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   Chapter 29 The Cun's Jade

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Cassie became thoughtful and instinctively stood scratching her head. She thought for a while and said, "I'm not sure... Let me think.... Well, I think it was called the Sacred Heart Orphanage. I don't quite remember. I was adopted by my foster parents after I had stayed in the orphanage for a year."

She got lost in thoughts again. Suddenly, she seemed to recollect something and said, "I also remember that soon after I left it, there was news that the orphanage was demolished. So, I'm afraid it's going to be extremely difficult to find the director of the orphanage. After all, it has been so many years." There was a sadness in her voice. "Don't worry, I won't be sad if you can't find my biological parents."

She tried to bring back some more memories of the orphanage and her childhood. But however hard she tried, the only memory she had was about her foster parents, Sean and Maggie. She remembered the happier times when Maggie hadn't been addicted to gambling and the family was in a better condition. Sean had opened a small restaurant and they had started making some more money. Their conditions had become better and life became easier. Being their only child, Cassie had the best of things. Her parents ensured that everything good that came in the house would belong to her. Providing a happy and contentious life to her was their only aim.

Cassie had reconciled to her fate. She had nothing against her 'foster' parents, but she wanted answers to her questions. She wanted to find her biological parents and ask them why they had abandoned her. Why had they left her in the orphanage?

Although Cassie spoke in a calm and relaxed tone, Dylan could understand the bitterness in her words. It was like a wound that had not completely healed.

Though an abandoned child, Cassie was such an energetic and lively person. Her personality was untouched by this fact of her life. She was an enthusiastic and optimistic soul. A look at her and one could see that her parents-Mr. and Mrs. Bo-were really good parents to her.

After a moment's silence, he said, "I will keep my promise. Don't worry. Or do you for some reason think that I can't find them?"

Cassie smiled without saying anything. She continued to pack up the things spread all around. The moment she opened a drawer, she was surprised to see a red box placed inside.

Taken aback by the presence of the box, Cassie murmured to herself, "Well, this is really strange! I didn't know that there was such a red box here. How and when did it get here?"

On hearing her words, Dylan walked across the room to reach her. Cassie opened the box gently and saw a piece of jade lying inside. There was a frown on her face upon seeing it.

Seeing such a rare stone here was not something she could understand. It made her remember those times when Maggie was addicted to gambling. There were a lot of people to whom she had to pay. All the valuable things in the house had been taken away to pay her debts. It turned out only this jade was left, covered with dust. It made her curious about why it had remained untouched.

Dylan recognized the precious stone instantly. "Hey, that's Cun's Jade?"

Cassie didn't know much about precious stones or gems. She asked, "Really? So, is it worth a lot of money?"

"Money? You only care about money, huh?"

Cassie stuck her tongue out and shrugged her shoulders. "Well, I'm just an ordinary person. But tell me, how do you know that it's Cun's Jade?"

Slowly Dylan took the jade pendant from her hand and said, "Grandma is interested in these kinds of things and keeps telling us about them. So, I know a little about them."

She said to Dylan, "You know, it's really weird. My mother got into gambling and things went downhill after that. There were days when people would come asking for the payment of their debts. Unfortunately, all the valuable things were taken away. I am sure this is the only one that was not taken away. And for some reason, I have a feeling that my mother had hidden it. It has been kept away from everyone's eyes for so many years."

"Hmm. I can see that it is a good and valuable piece of jade," said Dylan.

As they looked at it closely, both of them realized the reason it was not taken away. The jade pendant had been ignored by the people because dust had got accumulated on it. The thick layers of dust had made the jade pendant look like a fake one. The people coming to ask for payment of their debts couldn't recognize its worth or realize its value.

"Forget it. I'll ask my father about this," Cassie said.

Dylan nodded in agreement. He glanced around and asked, "Have you packed up all the things?" Nodding her head, she replied, "I'm almost done."

There was not much to take. All she needed to do was to pack some clothes. After all, everything was ready in the Warm Harbor Community.

After she zipped up her bags, Cassie walked towards the door with her luggage. Once outside, Simon came rushing towards them and said, "Mrs. Lu, please give them to me. Let me put the things in the car."

She looked at him with a gentle smile and handed the luggage. "Thank you so much, Simon!" she said.

At the same time, Cheryl stood staring at the moving company. Cassie and Dylan had already got seated in the car. The driver steadily drove the car to the Warm Harbor Community.

The car came to a halt smoothly. Cassie walked towards the elevator slowly.

"Ding!" The elevator door opened with that sound.

Cassie quickly walked towards the house, being followed by Dylan. Stepping inside after unlocking the door, she put the keys in the vestibule placed near the door. She quickly called out, "Dad, I'm back. Where are you?"

The nurse pushed the wheelchair out and said respectfully, "Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Lu. I guess I s

hould leave you to talk in private."

Simon nodded his head gently and the nurse went out.

Dylan smiled at Sean and politely called out, "Hi Dad!"

