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   Chapter 30 Plagiarized

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Dylan went upstairs. "Don't you want to know the story about that jade? Aren't you curious with who your biological parents are?"

Cassie nodded and followed Dylan into the study room.

As soon as they went inside, they saw Mason Mu in there, waiting. He turned around and acknowledged their presence. "Mr. and Mrs. Lu."

In response, Dylan looked at him and responded, "Go ahead."

Mason sat on the sofa and began, "According to my investigation, the Sacred Heart Orphanage was destroyed a year after Mrs. Lu was adopted. After the orphanage was destroyed, the director left H City."

He looked at Cassie again. "Mrs. Lu, could you please show me the jade pendant?"

Cassie complied, and gingerly handed it to Mason. He inspected it carefully and asked, "Hmm. Cun's Jade?"

He looked at the grains on the jade pendant and the dust in between its cracks. "It looks like this jade has been existing for a very long time," he noted.

On some level, Cassie had always felt that Sean must know something but opted not to say it when they were in the Warm Harbor Community. Cassie pursed her lips and thought for a while. "Mr. Mu, can you find the buyer of this jade?" she inquired.

Mason understood what she meant. He chuckled and answered, "I know what you mean, Mrs. Lu. But this Cun's Jade is not very rare. I'm afraid it won't be easy to find the buyer."

"It doesn't matter. It happened more than a decade ago. It's normal for clues to be vague and blurred out at this point," Cassie replied. She audibly sighed and clasped her hands together, obviously dejected.

Looking at her, Mason continued, "But don't loss hope. Since I have accepted Mr. Lu's money, I will do everything in my power to figure everything out. I'm going back to investigate the buyers of these kinds of jade and the director's whereabouts. I will inform the both of you if there is any news."

"It seems that this is the only way," Dylan replied. Cassie nodded in agreement, seemingly reassured for a moment. Mason stood up and said politely, "So that's all for today?"

Dylan nodded and said, "Yes, thank you. Carter, please usher the guest out."

In the bedroom, Cassie was standing in front of the window. She was gazing in the distance, lost in her own thoughts. Dylan knew how much this whole fiasco had been bothering her. He kept his gaze on her back before he finally decided to break the silence. "Hey, don't worry, okay? Mason is experienced and sensible. I'm sure he will find your parents," he comforted.

Snapping back to reality, she shifted her attention towards him and gave him a small smile. "I appreciate the effort but I told you, it doesn't matter if we find them or not. What matters is that I grew up happy and healthy. All I wanted to know is why they sent me to the orphanage. That's all."

After a moment of silence, Dylan said, "It's late. Go to bed after taking a shower."

Emotionally exhausted with today's events, Cassie nodded her head.

However, when she finally resigned to the comfort of her bed, she found herself tossing and turning in bed.

Cassie found it hard to fall asleep since her mind was preoccupied with the events that happened within the day.

After Dylan fell asleep, she secretly read the novel she stumbled upon on a website while in bed. The more she read the content of the novel, the more she found it familiar.

'This is odd, ' she thought. The novel she found was strikingly similar to "I'm Cute", something she wrote but didn't finish a long time ago.

She decided to pry further. Eventually, she found the author of the book. It said, "Allie."

'Damn it! Is this Alice's new book?!' After all the things that had been bothering her, this was the last thing she needed for the day.

She skimmed the novel even more, and the farther she got, the more it made sense. She took a gander at the number of the words. 'Fifty thousand words, huh?' She wrote one hundred thousand words for "I'm Cute" before she gave up on it.

It was bad enough that Alice took her boyfriend away from her and slandered her, but as a writer, she even stole her novel. Alice could not even give the bare minimum of professionalism!

When she first entered the realm of literature, she was after the joy and passion she extracted from writing. Eventually, when she got preoccupied with other things, she abandoned her book.

When she wrote the second book, "100 Days of Sweet Love", she swore that she would never give up on it even if it took her last breath. As a result, she instantly became famous.

Alice was once her best friend, so of course she knew very well about her first novel. Save for the title of the book, she had plagiarized her entire idea―the plot, the development, the characters, and more.

Cassie felt her heart sink. She took everything from her, and now this? She had to put a stop to this. Without wasting any time, she contacted her editor despite the wee hours of the night.

