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   Chapter 92 Don't You Know Who I Learned It From

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Betty clenched her fists. Looking at Cassie in a neither humble nor pushy way, she smiled awkwardly and said, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Cassie. It's all my fault." She turned to the director and said, "Director, let's do it again."

The director nodded. Cassie looked at Betty and said, "Okay."


In the lounge of the crew

After entering the room with the Cassie, Nicki said, "Thank you, Cassie."

Cassie chuckled, "Not at all."

Nicki told her seriously, "Thank you, anyway. Thank you for helping me out today. I must repay you in the future! "

"If you want to repay her, try your best to play 100 Days of Sweet Love and let her earn money. That's the best way to repay her," said Cheryl with a smile.

Nodding her head, Nicki asked Cassie curiously, "Is A Midsummer Night's Dream you just mentioned the painting that Mr. Dylan bade for you two days ago?"

Cassie nodded and raised the corners of her mouth unconsciously. "Yes, it is."

Suddenly, it occurred to Cassie that it seemed that Sunny wasn't on the set today. She asked, "Why isn't Sunny there?"

Nicki looked around and said in a low voice, "Sunny is shooting multiple plays."

Cassie frowned, "Shooting Multiple plays?"

Nicki nodded, "Yes."

She is shooting another play while shooting ours. This is a taboo in the entertainment circle. But it was understandable for Sunny to do so. She just played a small role in 100 Days of Sweet Love, but if she wanted to gain the audience's recognition and impression, she had to constantly shoot all kinds of movies and refresh her face on the screen. In this way, with the background of Shawn, she could quickly get the female leading role and gain a place in the entertainment circle.

It was Alice who gave her the idea.

Nicki reminded, "Don't tell others that I told you about it,"

It seemed that Sunny was here to shoot, but her performance was more exaggerated than that of Betty. In addition to Alice, there were also sever

side and sat opposite to Dylan. "What's the matter? I heard from Ryan that it was a good thing. Did you win the lottery? "

Dylan teased her, "Mrs. Cassie, isn't marrying me a happier thing than winning a lottery?"

Cassie's face darkened, and she taunted, "... You are so narcissistic. "

The corners of Dylan's mouth lifted slightly. He turned to the point and said, "Well, I'm not joking with you. Director Zhen will set out for A country a few days later. Don't you admire him very much? I'll give you a chance to show up in front of him. "

Hearing this, Cassie's eyes were full of joy. She smiled and said, "Where?"

"The golf course. Director Zhen likes playing golf. "

She pursed her lips and said in a low voice, "But I don't know how to play golf..."

Dylan looked at her amusingly, "Mrs. Cassie, please have some confidence in your husband."

Cassie was confused and a little slow to react. "What do you mean?"

Dylan looked at her with interest, "... If you beg me, I can teach you how to play golf. "

Squinting her eyes, the corners of Cassie's mouth twitched slightly. "You are really taking advantage of me all the time."

Dylan continued, "So, do you want to..."

Knowing what he meant, Cassie blinked her big watery eyes, walked to him and winked at him. "Honey..."

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