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   Chapter 80 Spend Money Recklessly To Make Wife Happy

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Jasper's eyes turned cold in an instant. Johnson knew that he couldn't offer a higher price anymore.

Jasper just kept silent and clenched his fists for several minutes.

The auctioneer shouted, "One billion! Is there a price higher than one billion? "

"…… One billion and three times! Deal! The final winner of the painting A Midsummer Night's Dream is Dylan! Let's congratulate Mr. Dylan! "

Hardly had the auctioneer's voice faded away, thunderous applause broke out. Simon wrote the check and soon someone took the painting down.

The auctioneer smiled and said, "Tonight, we will send someone to deliver the A Midsummer Night's Dream to West Mountain Linyu"

The moment the price was announced, Cassie was totally petrified.

Damn it! Did he really spend one billion to buy that painting?!


In the car

It was still unbelievable for Cassie. Her throat rolled up and down and she said to Dylan foolishly, "Capitalist, pinch me. Is that true?"


Frowning, Dylan narrowed his eyes and looked at her in disgust.

Was she afraid of him going bankrupt?

Cassie smiled sheepishly. Dylan said slowly, "Mrs. Cassie, your husband can bid for a painting worth one billion dollars. So, you don't have to put on a face, feel like that you may be homeless tomorrow because I have bidden the painting. "

After saying that, he deliberately rubbed Cassie's head.

Hearing that, Cassie looked at him and nodded dully.

She wasn't afraid of being homeless tomorrow. She just thought it was an exaggeration that Dylan had really spent one billion on this painting for her. In fact, on a second thought, there weren't many of Morsan's paintings. If he bought it now, it would be able to increase in value in the future.

Cassie comforted herself in this way, trying to reduce the guilt in the bottom of her heart.

When they got home, someone had already sent the painting A Midsummer Night's Dream to them.

Carter asked, "Mr. Dylan, shall we place it in the art gallery as well?"

Dylan nodded and said, "Yes."

Confused, Cassie asked in surprise, "

other room.

Being held by his big palm gently, she felt at ease. She giggled. "What are you doing?"

Without saying anything, Dylan just tapped on the computer and pulled her to stand in front of the camera. The red light swept over her face.

After a long while, Dylan said, "I recorded your information into the system. If you have nothing to do at home in the future, you can come here at any time. Of course, if you want to attend a banquet in the future, you can wear the crown here if you like. "

Feeling excited, Cassie chuckled and said, "Thank you."

They walked out of the art gallery. The moonlight made their figures slender.

The moon was beautiful tonight.


The second day, the news that Dylan had bidden the painting A Midsummer Night's Dream for Cassie spread all over the Internet.

There were all kinds of saying, but most of them were saying, "All dote on Dylan's wife."

Sitting in the dressing room and reading the comments on her phone, Betty couldn't help feeling sad.

"Betty, bad news."

When Malcolm came in from outside, Betty was already annoyed. She put away her phone, looked up at him and asked, "What's wrong?"

"We had a talk with the director of 100 Days of Sweet Love. He said that as long as you went to the audition, you will play the role of Rafael. But somehow, he changed her mind and replaced you with a new actress!"

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