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   Chapter 90 If You Want To Wear The Crown, You Have To Bear It

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She was smart enough to consider the market.

Dylan gave her a praise, "As I said, I'm only responsible for the investment of this play, and I don't care about anything else. Besides, don't forget that if I can't get the money back, you have to give me fifty million in return."

Cassie said, "Humph! Of course I know. I just want to ask for your opinion."

She would try her best to arrange a role for Betty. She would be a fool if she didn't make good use of such a popular star!


In the billiards room

Thomas put the club to the ball intently and said, "You still can't forget it?"

Dylan said, "I've already forgotten it."

Thomas raised his head and looked at Dylan, "But I haven't told you what it is."

After hesitating for a while, Dylan raised his head. A trace of sadness flashed through his eyes. He quickly changed the topic and said, "Two days ago, on Tomb-sweeping Day, she made me the green rice dumpling."

Thomas was curious and asked with a smile, "Does she also like eating this?"

Dylan nodded. He threw the club to the waiter and shook the glass of iced brandy in his hand. After a while, he lost in thought and said, "I'm the same as you. I didn't expect her to like it."

Thomas lowered his head and said, "I heard that there was a small problem with the circuit of the West Mountain Linyu several days ago. Did you fire all the people on duty that day?"

"Who told you that?" Dylan asked in a low voice.

Thomas smiled and said, "I heard some gossips when Cassie went to find Shirley a few days ago."

Leaning against the table, Dylan replied, "Yes. It's their fault that something went wrong on the day they were on duty."

If one worked in the West Mountain Linyu, the salary was very high. At the same time, Dylan had strict requirements for servants. If one couldn't do well according to the requirements of him, it would be easy to fire he or she. They were just some unimportant people. Without them, nothing would happen.

Thomas grabbed the brandy from his hand and persuaded him, "It's been so many years. We have to



A week from tomorrow, all the scenes of the painting, A Midsummer Night's Dream, would be finished.

Cassie sent the painting with Cheryl. The moment Cassie entered the set, she saw the scene.

Betty was sitting on a chair. The assistant handed her a cup of hot water and said, "Boss, it's ready."

Betty played with her fingers and looked at Nicki with interest.

The director cursed impatiently, "Cut! This one has been repeated for ten times. Is it so difficult to do what I said?! Are you a pig? Don't think you can do nothing on the set just because you are the one Mrs. Dylan likes!"

The director scolded Nicki harshly.

What Betty meant was that the new comers should train their acting skills more, which would be good for her future development. Even if she couldn't play the role of Rafael, the person who replaced her wouldn't have a good time.

If you want to wear the crown, you have to bear it.

Betty had been in the entertainment circle for so long before she got everything she had now. Why did a new comer stand on top of her just because of the favor of Cassie?

The price went up and down heavily. She had to make Nicki understand this point.

Owen couldn't stand it anymore and said, "Well, director, since it has been shot for so long, it's still not good. You'd better have a rest. You won't get any result if you keep forcing her."

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