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   Chapter 106 I'm Not Interested In Women

All Dote On One: CEO's Only Love By Xiang Si Characters: 6376

Updated: 2020-06-30 00:02

Before the leader could finish his words, Jasper's assistant immediately understood what Johnson meant when he was glanced by Johnson.

Suddenly, a group of black suits rushed out of the crowd and gave a sneak attack from behind when Mr. Xiao's men were paying attention to Jasper. Screams and broken glass filled the hall one after another. Many customers were frightened to run to the door.

"I'll leave it to you." said Jasper.

Johnson nodded, "Don't worry. I will handle it."

Jasper glanced at Cassie and grabbed her as if he was carrying a chicken to the door.

Flora said, "Wait! What if Dylan knows about it?"

Jasper frowned and looked at Flora carefully. Looking at her eyes, he instantly understood what she meant. He smiled disdainfully, "Don't worry. I'm not interested in women!"

Not interested in women?!

So the rumor that he liked men was true?!

Flora's mouth wide open in surprise. Jasper cast a cold glance at her and continued to walk out with Cassie in his hand. Afraid that something bad would happen to Cassie, Flora had to follow out of the bar.

Outside the Suhr Bar, a black Bentley was parked in the night.

Jasper pushed Cassie into the car.


When the assistant was about to close the door, he heard the voice of Flora from outside.

The assistant looked at Jasper. Seeing that he had no intention of refusing, he let go of Flora.

The car ran quietly in the night, and Cassie was still crying and playing drunken madness. "Owen, you are the fattest! No matter what you do, I will support you. Hiccup..."

Was she crazy?

Jasper said with a cold voice, "Shut up! If you keep making trouble, I'll throw you out right now!"

The car was quiet. Cassie pouted and looked at Jasper with grievance. Seeing her like this, Jasper turned his head away. Then Cassie burst into tears in an instant. "Ah -- men are all like two timers!"

Flora cov

today and she would go to see Mr. Sean."

"It's gone?" Dylan asked.

Cheryl squinted her eyes and tried to recall. She finally remembered and said, "By the way, Mrs. Dylan drove out before she left..."

She said the last sentence in a low voice.

However, Dylan still heard what she said. His face suddenly darkened. He looked at Cheryl sharply, as if there was a knife hidden in his eyes.

The atmosphere was suffocating. His voice was as cold as ice. "What did I tell you?"

Cheryl bit her lips and hurriedly said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Dylan. This is the first and last time. It won't happen again."

"I hope you can do it," said Dylan.

Cheryl tried her best to nod, and finally felt relieved. Dylan continued, "I'll give you a chance to find out where her car is now."

Since she was driving out, the last place to park the car was very likely to be her last foothold.

"Okay, Mr. Dylan. I'll do it right there," said Cheryl in a hurry.

Feeling tired, Dylan rubbed his temples and said, "You can leave now. I'll call you if anything happens."

Carter and Cheryl nodded in agreement and went out quickly.

It only took Cheryl ten minutes to find out the car. When Dylan arrived at Suhr Bar with the bodyguards, he only saw a mess on the ground.

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