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   Chapter 85 I Can Take This Painting Back

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Cassie came back to earth and glanced at the photos in the computer.

Cassie knew that Nicki was an elegant and graceful girl. At first, she had chosen her because of this. Today, Nicki wore a white shirt, denim pencil pants and a pair of high-heeled shoes, which was in line with the first impression of Rafael. Cassie smiled and nodded, "Very beautiful."

The model of 100 Days of Sweet Love was designed by Shirley. She had a good taste, so there was no problem with it.

Sunny glanced at Nicki contemptuously. Nicki felt a little embarrassed. She smiled and reached out her hand, saying, "Hello, I'm Nicki. In the next three months, we have to work in the same team. I hope you can give me more advice."

Cassie said, "Miss Sunny, don't you even know the basic etiquette?"

With a sneer, Sunny asked, "Does she deserve it?"

Sunny didn't stretch out her hand. She didn't like Nicki at all. As a new actress, Nicki didn't even have a good representative. How could she play the female lead? Sunny had also tried on Rafael. If it was Betty who took the role, she would be sincerely convinced. But, what was new comer without any background?

The light in Nicki's eyes dimmed a little. She lowered her head and pursed her lips.

Was she pointing at the mulberry and abusing the locust? Or was she challenging me?

Cassie's eyes changed slightly. She shouted impatiently, "Director!"

The director came in a hurry and said with a flattering smile, "Mrs. Dylan, what can I do for you?"

"Send the backup list of Cindy to my e-mail."

The role of Cindy was Sampson's sister. At first, she couldn't accept the fact that Rafael fell love with her brother. Later, she found that Rafael was nice to her and was totally different from those coquettish bitches outside. It was better to have one more person to love her, so she accepted it.

The role of Cindy was cute. If the role was handled well, it would be very pleasing.

Cassie didn't hold a grudge again

f the painting. But you have to promise that it's not a fake."

As long as grandma was happy, he wouldn't care where the painting came from.

Sunny nodded and said, "Okay. I promise you."


After a busy day, it was already nine o'clock when Cassie returned to the West Mountain Linyu.

It was rare for her to come back late, so Dylan asked, "Where have you been? Why do you come back so late?"

Tired, Cassie curled up on the sofa. The servant brought Lucky to her and then went out. She held the cat and said with a smile, "Do you believe that I met young men just now?"

Frowning, Dylan threw the book in his hand to the bedside. Pulling her soft face, he said, "Mrs. Dylan, you've been very bold recently."

She winked at Dylan and said, "You dote on me!"

This confidence was what she got from Dylan. Dylan wrapped his arms around her waist, and a warm feeling of numbness swept over her waist. Cassie released Lucky, and Lucky came to Dylan considerately. He didn't like fluffy animals, so he withdrew his hand subconsciously. A long lost panic appeared on his face.

Cassie laughed so hard that her stomach ached. "Hahaha, capitalist, I just find that you are a man, but you are afraid of cats?"

After clearing his throat, Dylan squinted at Cassie and asked, "Did you do it on purpose?"

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