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   Chapter 84 My Idol Is The Leading Man

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Cassie rubbed her temples and said, "I'm considering this."

She had been looking through the photos and resumes for two or three days, but still couldn't find any clue. This was a part of the resume that the director and Cheryl had sent to her after they filtered it.

"Can I recommend someone for myself?" said Nicki in a low voice.

Cassie became interested. She smiled and said, "Okay, tell me."

Nicki said, "Owen! I'm his fan!"

Cassie burst into laughter. She said, "In fact, I'm also his fan, but he seems to be very busy recently. I don't know if he's free."

If she could really invite her beloved idol to act the leading man of her first work, she would probably scream with excitement.

Nicki said, "Then what are you waiting for?! How do you know if you don't ask him?"

A new actress was enough for a play. Under the pressure of the public opinion on Weibo, Cassie asked her to act the heroine. She couldn't afford to ruin the ratings of the play.

Taking a sip of coffee, Cassie smiled and said, "Okay, I'll contact Owen later."

"Okay," said Nicki.

After hanging up the phone, Cassie called Owen and asked, "Are you free later?"

Seeing that it was a call from Cassie, Owen smiled excitedly and said, "Cassie is looking for me. I have much time surely! But you need to wait for me, because I'm still shooting the cover of the magazine next month."

Cassie chuckled, "No problem. I'll wait for you."


At five in the afternoon

In the Starbucks, Cassie sat by the window. She took a sip of milk tea and asked, "Owen, do you want to try the role of the leading man of 100 Days of Sweet Love, Sampson?"

Owen's eyes were full of joy. He smiled and said, "Cassie, are you inviting me? !"

Cassie nodded and said, "Yes. Do you have time to audition tomorrow?"

Owen hurriedly said, "Of course!"

He looked at his agent and said, "Edward, I want to audition tomorrow, okay? !"


knew this. She nodded and said, "No, don't worry."


In the studio

According to the photographer's requirements, Nicki made all kinds of poses to take photos. And Cassie stood aside to supervise. After a while, Cassie heard a familiar voice. "Do I have to come here in the morning? I haven't slept well. I'm so sleepy."

Hearing the dissatisfied murmur of Sunny, Cassie turned around with the script in her hand. She looked at her indifferently and said, "If you don't want to shoot, don't agree to take the role in the first place. If you are in the group, just shoot quietly. Otherwise, I can change you at any time."

An actress was not a star. Sunny was not as glamorous as she thought.

Alice smiled, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Dylan. It was the first time for Sunny to work in the group, so she might not be used to it. I hope you can forgive her."

Did Alice lose and become obedient? She was not used to talking to Cassie so respectfully.

Cassie raised her eyebrows and chuckled, "Then get used to it as soon as possible."

People had no choice but to lower their heads under the eaves. After pausing for a while, Sunny raised her chin and looked at Cassie. "I will!"

After taking the makeup photos, Nicki turned around and asked Cassie, "Do you think it's okay?"

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