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   Chapter 102 Ryan Stood Out

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Yvette was not innocent in this matter. It was Alice who gave advice to this matter, but it was Yvette who pushed and urged Sunny to approve Alice's advice.

Sunny's expression instantly changed and her voice seemed to be tremulous, "It has nothing to do with me. I don't know why Yvette confessed. I have other things to deal with, I need to go now. "

She turned around and was about to leave.

Cassie turned around and looked at her back that was a little flustered. "In that case, I can only upload the video online."

Startled, Sunny turned around to look at Cassie and lifted her lips. "It's up to you."

In the cafe

As soon as Sunny finished the play shooting, she looked at Alice anxiously and said, "Cassie is going to ruin my future. I keep you here because I want you to work for me. You'd better find a way to deal with it as soon as possible!"

"Then we have to take action first," said Alice unhurriedly.


Cassie returned to the West Mountain Linyu and things were in dilemma.

Since Yvette confessed her crime, the public opinion on the Internet suddenly changed to feel sorry for Betty.

She was in a bad mood and sat by the window reading. She had a panoramic view of the garden, but she was not in the mood to appreciate it.

Cheryl hurried in and said, "Cassie, look!"

Cassie asked curiously, "What's the matter?"

As she spoke, she opened Weibo. Suddenly, the top of the Hot Topics became her and Yvette.

Damn it! What the hell was this?!

Confused, Cassie clicked in. It was a Weibo super topic on Betty. It was post by a fan with an ID named "Love Betty".

"Am I the only one thinks Cassie and Yvette allied to frame our Betty? We all know that the first heroine for 100 Days of Sweet Love was our Betty, but who knows why a noteless pheasant suddenly appeared and grabbed Betty's position. "

This Weibo post was a little long. It was about Cassie used her position to get even with Betty for a private grudge. Because of the entertainment news before, she was jealous and wanted to bully Betty. She wanted to take this opportunity to revenge o

, Simon nodded and walked out of the office.


Cassie sat by the window, holding Lucky in her arms and Lucky was enjoying the cat food. She saw that the public opinion on Weibo was suppressed by Ryan.

She had seen the general content, saying that the IP address of the post was changed. That was to say, the account of Betty's fan might have been stolen or bribed, and was used to post such a message on the Weibo.

As long as things went out of the entertainment circle, it could not only ruin Betty's favorable impression on the public, but also tricked people who didn't know the truth with the viewpoint "The wife of Huayu is malicious".

The content of Ryan's article was clear, and he seldom intervened in the entertainment circle, so many people believed him as soon as he spoke.

Cassie's smile appeared on her face. She picked up Lucky, touched its fur and kissed it.

Lucky blinked its sapphire like eyes and licked Cassie's hand with its pink tongue.

Standing outside the bedroom, Dylan saw the scene all of a sudden.

Why was she so happy when Ryan helped her deal with it?

His legs were as heavy as lead, and he couldn't walk into the bedroom. Noticing him, Cassie asked, "You're back?"

"Yes." said Dylan coldly.

Seeing Lucky in her arms, Dylan dodged subconsciously. Thinking of what happened last night, he said discontentedly, "The cat is like your child."

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