Cassie Drinks Ice Cola: Candy, I'm sorr

y to bother you so late. Can I request my book to be returned to me after I deleted it?

Candy was Cassie's editor in JoyReader. If something like this happened, the first thing she should do was to contact the editor and figure out a solution.

Candy: You can get it back if it is deleted no more than half a year ago. But if it's more than half a year, the result is not certain. Why? What's wrong?

Cassie Drinks Ice Cola: My old book that I was unable to finish was plagiarized.

There was silence from the other end of the line. Plagiarism was a very sensitive topic in their circle. The first editor she followed had put an announcement at her group of authors, which read, "Read and repeat: I won't plagiarize even if it means my own death. I will take this passion with me to the grave."

Cassie took this sentence to heart. She knew she was a great writer if she put her mind to it, so she took this seriously.

'How could that bitch do this to me?! This is too much!' The more she thought about it, the angrier Cassie became. She lifted the quilt and got up, sitting at the desk to make a comparison chart.

Her movements caused Dylan to stir. Awaken by the noise, he asked in a hoarse voice, "Go to bed, Cassie. Why are you still playing games in the middle of the night?"

Propelled by her anger, Cassie rubbed the nape of her neck impatiently. "I am not playing a game! My work was plagiarized by Alice!"

After a short pause, Dylan got up and walked to the desk. "Huh? What do you mean? What happened?"

For years, he had been in the entertainment industry. Hence, he wasn't exactly unfamiliar with idea of creative content being plagiarized and stolen. He had seen a lot of cases like this.

"Before I wrote '100 Days of Sweet Love', I wrote another book called 'I'm Cute'. But I was too busy at that time, so I eventually stopped updating the book. I couldn't sleep earlier so I distracted myself with this novel I found, which turned out to be similar to my first novel. Alice just changed the name. She spread rumors about me and slandered me in front of my father. I endured all the shit from her. And now, she had the audacity to plagiarize my work? I am more than enraged! This bitch is too much!"

After a long silence, Dylan sighed, "I understand, Cassie. I'll have someone do it for you tomorrow. Please rest. You've gone through enough already."

"No way! This anger will just keep me up at night. I need something to release my anger. I must make a comparison chart and smash her into pieces!" she shot back, seething.

"Do you think you can solve this matter within one night?" Dylan gently asked her.

Cassie held back her anger for a moment. After a long while, she shook her head and said, "I-I can't..."

"Then, listen to my advice. Don't make any major decisions when you're angry," he kindly suggested.

Cassie pursed her lips and was not reconciled.

"No matter what happens, you need to keep your head clear before you can deal with it," he added.

Despite her rage, she knew Dylan was right. It was easy to go back on her word if she made a decision in the middle of the night. Even if she finished the comparison chart now, she didn't know how to deal with Alice.

Cassie stood up obediently and covered herself with the quilt.

Knowing that she was awake inside the thick blanket, Dylan assured her, "Don't worry. I will keep my promise. We will strike once our enemy takes down their defenses. I swear, we will give them a heavy blow."

Cassie looked at Dylan with her sad eyes.

"Okay," she sighed, dejected.

Early in the morning, when Cassie logged back in the website, she suddenly saw an announcement, which stated, "It was reported that the new book "Little Cute" of Allie was suspected of plagiarism. We decided to stop updating the book for a short time, and we would deal with it after further investigation. Also, we would like to emphasize once more, please take your own writing seriously, and don't plagiarize! If any plagiarism is found in any book in JoyReader, the author must be seriously punished!"

With a cup of black tea in her hand, Cassie lay on the bed leisurely and looked at the computer screen.

'Why did they announce it so early? Did Dylan do something?' she thought, a little confused.

While she was skimming the material, Cheryl knocked on the door.

"Come in."

Standing in front of the bed, Cheryl handed a U disk to Cassie.

Stunned, Cassie asked, "What's in this?"

"The screenshots of Alice's post which defamed you," Cheryl nonchalantly answered.

After a pause, she continued, "Mr. Lu contacted the chairman of the JoyReader early this morning. The updating of the book of Alice has been temporarily prohibited. We could have taken off the book directly. But considering that Alice has a certain group of fans, we were afraid that it would affect your reputation, so we have to go through the official process. But she will be punished for all that she has done!"

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