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   Chapter 27 Play Tricks On The Bad Man

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Cassie Drinks Ice Cola: You can't possibly do this to me. Don't think you can make me change my mind.

Please send these two sentences to him.

Simon: Okay then.

Immediately, Simon forwarded the chat records to Cassie.

Adam: Tell me, does he treat you good?

Cassie Wants To Forget said: Yes, but there has always been someone else in my heart.

Adam: Is that person me?

Cassie Wants To Forget: We have been in love for four years. How could I forget everything so easily?

Adam: Sorry, I won't let you go this time. Can we have a real talk soon?

Was he talking about meeting up? She was startled. Meeting him physically was the last thing she wanted.

Cassie Drinks Ice Cola: Feel free to do whatever you deem fit. You don't have to ask me for permission. Just make sure you dig a hole he will fall into. I'd like to see how much more affectionate words he can say.

Simon: Got it.

Without any further reply, Cassie went to work. It was not until noon that Simon finally forwarded the new chatting records.

Adam: It's almost noon. Have you had lunch yet?

Cassie Wants To Forget: No, how about you?

Adam: Well, not yet either. I gave Mr. Lu two million dollars with my credit card. I have to pay back the money and the interest, or the bank wouldn't let me go.

Cassie chuckled when she saw that. "Oh, I see. Now I know why he kept such a straight face as he swiped the card. It turns out he had used the credit card. We should always stick to spending within our means. That way, we wouldn't end up like Adam."

Cassie Wants To Forget: But you can't eat nothing. You know you still have to work. How does starvation help the situation?

Adam: Cassie, I have a huge request to make.

Cassie Wants To Forget: Tell me what it is.

Adam: Can you return the two million to me? I will give it back to you later, but right now, the bank is... I think there's going to be some pressure.

Well, that was the issue. He wanted to take the two million back? That was impossible.

The record stopped at eleven o'clock, and it didn't continue until twelve o'clock.

Cassie Wants To Forget: It's not that I don't want to help you, Adam. It's just that Dylan monitors my expenses every month.

Adam: If that's the case, let's meet and talk about it. Okay? Let's meet in Room 0517, Swan Holiday Inn, tonight.

Damn it! He wanted to talk about business in a hotel? There were so many tea houses and coffee shops for heaven's sake. Even a primary school pupil would understand what he was driving at.

Adam was so disgusting that

Cassie didn't know what to say to him.

In the CEO's office of HY Entertainment, Simon had also transferred the chat records to Dylan.

Simon: Mr. Lu, what should we do next?

Dylan's face had darkened upon reading the messages. His hand which was typing on the keyboard had suddenly gone numb, and it took him a long time to hit a single key.

L: You'll show up at the appointment.

The statement made Simon's scalp tingle. He quickly knocked on the door and walked into the office. With an embarrassed look, he said, "Well, I'm afraid of going."

In the past eight years that Simon had been working for Dylan, he had done everything he asked and pleased Dylan immensely. But this situation threw him into a dilemma.

He was to attend the appointment? For real? What if Adam was bisexual? Or something?

He didn't even have a girlfriend. He had been single for twenty-six years!

Frowning, Dylan looked at him calmly. "Did you misunderstand me? I

asked you to go to the appointment. What you're thinking will not happen. Leave the rest to me."

Simon breathed a sigh of relief at the explanation. Hurriedly, he answered, "That's good. Anything for you, sir! I'm at your service. But please, don't..."

Dylan raised a questioning eyebrow and Simon shut up immediately.

"Tell the Swan Holiday Inn to put an invisible camera in Room 0517."

Simon nodded and left.

He typed another line to reply Cassie as he moved.

Simon: Mrs. Lu, please rest assured. I will attend the appointment on your behalf tonight.

Cassie trembled at that. How did Simon learn to deal with this kind of thing while working for Dylan?

Suddenly, her phone rang. The word "Capitalist" on the screen jolted her back to reality.

"I'll ask the driver to bring you to HY Entertainment in the evening. I'll prepare a good show for you," Dylan said in a low and cold voice.

Cassie answered him excitedly, "What are you doing, capitalist? What show did you mean? Is it..."

'A shameless play... Who knows what is on this capitalist's mind?'

It turned out an author's thoughts were indeed so different.

" Don't talk too much. If you don't want to come, just forget about it."

"No, no, No. I'll be there!"

Cassie was curious to find out what he was going to do. She agreed in a hurry, not willing to miss out on what he had planned.

"Half past seven tonight. Don't be late."

He hung up.

As the night fell, the street lights of H City lit up the entire place as they came on one after another. The atmosphere threw a mood of indulgence into the night.

In the Swan Holiday Inn, two bodyguards escorted Cassie to the CEO's office.

The moment she pushed the door open, Dylan turned around in his chair.

"Here you are."

"Yes. I'm here."

Cassie poured a glass of hot tea and sat on the sofa with casual ease. "Is the Swan Holiday Inn also yours?"

Otherwise, how could he have installed cameras in the hotel room?

"Yes. You could say that."

The Swan Holiday Inn was owned by his family. Dylan owned shares in the family, so he had a right to the hotel.

Cassie spat out her mouthful of hot tea.

Oh God! How many properties did Dylan have exactly?

Dylan looked at her keenly. "Come here."

She walked up obediently and he asked her to sit down.

The computer monitor was displaying everything that was going on in the hotel room.

Cassie had also read all the chat records sent by Simon.

Simon had asked Adam to cover his eyes when he entered the hotel room. Of course, Adam gave consent without hesitation.

The newly-installed camera was equipped with a sound catching function, so the sound in the room was clearly transmitted through the computer.

"Honey, where are you?" Adam's voice came from the monitor.

Simon pinched his throat and answered dramatically, "Hi, I'm here."

Oh wow! Simon's voice really sounded hot.

Cassie clicked her tongue and turned to Dylan. "What are you going to do, Dylan? Please tell me!"

She shivered when she saw the expression on his face. The corners of his mouth had lifted slightly as if he was watching a good show. The light shone on his sideburns, outlining a perfect arc.

Dylan said slowly, "Relax, the show has just begun.

Just watch."

In the hotel room, Adam had pounced on Simon who was screaming weakly, "No! Help! Help me!"

Adam laughed obscenely, "Scream all you want. No one will hear you..."

Suddenly, the door of the hotel room was kicked open with a bang.

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