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   Chapter 101 Don't Go Too Far In Bullying Me

All Dote On One: CEO's Only Love By Xiang Si Characters: 6533

Updated: 2020-06-28 00:12

Alice dared not look at Cassie directly, "Mrs. Cassie, what do you want to talk to me about?"

Cassie came in and closed the door with a click.

Sitting on the sofa, she looked at Alice and said, "Alice, I asked my assistant and others go out of here to save your face. If you admit it on your own initiative and apologize on Weibo to clarify it, I can consider not to prosecute for your criminal liability. But... "

Before Cassie finished her words, she turned to look at Alice with sharp eyes. "If you don't do as I said, I have to contact my lawyer and send you a summons from the court."

In fact, Alice began to feel guilty, but she didn't want to admit defeat in front of Cassie.

She raised her chin and said deliberately, "I don't know what you are talking about. Sorry, I don't understand."

As soon as Alice turned around and was about to go out, Cassie opened his mouth, "The manicure ornaments left in the room where the props were placed, and Eden's limited edition pink dress for spring and summer. Do you understand what I said? "

Cassie's voice was a little sullen. Alice pressed the doorknob, but found that she couldn't move it at all!

When they came in, Cassie had already made Cheryl guard the door.

Cassie raised her voice and said, "Don't bother! If you don't admit your guilt today, you won't be able to get out of this room! "

With her hands trembling, Alice stubbornly defended herself, "I... I said I didn't do it. I didn't do it! "

Clang! Clang! Clang

Someone knocked on the door. Cheryl pushed the door open and came in. Her face darkened. Cassie asked, "What's wrong?"

Cheryl said haltingly, "Yvette... Yvette admitted that it was she stealthily substituted A Midsummer Night's Dream. "

Shock was written all over Cassie's eyes. She looked at Cheryl in disbelief and asked, "What did you say?! How could it be possible? She didn't do it. Why should she admit it? !"

A hint of complacency fla

eo was her. It was the scene that she overturned the tea cup in the cafe and smashed the money at the waiter.

There was no surveillance camera in the cafe, but it didn't mean that there was no surveillance camera in nearby places. Cassie had asked Cheryl to find this video for her.

At that time, Sunny and Jasper were sitting by the window, so the surveillance camera of other places could vaguely photographed them.

With a stagger, Sunny took two steps back. She stammered, "You... Where did you get the video? "

Cassie did not answer her, but chuckled, "It doesn't matter how I got it. But, what do you think people will think if I post this video? "

Sunny lower her voice, "What do you want?"

She knew the consequences of posting this video. She was still a new actress who had just started her career and had no many fans. If this video was released, it was very likely to cause a blackout of the whole Internet. At that time, not to mention wanting to make a difference, she could only always be a noteless Internet celebrity no matter how hard Mary persuaded Shawn.

Was she afraid? She was not that stupid.

Cassie smiled and said, "What I want is very simple. What the hell was going on? Tell the public the truth, and don't let innocent people be the scapegoat for you! "

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