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   Chapter 39 Why Should I Sacrifice Myself

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Dylan looked at her with burning eyes. The light shone on him and covered him with a layer of faint brilliance.

The crystal lamp reflected the dazzling light. He stood there quietly, with an aura different from that of the day. He was not as serious as he was in the video, but more gentle.

Maybe Cassie was attracted by his beauty. Somehow, Cassie looked at his black eyes and nodded.

The air was quiet for three seconds.

Wait What was she doing?!

Was she slapping her own face? Yesterday, Cassie swore solemnly that she would never talk to Dylan any more even if she died or jump down from the seaside of West Mountain Linyu.

She broke her promise in just one night?!

Sure enough Yielded to temptation!

"Why are you back? !"

Taking a glance at her, Dylan said after a while, "... This is my home. "


Hearing the cat's scream, Dylan frowned and looked at her. "Did you bring the cat into the bedroom?"

Cassie climbed onto the bed and picked up Lucky in the quilt. "Yes, what's wrong?"

Dylan's face darkened. "Where do I sleep then?"

Cassie froze for a while. Did the capitalist think she was going to sleep with Lucky in her arms? Cassie didn't had that plan, but... She had it now. She smiled and said, "There are so many beds at home. You can sleep anywhere you want."

Dylan lifted his lips and said, "... Don't force me to throw you out with it. "

He had made a big concession by allowing Cassie to raise a cat. How could she be insatiable? Now she wanted a cat to take his position? It was impossible!

Cassie threw herself on the bed and looked at Dylan pitifully. "I'm a patient now. You can't be so cruel to a patient."

"…… Don't let me see it a second time. "

With a complacent look on her face, Cassie thought she didn't have to sleep with the capitalist tonight. She grabbed the little paw of Lucky and said to Dylan, "Lucky, say goodbye to the capitalist."

Hearing this, Dylan raised his eyebrows and smiled. "Who told you that I won't sleep in the bedroom t

e today, he saw me sitting on the sofa and eating snacks. I asked him if he wanted to eat, but he told me not to eat junk food, which is harmful to physical and mental health. Okay, I'll put up with it. After all, Mr. Dylan was always like this. I didn't pay much attention to it. When I was about to win the game with my friend, Mr. Dylan sent me a link and four words: Take a good look. Then... Then I lost.

There were three screenshots below. They were the chatting records between her and Dylan, the screenshot of her losing the game, and an Emoji.

Soon, Dylan commented on this Moments.

Dylan: I was telling the truth. Besides, you shouldn't have eaten these since you are sick.

Cassie: I lost the game because of you! How should you make up for it?!

Dylan: I'll compensate you for the rest of my life. Is that enough?

When she saw the reply, her heart beat faster for a moment. No, calm down Cassie! You are a romantic fiction writer! How could you be seduced by a capitalist's ordinary honeyed words?!

Owen: Hahaha, brother, you are too upright.

Grandma: Cassie, don't forget to take medicine. Dylan, you have to take good care of her.

Cassie opened Weibo habitually and refreshed the Hot Topics.

Weibo Hot Topics Top1:: Brief introduction of Dylan Lu

Cassie was full of doubts. What had the capitalist done again?

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