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   Chapter 28 The Trap

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It was not until Cassie saw the security guards rushing into the room that she understood what was going on.

Wow! It was a clean trap. No, it was more commendable than that. It was a badger game and Adam had been caught in the act! She never thought that Dylan could be so scheming.

He was such a fox!

At the corridor of the hotel,

she followed Dylan closely and they turned a corner. A row of bodyguards followed them. Her long hair bobbed up and down with her quick movements. She was wearing high heels and they made the muscles of her feet strain a little.

"I didn't expect that you were such a quirk," Dylan said to Adam with a poker-face expression.

Adam himself was just realizing that it was Simon who attended the meeting. It all seemed like a movie to him when the guards poured in.

He looked at Simon in horror, eyes almost popping out of his head. "Why are you here? Answer me! What have you done?"

Simon pitifully turned to Dylan. "Mr. Lu, please, defend me. This man was trying to... Uphold justice for me. Make this man pay."

Cassie frowned and raised her chin. "Wow. Adam, I could never have expected this despicable act from you..."

Adam looked confused. He obviously hadn't yet caught on with what was happening. He looked at the people in front of him in utter bewilderment. The police had handcuffed him without hearing any word of explanation.

Simon lost his temper and began to shout. "Mr. Shen, this is evil! I will protect my image!"

Adam wanted so desperately to explain himself but no one cared to listen. Besides, he didn't know exactly what to say or how to say it.

Was he going to have to eat his words in Dylan's presence? Would he just say that he arranged the meeting because he wanted the two million back? That would be terribly absurd.

Moreover, everyone already recognized Cassie as Dylan's wife. If they found out that he had the nerves to seduce Mrs. Lu, he would be finished! He was in a very tight corner now- caught in the act and unable to defend himself.

Dylan looked at the police. "Why don't you take him away? Get him out of my sight."

All it required was just one command from Dylan.

They took Adam away without delay.

Simon burst into fake tears as soon as they began to leave.

With a cunning smile, Cassie hit Simon's shoulder playfully and spoke quietly. "It's alright, they have gone. You don't have to act anymore."

Simon's voice gradually trailed off as he assumed a more real countenance. With a blush, he said, "Mr. Lu, for you and Mrs. Lu, I have lost my innocence..."

Glancing at him, Dylan answered him cheerfully, "And you will surely be rewarded. I'll give you a pay raise next year."

Simon seemed delightfully surprised. "Thank you, Mr. Lu!"

"I'll also double your annual bonus this year!" Cassie added.

"Double his bonus? Well, why not? You pay for it!" Dylan blurted.

He was such a stingy man! Simon wished he would let her do it. He fixed his gaze on Cassie,

hoping that she would convince her husband.

With a stiff smile, the woman plucked up her courage and said to Simon, "Ah. Well, Simon, I think the pay raise is already very good. I don't have to double your bonus too."

Simon whined in disappointment, "Oh no. Mrs. Lu, come on. I know you want to do it."

Cassie chuckled, "Well, maybe next time."

"Next time? You plan to do this again? "

Quickly, Cassie shook her head and stammered, "I... I meant I'll give him a reward the next time he does something good!"

Grabbing her hand, Dylan pulled her to the car.

"Let's go home."

By nightfall,

in the LY Villa District, Dylan stood in front of the French window of the bedroom, tall and resolute.

He said to the person on the other end of the line, "I know. Just let Simon accuse Adam of attempted rape. Then, you will exp

ose the news and fire him. I don't want to see him again in H City for a long time to come."

"Consider it done."

If Adam could dare to have a crush on his woman, he should as well be able to pay the price for getting caught.

The next day, Cassie sat in the living room downstairs to have breakfast. The sunshine poured brilliantly into the dining section, and on the long western table, there were Eustoma and babysbreath. The breakfast table looked inviting and expensive.

She leisurely took a sip of milk before digging into the sumptuous meal. Just then, Cheryl came over with a triumphant look on her face. "I have good news for you."

Cassie was curious. "What good news?"

"I'm surprised Mr. Lu has not told you. Adam has been charged with rape and sentenced for three months. Moreover, he has been fired on the basis of not maintaining a good personal image as the company's manager. His carelessness gave the company a bad name."

Cassie raised her eyebrows and smiled, pretending to be surprised. "It's indeed good news."

Humph! Finally! The jerk deserved what he got. Way back, he had betrayed her with Alice. And afterwards, he had the nerves to come to her to borrow money.

She picked up a piece of bread and chewed satisfactorily. "Cheryl, could you help me find a moving company?"

Cheryl was stunned. "You are moving? You want to leave!"

Cassie scoffed, "Of course not! I'm helping my father move."

Sean was suffering from ALS and his movements were impaired as a result. Maggie used to be the one who took care of him but since she passed away, the nurses in the hospital were given the responsibility.

She couldn't leave the house that Dylan had bought unused. Although he gave her the house freely, she planned to pay him, not wanting to owe him anything. It was not in her nature to owe other people.

Cheryl nodded in response. "Okay. I'll contact a company for you."

"I'll go with you," Dylan said as he walked in and straightened his tie.

Cassie looked up. "This is unusual. Why haven't you gone to work yet?"

Everyone knew that time was like oxygen for a capitalist. Dylan was always up before her. He never played with his time.

She had once asked Belle about the time that Dylan normally got up and the answer had shocked her.

Belle said he often got up at 4 a.m. Wow! Four o'clock in the morning! It sounded incredible.

"Hello, Mr. Lu," Cheryl said and left the dining room quickly.

Dylan pulled out a chair and sat opposite Cassie. "It's weekend."

Oh, that was right. She felt stupid asking the question.

Dylan studied her face carefully. She let him look on before she finally raised her head. "Is there something on my face?"

The sun was shining over her and its rays outlined a circle of fluffy golden edge around her head. It made her look like a goddess.

She was wearing a white sweater and her hair was held in a tight bun. The corner of her mouth was stained with milk.

Dylan took out a handkerchief from his pocket and wiped her mouth carefully.

Cassie blushed. "Thank you."

Her eyelids fluttered shyly.

She then returned to her old neighborhood to pack her things.

Dylan sat on the sofa and looked at the stocks on his phone. "Cassie, did you have anything special with you when you were adopted?" he asked.

After thinking for a while, Cassie answered, "I don't know. When I was adopted by the director of the orphanage, I was only four or five years old. The director said that I was lying at the gate of the orphanage when they found me, and the surveillance cameras at that time didn't cover such areas. So I'm not sure about anything.

Maybe I was seriously ill at that time, and my family was too poor to support me. Maybe that was why I was sent to an orphanage."

"Do you remember the name of the orphanage?"

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