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   Chapter 94 Spoke Evil Of Her All The Time

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Ignoring her, Dylan played his trick. His teammate was already killed. However, he looked very calm.

Cassie didn't dare to look at it. She said, "Why don't you listen to me?"

She had expected the result, so she turned around and went to the bedroom to pour a glass of water. When she came back with a glass of water and was about to laugh at Dylan, she heard a clear female voice in the system, "kill him! One more cut!"

Shock was shown all over Cassie's face. She saw him standing up from the sofa.

Dylan took the glass of water from her hand. Cassie turned around and asked dully, "How do you do it, capitalist? !"

He had almost been killed, but he turned the situation around unexpectedly?! And he killed two enemies by himself?!

The corners of Dylan's mouth lifted slightly. He took a sip of water, looked at Cassie and said, "No matter what you do, you have to keep calm. The more chaotic it is, the more likely it is to make mistakes."

Cassie nodded her head innocently, and Dylan tapped her forehead with a smile. He turned around and left the bedroom.

A prompt suddenly popped up in the lower right corner of the computer. She hurried to have a look.

What the fuck! She got a new level?!

Looking at the back of Dylan, Cassie said helplessly, "Maybe this is the difference between capitalist and me."

She couldn't stay calm in an emergency. However, Dylan was different. He had been in the business world for so many years. And through only eight years, he had relied on himself to make Huayu as a legend today. Maybe it was because of his calmness.

Thinking of this, a smile of admiration spilled over the corners of her mouth.


Soon it was time for Director Zhen to leave.

Then Dylan and Cassie went to the Swan Holiday Inn.

Cassie walked out of the changing room and grumbled, "Why force me to wear a long sleeve golf suit. Domineering, selfish and rude. Humph!"

As soon as she finished her words, she saw that Dylan was leaning again


Cassie looked at Director Zhen and said, "Shut up! Director Zhen didn't say anything about me!"

Director Zhen looked at her cheeky face with a smile. He fell into his thoughts.

If Jennifer Zhen were still alive, she would have acted like a spoiled child in front of him.

He said, "It doesn't matter. Anyway, we are just playing."

"Don't break the rules next time." Dylan patted her head.

"I know Director Zhen is good at playing golf." Cassie smiled.

Director Zhen smiled and said, "I'm flattered, Mrs. Dylan."

A servant stood aside and held an umbrella for Cassie. Suddenly, her stomach growled. Director Zhen turned around and smiled at her, "Mrs. Dylan, are you hungry?"

Cassie nodded her head in embarrassment. She hadn't eaten enough in the morning, so she was hungry before it was time for meal.

"Then let's go to dinner." said Dylan helplessly.

Director Zhen nodded.

The three of them got on the sightseeing bus and went to the restaurant for dinner. After dinner, Dylan and Cassie sent Director Zhen to the airport. Director Zhen looked at Cassie and said, "Mrs. Dylan is very interesting. I hope I can play golf with you next time I come back."

Hearing Director Zhen's praise, Cassie was both surprised and pleased. She smiled and said, "Okay, I won't lose to you next time!"

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