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   Chapter 104 We Are Just A Contractual Couple

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Cassie suddenly stopped cutting the steak.

Would there be a second Mr. Dylan in the entire Zhaocheng? She raised her head confusedly, and her face darkened. The fork in her hand fell out of her hand with a thud.

Ryan looked at her doubtfully, "What's wrong? Don't you like the steak? "

Cassie chuckled and explained, "... No. I didn't take the fork very well. "

Dylan looked at the direction where the voice came from and saw the familiar back and face. His eyebrows were knitted into a frown. Seeing the change of his expression, Betty chuckled in his heart.

However, there was no trace of joy on Betty's face. She just smiled and said, Mr. Dylan, it seems that Mrs. Cassie is having a good chat with Ryan. Shall we go and say hello to them? ."

Dylan invited her to dinner today, so he asked her to choose a seat. She had heard from Malcolm that Germy's Steak tasted good, so she wanted to eat it. She didn't expect to see Ryan and Cassie here.

Today, she wore a white dress, her long straight hair hanging down, and she put on a light makeup. She looked very casual, simple and pure.

Dylan sharp eyes fell on Betty's face, and his gloomy eyes were full of displeasure.

Seeing this, Betty said awkwardly, "In that case, let's go upstairs."

The manager made a gesture of welcome respectfully. "Then I'll take Miss Betty and Mr. Dylan upstairs."

Betty nodded her head. Looking at her, Dylan said, "I'm going to the bathroom."

At the table not far away, Cassie's eyes were fixed on Dylan, but the knife in her hand was cutting the empty plate.

Humph! He showed in front of her with Betty again. He knew that she didn't like Betty, but he was still so close to her. Did he want to make her angry on purpose?

Seeing her like this, Ryan frowned and turned his head curiously. Then he realized the reason.

He stared at Cassie and asked, "How is the steak?"

Cassie picked up the fork, but she didn't get the steak. She took a bite. When she looked down, she found no meat on the fork. Then she said awkwardly, "Sorry, I'm going to the bathroom."

Ryan nodded slowly.

At the door

g? "

Cassie came back to her senses. It was said that if you wanted to seize a man's heart, you had to grab his stomach first. She smiled and said, "Nothing. Let's go. Take me to the kitchen."

Ryan took her to the kitchen. In fact, no one was allowed to enter the kitchen of Germy, but the boss had a good relationship with Ryan, so he allowed Cassie to enter. The boss had taught her a lot of things. Although they were not as delicious as the food cooked by Germy's chef, they were much better than steak she cooked for Dylan in the first time.

Without coming back home, Cassie called Flora, "Flora, do you have time to drink with me?"

As soon as Flora finished writing the draft and turned off the computer, she received the call from Cassie. She asked with a smile, "Why do you want to drink all of a sudden?"

She said, "I'm under great pressure, okay? I will wait for you in Suhr Bar. "

Flora chuckled, "Okay, wait for me. I'll be there soon. "

Cassie nodded and said, "Waiting for you."


Cassie sat on the booth and had drunk a lot. The bar was full of delicious wine with strong aftereffect. There were several bottles on the table. On the stage of the bar, the singer was singing Owen's new song. It was very suitable for expressing feelings.

She was so drunk but she could still hear the low and sexy voice of the male singer. Cassie screamed excitedly, "Owen, I love you!"

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