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   Chapter 97 Return It

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Lying in the corner of the back seat, Betty was wearing sunglasses, and tears streaming down. But she didn't dare to cry out.

Cassie, you want to destroy my career in the entertainment industry, I will never let you go! It's still a long time. Our fight has just begun!


In the cafe

Cassie was in a bad mood because of the loss of A Midsummer Night's Dream. She asked Flora to have coffee in a cafe near her old house.

By the glass window, while typing on the words, Flora asked Cassie, "How about? Did you get any clue about A Midsummer Night's Dream?"

Cassie was desperate at the mention of it.

She bent over the table and said, "Don't mention it. Now all the clues are gone."

After a pause, Flora raised her head and frowned, "Really? How could it be possible? There must be some clues. Are you sure you haven't missed anything?"

Cassie nodded, "Yes, I'm sure."

Looking out of the window, a familiar figure came into view. Flora suddenly frowned, looked at Cassie and said, "Look, isn't that Jasper?"

As a well-known young man in Zhaocheng, Jasper seldom flirted with women these years, so he was said to be a gay, aiming at Johnson.

Cassie turned around and looked out of the window. It was really him!

Cassie said curiously, "It's him. What's wrong?"

"It's strange. Why did he suddenly come here?" Flora asked.

Cassie didn't take it seriously. She said, "Maybe he has something to do."

Flora said, "Are you kidding me? Do people like them need to come here for coffee?"

Her words made Cassie confused.

Yes, why didn't people like Jasper talk with each other in the city center when they were drinking coffee? Why did he have to go to such a remote place in Anren District?!

Suddenly, a name popped up in her mind, "Alice."

Stunned, Flora asked, "What are you talking about?"

Clenching her fists, Cassie said, "There's only this coffee shop nearby. A long time ago, Alice


As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and walked out of the cafe.

Sunny clenched her fists and her phone rang. It was a call from Alice.

She smiled and asked, "How's the talk between Miss Sunny and Mr. Jasper?"

Pursing her lips, Sunny gritted her teeth and scolded, "You've come up with a good idea. How dare you ask me?! I'll give you three days to return the painting, or I won't let you go!"

After that, Sunny hung up the phone angrily. She lifted the coffee cup on the table, and the porcelain pieces fell to the ground. When she walked to the door, a waiter stopped her and said, "Miss, you broke something in our shop on purpose. Please compensate for it according to the original price."

Then Sunny took out the money from her bag and threw it on the waiter. "Take it. You don't need to change it! The money is enough to buy all the teacups in your shop!"

The waiter received the money and looked at the figure of Sunny who left angrily. He said, "It's no big deal to have money. You are uneducated!"


Cassie stared at the door all the time. When she saw Jasper and Sunny coming out of the coffee shop one after another, she woke up Flora. "Wake up, honey. Jasper and Sunny are out!"

Hearing this, Flora said in a hurry, "Let's go!"

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