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   Chapter 91 Attack

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The director was so angry that he took a deep breath and said, "Now that Owen said so, let's have a rest first."

Hearing that, Nicki pursed her lips and looked at Owen gratefully.

"Hello, Mrs. Dylan."

Someone in the crew saw her and greeted her. Cassie nodded her head with a smile. Hearing someone call Cassie, Owen ran over happily and said, "Cassie, why are you here today?"

Cassie looked at Nicki and answered while walking, "I'm here to send the painting for tomorrow's shooting."

Owen came to his senses and said with a smile, "Get it."

Cassie asked Owen curiously, "What's wrong with Nicki?"

Hearing this, Owen frowned and sighed, "There is a plot that has been shot ten times, but it's not right. We can't pass it anyway. The director is scolding her."

When Owen just started his career, it happened the same thing when he had joined the group. As a newcomer, it was inevitable to be bullied in the crew.

Nicki stood aside dejectedly. The assistant was still comforting her. "Don't be sad. That's what the director is like. You will know when we cooperate for a long time."

Nicki forced a smile and said, "I'm fine. It's all my fault."

The director was chatting with Betty with a big smile on his face. He looked so flattering.

Cassie understood something.

The director was bold enough to bully Nicki on the set.

Cassie said to Cheryl, "Call the director for me."

A cunning smile crept on Cheryl's face. She liked the character of Cassie, who would help others when faced with injustice! She nodded and called the director over.

When the director saw Cassie coming, he smiled and said, "Mrs. Dylan, why are you here?"

Cassie put on a fake smile and said, "How could I know the director's temper if I didn't come?"

The director had been in the industry for many years. He could know the irony in her words. He smiled and said, "Mrs. Dylan, what do you mea

's true that you are a professional. But I am the original author of 100 Days of Sweet Love. Do you think you know better than me how to express each character? Or is this the excuse Miss Betty made for yourself not studying the script well and not being able to control the mind of the characters?"

Cassie paused for a moment and continued, "Actors and actresses need to listen to the director on the film set. The most important thing is to do their job according to the director's instructions. I just question the way you expressed in this play, but Miss Betty actually talks about my husband."

Cassie smiled and raised her eyebrows slightly. She fixed her eyes on Betty and said the last sentence word by word, "Don't you think it's ridiculous?"

It was not until then that Betty realized what Cassie was doing!

Cassie wanted to flatter her and then humiliate her.

Cassie praised her in front of the whole crew, and then attracted the staff to see. It would be very embarrassing if she continued to make trouble.

'What a shameless woman she was! She was really a tough nut to crack! It seemed that I had underestimated her.'

Hearing that, Nicki was stunned. She didn't expect that Cassie would attack her in front of so many people on the film set.

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