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   Chapter 40 I Have A Wife

All Dote On One: CEO's Only Love By Xiang Si Characters: 6990

Updated: 2020-06-01 00:12

Entertainment Gossip Group: Iceberg CEO Dylan has gone offline. Now the person who was online was Dylan who was obsessed with protecting his wife. What kind of soap opera was this! In the afternoon, a careful fan found that the personal profile of the CEO of Huayu, Dylan Lu, had been filled in with "I have a wife."

Dorsey: Oh my God... What kind of drama was this?! He had kept a low profile and kept no scandal when he was unmarried. Besides, he didn't want to get the woman involved in the entertainment circle and protected her well. He only cared about his wife when he got married. Someone bullied his wife and he took his whole family to back her up at the first time. Was this kind of man really exist?! Mom, help me! Someone is flirting with me!

Little angel: Honey, why are you so great? Dylan, I love you forever! He spoiled his wife too much. I will never regret loving him.

Hometown: What's up? What did I do wrong? Had to watch affection two times a day?!

Gloria: Well, that's not a big deal. Let me tell you something sweeter. My sister is the staff of J.K Jewelry. It is said that some time ago, Mr. Dylan took Mrs. Cassie to choose a diamond ring and directly bought For You, the private collection of J.K Mr. Thomas. It happened to be Mrs. Cassie's birthday, 10.20 carats. It was said that the diamond ring was estimated 2.5 million dollars!

Aimee: Are you telling the truth? Why am I not as rich as Dylan?

Sitting on the sofa and reading the comments, Cassie was dumbfounded. In order to confirm the authenticity, she specially went to check Dylan's Weibo. It was indeed the same as the marketing account said. She confirmed it again and again.That was right. There were only four words, "I have a wife."

Damn it! What did he mean by occupying the Hot Topics these days? Was he afraid that the entertainment reporters couldn't get the year-end bonus?

She ran to the study room in her slippers and asked Dylan excitedly, "When did you change your profile? !"

Dylan stopped typing, looked up at her and said calmly, "Ten minutes ago."

She looked at

ny time, just check if you have time. "

Dylan check his schedule, "I'm free tomorrow night."

Cassie nodded and said, "Okay, let's do it tomorrow night. What do you want to eat? I'll cook. But I have to make it clear that my cooking skills can't meet the standards of blue belt in France, and I won't cook Western food. Except for these two points, you can choose any Chinese food you like. "

"What can you cook?" Dylan asked with interest.

Humph! Was he doubting her ability? Well, man!

He had dinner cooked by her at her father's house two days ago, and today he asked what she would cook.

She pursed her lips and thought for a while. "Sweet and sour spareribs, shredded pork with fish fragrance, steamed fish, winter gourd and meatball soup. OK? "

If she make too complicated dishes, she would suspected of pretending to be a good cook. And it was too complicated for her to handle.

Hearing that, Dylan nodded slowly and said, "Okay. I will inform Simon to prepare it at home tomorrow. "


Cassie: Flora, I'm going to cook a meal on live stream with Dylan tomorrow. Why am I so nervous?"

Flora: Ha-ha, take it easy. Don't be nervous. Just take it as a game. I will definitely cheer you up tomorrow.

Woven: Then I'll sleep now.

Flora: Oh, it's so strange. Didn't you always stay up late before? Why did you sleep so early? It was only half past nine now!

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