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   Chapter 86 I Only Care About My Wife's Feelings

All Dote On One: CEO's Only Love By Xiang Si Characters: 6091

Updated: 2020-06-23 00:02

Cassie arrogantly said, "So what?"

Her phone lit up. She clicked on the message and found it was the latest push.

"The latest news! Betty, the first-line showgirl, will cooperate with Huayu in the next five years!"

Cassie was slightly stunned, and her eyes could not help but darken a little. The bitterness in her heart spread little by little.

Cassie asked, "Did you sign another contract with... Betty?"

Dylan nodded and asked, "Yes. What's wrong?"

What's up?

Hearing what he said, Cassie suddenly wanted to laugh. She had been indulging herself in the illusion of tenderness for a long time, and had been acting with him for a long time. It was such a long time that she felt that Dylan was really good to her.

Cassie smiled and pretended to be relieved, "Nothing. Didn't you tell Grandma that you wouldn't cooperate with her?"

Soon, Dylan sensed something was wrong. He smiled and said, "If that's the reason, I can tell you."

Cassie's eyes became clear again. "What?"

"Betty is very popular now. It's a big deal to sign her for Huayu and let her take care of the new comers," Dylan said calmly.

Is that so?

Confused, Cassie looked at him and asked, "Is that all? Aren't you afraid that Betty will get angry when she knows the truth?"

Dylan smiled, "I'm a capitalist. I only care about interests. I don't care about anyone else's feelings except my wife's."

Cassie's face softened. She looked at his face and smiled.

There was a knock on the door from outside. "Boss, Cassie, may I come in?"

Cassie nodded and said, "Come in."

With her permission, Cheryl came in. Cassie asked, "What's wrong?"

Cheryl smiled and said, "The press called me just now and the editor asked me if you want to consider reposting the book?"

Cassie was surprised and said, "What?"


sed her thin lips and poured all the coffee in his mouth into her mouth.

Cassie drank it up in one gulp, and her eyes full of shock. She pushed him away, jumped out of his arms and asked, "You... What are you up to? !"

Dylan smiled, "Of course I feed you."

Cassie's goose bumps fell to the ground. She said with a dark face, "I... I know how to drink. Do you have to make me disgusted like this?"

'Disgusted? How dare she think I'm disgusting?'!

Dylan lifted his lips and pulled a long face. Looking at Cassie, he said, "Okay, I'm disgusting."

His words sounded a little angry. Cassie mumbled, "You are already 28 years old, but you still acts like a child. You are really..."

She was held up by Dylan and screamed. Before she could react, he had already wrapped his arms around her. She looked at him in shock, with her arms in front of her and asked warily, "You... What are you up to? !"

Narrowing his eyes dangerously, Dylan whispered in her ears seriously, "Mrs. Dylan, has anyone taught you not to talk about men, young?"

All of a sudden, Cassie's face turned red. She stuttered, "What... What a rogue!"

She just said that he was like a child! She didn't say that...


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