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   Chapter 93 Since She Lost, He Would Win For Her

All Dote On One: CEO's Only Love By Xiang Si Characters: 6483

Updated: 2020-06-26 00:12

Dylan looked at her with great interest and suddenly grabbed her chin overbearingly. He was keen on hearing her call him "honey". After all, she always called him a capitalist. Although it sounded different, it was not as pleasant as the word "honey".

Shock was shown all over Cassie's face. She couldn't stand steadily.

As soon as Dylan reached out his hand, he held Cassie in his arms and kissed her lips. Cassie froze in his arm, and Dylan held her hand.

She stayed still, afraid that he would do something excessive.

"Mr. Dylan, these are the financial statements of this month..."

The document in Simon's hand fell to the ground with a bang. 'Damn it! Mr. Dylan looks so abstinent. How could he do such a thing in his office and be seen by me! '!

Simon said nervously, "I... I didn't mean to see it."

Cassie blushed. Damn it! She felt so humiliated. She kissed in the office and was seen by Simon. She stood up from the capitalist's arms, looked at him awkwardly and said incoherently, "I... I have to go now."

"Bang!" the door of the office was closed by Cassie. Simon was brought back to his senses. Only Dylan remained calm, as if nothing had happened. He frowned and asked Simon in a deep voice, "You just..."

Before he could finish his words, Simon understood what he meant. He quickly said, "Mr. Dylan, I didn't see anything, nor did I go out to talk nonsense. Please don't deduct my salary."

However, to his surprise, the corners of Dylan's mouth lifted. Dylan said in a brisk tone, "My wife and I should do whatever we should do."

Simon breathed a sigh of relief. He picked up the financial statements on the ground and handed them to Dylan. Noticing that the pen in his hand seemed to have been changed, Simon frowned and asked, "Mr. Dylan, is the previous pen not easy to use?"

Dylan raised his head and said in a flaunting tone, "She bought it for me."


Simon's face darkened. What di

his calm and burning breath.

Feeling a little embarrassed, she turned around and tried to keep a distance from him. It didn't matter whether Cassie turned her head or not. As soon as she turned her head, her lips pressed against his. Cassie instantly became flustered, but Dylan was unusually calm. It seemed that Cassie could see the sly smile in his eyes.

Dylan put his arms around her waist, and the limp and numb feeling spread all over her body in an instant. She pushed him away gently with a red face. She tried to pretend to be calm, but her steady, powerful and messy heartbeat betrayed her.

She lowered her head to avoid his eyes.

However, Dylan lifted her chin and looked at her with burning eyes. He joked, "Mrs. Dylan, are you shy?"

After clearing her throat, Cassie changed the topic and asked, "Do you understand what I just said to you?"

Without asking more questions, Dylan fixed his eyes on Cassie and said, "Got it."

She gave the seat to him and sat next to him. When the background music of the arena rang, Cassie approached him.

It was the first time for Dylan to play this game. But after the explanation of Cassie, he knew the rules of this game. There was only 1/3 of his blood left. Cassie said nervously, "Ouch, hurry up to reduce the injury."

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