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   Chapter 82 I Have To Win It Back For Her

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Pearl took his hand and sighed. She looked at Cassie and said with a smile, "Before Dylan and Cassie married, Dylan kept telling me that he was busy with his work and had no time to fall in love. But it's not long. Look, he is married with Cassie!"

Mrs. Carla smiled and said, "He always says that he can fall in love freely. He asked us not to get involved in his business, but now he is already 27. He doesn't even have a girlfriend. How can we not care?"

Speaking of this, Ryan cleared his throat and interrupted Mrs. Carla, "Well, mom, we are playing cards with grandma today, not talking about me."

Cassie chuckled. It turned out that an excellent single young man like Ryan would also worry that he couldn't find a boyfriend.


On the mahjong table

Cassie said, "Grandma, aunt. Let me make it clear first. I'm not good at playing mahjong. You have to give me some space. Otherwise, I will be heartbroken if I lose all my money!"

She mumbled the last part of the sentence in a low voice. Suddenly, Ryan burst into laughter. He looked at Cassie and said, "Okay."

Last time, Cassie played mahjong on last year's new year's Eve. The family was bored, so they invited Rita next door to play mahjong and chatted for a new year. She hadn't fought for a year, so she wasn't skillful.

Maybe it was because she was still thinking about the thing about Betty, or maybe it was because the God of wealth didn't come today. Ryan tried his best to let her win, but she just couldn't.

The cards were played in circles, and it was five o'clock in the afternoon. Cassie had almost lost all her cash. But it was not a big deal to lose to grandma. Anyway, the benefits would not flow to the outsiders' fields.

"Madam, Mr. Dylan is here."

Cassie's hand hanging in the air. Noticing her anxiety, Ryan smiled gently and said, "Dylan is here. Why don't you help Cassie to play?"


sked, "Cassie, what's wrong with you today?"

Although Cassie was very sad, she still didn't want to show it in front of others. She giggled and said, "Nothing. I just lost a lot this afternoon."

Alisa chuckled and persuaded her, "That's the way it is to play cards. The loser will win."

Then she turned to look at the living room. "I heard it just now. Mr. Dylan will win it back for you."

Cassie lowered her head and looked at the dumplings in her hand. Her eyes dimmed. She poked the dough in a daze and said in a low voice with her lips, "All the capitalist are cold-blooded and ruthless."


At dinner, Mrs. Carla and Ryan were here because of Pearl.

Owen came back as soon as the dumplings were out of the pot. He smiled, changed his shoes and greeted, "Hello, Cassie. Hi, Ryan."

Ryan nodded politely. Pearl smiled and said, "You're back."


Owen replied and went into the kitchen to wash his hands. He sat next to Cassie and asked, "Cassie. Rafael, the heroine of 100 Days of Sweet Love, is really going to be played by Betty?"

As soon as Cassie picked up a dumpling and was about to eat it with some mature vinegar, she was stunned by Owen's words. She lowered her head and glanced at Dylan from the corner of her eyes.

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