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   Chapter 96 Framing

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Hearing the noise, Malcolm rushed over from the director and asked, "Sir, what's wrong?"

The policeman repeated, "Miss Betty is suspected of theft. Please come with us."

Malcolm said, "Well. There... There must be some misunderstanding. How about we take notes on the spot? Please understand that Betty is a public figure. If we go to the police station with you today, we will definitely have a big fight tomorrow. Can I?"

If it was changed to other people's belongings and lost, they might do as what Malcolm suggested.

But the person who lost the thing was Mr. Dylan. He stamped his feet and was about to tremble three times in the city. What's more Mrs. Dylan was very angry about it.

He said in a neither humble nor pushy tone, "I'm sorry, sir. We also follow the rules. If you have to stop us, we have to take you back to the police station by obstructing our work."

Hearing this, Malcolm lifted his lips and advised, "Betty, you go with the investigation first. I will help you find out the truth."

With a stubborn look, Betty glared at the police and said, "Okay! I'll go back with you, but if you really can't find anything, don't blame me for suing you for slander!"

The policeman was about to handcuff her, but she pushed him away and said, "I can walk myself!"

Looking at this scene, a smile appeared on the corner of Sunny's mouth. Alice asked, "Miss Sunny, are you satisfied with the result?"

Raising her eyebrows, Sunny glanced at Alice and said, "Just so."

A hint of slyness flashed through Alice's eyes.


On the set

At three o'clock in the afternoon when the A Midsummer Night's Dream was lost.

All the crew were busy with their work.

In the dressing room

Then Sunny raised her voice on purpose and said, "A Midsummer Night's Dream, which was bought by Dylan, is really amazing. It has been sent to the crew, but it is so mysterious that no one can see it."

With a smile, Alice said, "Miss, it's said that the A Midsummer Night's Dream is invaluable, and it's normal that it's not shown to others. However, I'm really greedy and curious about what it looks like. Altho

sie, you want to play tricks on me just because I scolded Nicki on the film set? !"

Looking at her through the rearview mirror, Malcolm persuaded, "Betty, you are still smoking. We have to apologize to the CEO of Swan later. Do you know that they almost terminate the contract with us because of this matter and ask us to compensate them for a sum of liquidated damages! There are also several famous spokespersons who have to apologize!"

She asked unwillingly, "Why should I apologize?! What does the public relations department do? !"

With a sigh, Malcolm said, "Mr. Dylan didn't say anything. Mrs. Dylan is still angry. Does the public relations department dare to take action? We can only do it by ourselves. In my opinion, if you had stayed in Chester, you would have been the eldest..."

Betty didn't want to listen to him, so she screamed, "Shut up!"

At last, Malcolm stopped. He didn't say the last few words.

If she had renewed the contract with Chester, she wouldn't have been qualified to be the match with such an unknown newcomer. However, she had to bow her head under the eaves.

He couldn't figure out why this lady had to sign the contract with Huayu. When her contract with Chester had expired, several other comparable firms, which was as powerful as Huayu, had offered her an invitation. But she took the initiative to look for Dylan. She said that she wanted to cooperate with Huayu.

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