "Why didn't you go to the company?"

Dylan answered, "Mason will be here soon,"

Hearing that Mason was coming, Cassie asked in a hurry, "Has he found anything? !"

Raising his eyebrows, Dylan looked at her with interest and asked, "Do you want to hear it?"

Cassie nodded, "Of course!"

Dylan looked at her affectionately, Cassie's face darkened. She understood what he meant in a second and said proudly, "Humph!"

'Want to kiss again? How could he be so childish?'

Confused, Dylan frowned and asked, "So?"

Cassie pouted her lips, quickly held up Dylan's face and kissed him. It was too late for Dylan to dodge her sudden kiss. Cassie kissed him on the cheek and said, "I'm in a good mood today. I'll satisfy you this time!"

Dylan took out a piece of tissue and wiped his face. Then he said in disgust, "Your saliva is almost on my face."


He was a man. How could he be so troublesome!

At the door, Carter said, "Sir, Mr. Mason has arrived."

Dylan nodded and said, "Let him come to my study room."

Cassie followed Dylan upstairs to the study room. He sat on the sofa in the study room and asked Mason, "How is the investigation going?"

Mason took out a brown paper file b

k. After a long time, he said, "My darling, if you don't use my money, whose money are you going to use?"

Cassie chuckled, "Well, I'm just kidding."

She was going to the bookstore with Flora tomorrow. She was happy that her friend's wish came true.


In the western restaurant of Germy

When Cassie was drinking coffee, Flora smiled and said, "Thank you for shopping with me today."

With a smile, Cassie said, "You're welcome. You also treat me dinner anyway."

Taking a sip of her milk tea, Flora said with a smile, "I've ordered the wallpaper and lights today. The design will be decided in two days. It's so exhausted! If I pick the design, you must give me some advice. "

Cassie answered, "Not a problem. I have a plenty of time."

"Mr. Jasper, this way please."

The waitress politely made a gesture of welcome. Jasper was led to a seat aside by her. He was still on the phone with Johnson. "Is it really appropriate for you to do this?"

Jasper laughed scornfully. "If it weren't for grandma, I wouldn't have come."

During this period of time, his grandma kept saying that he should had a girlfriend. She was worried about him. Finally, after some persuasion, Jasper reluctantly agreed to meet the daughter of the Shen family.

Johnson chuckled, "Then I have to look forward to your performance."

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