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   Chapter 105 You Couldn't Hurt Her

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On the other side, Flora was very sober. She was a little frightened when she saw Cassie like this. As far as she could remember, it was the first time that Cassie had been so rude.

Although it was noisy in the bar, there were still many people who came to play and looked at Cassie strangely.

Cassie burped. A blurred figure appeared in front of her, and her head was dizzy.

Flora said, "I'm sorry. My friend drank too much."

Noticing someone else's gaze, Cassie snorted proudly, "What are you looking at? Haven't you seen any beautiful woman?! Owen, you must act well and don't let mommy down! … Owen, be brave."

In a hurry, Flora reached out her hand and covered Cassie's mouth. She said in a low voice, "Oh my God, Cassie. What's wrong with you today? You drank so much. Tell me Mr. Dylan's phone number now. I'll call him to pick you up!"

As soon as Cassie heard that Flora was about to call Dylan, a violent disgust came over her chest and stuck in her throat. Feeling something was wrong, Flora loosened her. Cassie vomited all of it.

Taking out a lot of tissue from her bag, Flora wiped the corner of her mouth and said, "Stop it. Go home and have a good talk with Dylan."

Leaning against the round table, Cassie mumbled, "No, no! I don't want to look for him. Men are all like two timers. You are my honey!"

Cassie turned on her phone and sent a few voice messages to Owen, "Owen, you should eat well. Mommy will love you forever!"

Owen woke up from hunger at night and was about to get up to find something to eat. When he walked to the kitchen, his phone suddenly lit up. It was a voice message from Cassie.

Her voice was clear, but the background music was very noisy. Similar to the bar, Owen couldn't help frowning. "It seems that she is drunk too much."

He shook his head helplessly and turned to look at the clock on the wal

idn't say anything but looked at Mr. Xiao coldly.

Johnson said, "Mr. Xiao, I have to remind you that you couldn't hurt them."

Mr. Xiao had heard of Johnson. The main business of Johnson's family in Zhaocheng was the hotel, and he also managed the transportation of the harbor to the city. Mr. Xiao often received the so-called protection fee in that area. If he wanted to stay there, he had to show respect to the Johnson's family.

The man helped Mr. Xiao up from the ground. He sneered and said, "Oh, it's Mr. Johnson. Let me say something. I, Mr. Xiao, am also a famous person in this area. I was hit by this bitch. There are so many people here. If the news spreads, how can I live? !"

Although Jasper hated Dylan and liked to diss Cassie, he couldn't bully the less with more, and despised the man who beat women.

He kicked Mr. Xiao's chest irritably, "Shut up!"

The kick was a little heavy, and Mr. Xiao rolled to the ground. A sweet taste came up in his throat, and a mouthful of scarlet blood spit out from his chest.

"Boss! Are you okay? !"

Seeing that Mr. Xiao was kicked to the ground, subordinates helped Mr. Xiao up in shock.

He said angrily, "How dare you! How dare you hit our Mr. Xiao? Brothers, hit him!"

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