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   Chapter 88 This Is The Tradition Of Our Family

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Yvette looked sluggish and said, "What's going on? Didn't I yell you that you should keep it for me and I would pay for it today? What's wrong? You even entertain guests in different levels?! Cassie is your guest, but I am not?! She was nothing more than a woman who had relied on her husband to become a rich lady! Believe it or not, I will complain to you? !"

The shopping guide smiled and said, "I'm sorry. We don't accept the reservation. I don't know which shop assistant has promised you. Please point out that we will actively deal with it."

It was Eden's rule that the guest would pay with one hand and take things with the other.

"You!" Yvette looked at the shopping guest in astonishment, with a hint of anger in her eyes.

"Isn't it just money?! No matter how expensive it is, you must bring it to me today!"


"It must have been left in the store. No, no, I must find it, or it will be troublesome."

As soon as Cassie arrived at Eden's door, she heard the woman's soft and shrill voice. She raised her head and saw that Yvette was sitting on Eden's sofa, as if she was going to swallow the shopping guide alive.

When they saw Cassie, they were a little surprised. The shopping guest asked, "Why did Mrs. Dylan come back?"

Talk of the devil, and he was sure to appear.

Startled, Yvette fixed her eyes on Cassie and didn't move away. She gritted her teeth secretly. It was really Cassie! She still remembered how Cassie humiliated herself a few months ago. Her mother was forced to apologize to Cassie. It was definitely not enough to snatch the dress from Sunny. Now Cassie even wanted to snatch hers!

"I left my laptop here. Come back and look for it." said Cassie.

Looking at the angry look on Yvette's face, Cassie guessed that she might have quarreled with the shopping guide. She asked curiously, "What's wrong with you in the early morning?"

Yvette was a self-righteous woman who bullied the weak and feared the strong.

At the beginning, when she followed Sunny, she didn't know how much fac

me today, I will take double revenge one day!"


After changing into a white shirt and a black and white skirt with irregular fringes, Cassie followed Dylan to the cemetery.

The cemetery was in the suburb, which was supposed to be very quiet. It seemed that with the arrival of Tomb-sweeping Day, there were more and more people.

There were no weeds in front of Maggie's tomb. It seemed that someone had taken care of it. The last time Cassie stood here was before she got married to Dylan, but now she became his wife.

Cassie smiled and said, "Mom, don't worry. I'm fine now. Dad's illness had also turned better. But..."

A sudden bitterness filled her nose. She tried to smile and said, "Yes, I miss you so much."

Although she was not Maggie's biological daughter, there was no trouble between her and Maggie. She had the same feeling as other girls. In the past, Maggie always cooked green rice dumpling for her. There was no such custom in Zhaocheng, but Cassie said that she remembered it very clearly. It was very familiar and she wanted to eat it. Therefore, Maggie specially learned this for her.

Cassie missed the smell very much, but in fact, she missed more when Maggie was there.

Dylan had experienced the pain of losing parents much earlier than Cassie. At the age of fifteen, Joshua and Catherine died in a car accident.

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