On hearing those words, Sean's eyes widened a bit. He thought he had misheard and looked at Dylan in disbelief. "Pardon me?"

Cassie was equally surprised at Dylan's words. She hadn't expected him to call her father as Dad, like she did.

Sean was confused to the core. He didn't know how to react to that and kept looking at Cassie in astonishment. "Cassie... Who is this?"

She smiled at her father and replied, "Dad, He is Dylan, your son-in-law."

Sean looked at Cassie with wide eyes as though he had seen a ghost. "Are you kidding me? Seriously?"

"Yes Dad. How can I joke about my marriage?"

Sean still couldn't believe what his daughter was saying. There was utter confusion in his mind because she had informed him earlier that Dylan was chasing her. And now she was saying she had married him. But why did they get married so soon?

Dylan saw the confusion on Sean's face. He quickly took out his phone and scrolled down the gallery. Soon he found the photo of their marriage certificate.

"Dad, here, have a look at this. Now, I'm sure you will believe that we are legally married."

Sean's mind was full of doubts now as his eyes fell upon the image of the marriage certificate in Dylan's phone. There were so many questions, but he felt it was not right to ask anything while his legitimate son-in-law stood in front of him.

Suddenly, Cassie remembered the jade pendant. She took it out and said, "Oh Dad, before I forget, I have to ask you something." She gently placed the pendant in her father's hand. "Dad, have you seen this jade stone earlier?"

As his eyes fell on the jade pendant, there was a frown on Sean's face.

Cassie got curious when she saw her father's reaction. It meant he recognized it. She gently asked, "You saw it before, didn't you?"

Sean quickly came back to his senses. He looked at it again and said, "No dear, I didn't."

He quickly moved his eyes away from the jade pendant. Cassie sighed on hearing those words. Sean gently took her hand and said, "It's almost noon now, my dear. Mr. Lu and you can have lunch with me!"

"Please Dad, you can just call me Dylan."

Sean nodded his head and said, "Alright Dylan." Sean knew that his son-in-law was a noble man. He did not find anything wrong with Dylan but he still couldn't absorb the fact that his daughter had got married to him.

Cassie looked at her father and said, "Okay Dad, if you say so! But I'll cook lunch then. I'll go buy some things to prepare the meal."

She picked up the keys and waved her hand as she walked out of the house.

Both the men watched Cassie walk out for shopping. Now there was only Dylan who was left to talk with Sean.

When Cassie came back home, she saw that the two men had got along quite well now. She never got to know what on earth Dylan said to Sean when she was gone. She felt Dylan had completely brainwashed her father to believe whatever he said.

The kitchen door was open while Dylan sat playing chess with Sean. Cassie was busy chopping the vegetables and preparing the meal. She was good at cooking. It was something she had learned from Maggie. It took her one hour to finish cooking and get the lunch ready for the three of them.

She didn't prefer making heavy or tedious dishes. She made a soup, and a couple of dishes. She laid the table for them and sat down on the chair beside her father. Sean had the habit of inviting people to drink whenever they had guests at home. With a serious look, Cassie patted Sean's back and said, "Don't drink, Dad. And Dylan, you are also not allowed to drink with my father."

Seeing the domineering look on Cassie's face Dylan chuckled and said, "Okay madam. As you wish!"

The men looked at each other and smiled as they surrendered to the wishes of the woman of the house.

In the evening, they finally left the house. They were on the way back to the LY Villa District. Cassie couldn't hide anything in heart or mind. She was extremely curious and after a few moments she said, "Dylan, what did you do? How did you put all those suspicions in my father's mind to rest? What did you tell him?"

Dylan smiled and said, "Well, there's one man who cheated on his girlfriend, brought his company into disrepute and was sued. And there's the other who has over 100 million dollars, is gentle and considerate to his daughter. If you were him or the father of any girl, whom would you choose to be your son-in-law?"

Everything became as clear as crystal to Cassie now. Clearly, even a fool would choose the latter one for his daughter. It was a fact that no father would be willing to marry off his daughter to a bad man.

Cassie glanced at Dylan from the corner of her eyes. She began to admire the capitalist's eloquence and smart thinking.

She realized that now in Sean's eyes, Adam was a heartless man who liked men and even cheated on his daughter. However, Dylan was different from him. He was gentle and considerate, and most importantly, he was good to Cassie.

When they were at the table, he was so gentle that not only her father but she also seemed to be drowning in his chivalry.

Like all parents, Sean wanted his child to live a happy life. He had accepted Dylan as his son-in-law because he was gentle and considerate to his daughter.

While Cassie sat reflecting on the events of the day, they reached their destination. As soon as they entered the house, Carter came up and greeted them. "Mr. and Mrs. Lu." Dylan nodded in acknowledgement. He asked Carter, "Has Mason come?"

Carter replied, "Yes sir. Mr. Mu is waiting for you in the study room." Cassie was suddenly curious. "Who is Mason Mu?"

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