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   Chapter 26 Why Was Jasper In The Club

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Dylan's face turned gloomier.

As smart as she was, Cassie instantly figured out that he was angry.

Therefore, she cleared her throat and said, "I was just kidding. You are boring. Well, you have misunderstood the meaning of 'have fun'."

After hearing her explanation, Dylan snorted.

"Of course, a capitalist like you certainly won't understand ordinary people like us."

"Then why was Jasper Geng in the Carnival Entertainment Club?"

His question made Cassie frown. "What? Jasper Geng? I don't know him. Who is he?"

Didn't she go to see Jasper?

Relieved that his thought was wrong, Dylan walked up to her and kissed her hard. "You'd better not know him."

Taken by surprise, Cassie wasn't able to dodge it. When their lips parted, she pushed him away angrily. "Are you a toy poodle? How could you just... Why did you kiss me? It's so annoying!"

Unbothered by her anger, he stared blankly at her. "I told you..."

Subconsciously, Cassie covered her chest and took a step backward. "You bastard! Stay away from me!"

Meanwhile, in front of the Carnival Entertainment Club, two people were arguing.

Adam shook Alice's hand away. "Let me go!"

Maybe it was because he used so much strength that Alice staggered. She instinctively grabbed Adam's hand to stand steadily. "Shouldn't you explain to me why you went to see Cassie? Why, Adam?"

Annoyed, he replied without thinking too much, "Alice, are you crazy? Why were you acting like that? I just said hello to Cassie. Are you so threatened? Don't forget that if it weren't for you, I wouldn't have broken up with her! I can't tolerate you anymore. I'm breaking up with you!"

Was he blaming her? What was he saying?

As soon as his words sunk in, Alice was enraged. "Adam, let me tell you. I will never break up with you. Besides, even if I did, do you think you could be with that bitch? That's not possible."

Pointing at her nose, Adam warned her, "Alice, you'd better break up with me! Otherwise, I will expose the fact that you're the person behind all those posts."

The words he said completely shocked her, but she knew she couldn't afford to let it happen. So, she said with gritted teeth, "Okay, Adam, you win! I was blind to fall in love with a man like you! Let's break up. But I have to remind you. Cassie is not as simple as you think! If you fall into her trap, don't blame me for not warning you!"

As soon as she finished her words, Alice turned around angrily to hail a taxi.

When she was gone, Adam breathed out a sigh of relief and left.

In the LY Villa District, Cassie was sitting on the bed and playing with her phone.

A message alert suddenly interrupted her. Her eyes squinted in curiosity as she clicked on it.

Adam: Can we have a talk? I broke up with Alice. This is my WeChat number XXXX.

The corner of her lips rose. "Indeed, a leopard cannot change his spots."

Men always craved what they didn't have.

"It's already late. Why are you still up?"

Startled by Dylan's voice, Cassie almost dropped her phone.

Damn it! It had always been like this. He talked quietly, frightening people to death!

The moment she recovered from shock, she began typing again. "I'm playing tricks on this jerk..."

'They are still talking to each other?'

The next second, Dylan had already snatched the phone away from her hand. As much as Cassie wanted to get it back, she couldn't, because he held it up and refused to give it to her.

"Give it back to me! Give my phone back!"

"Make it clear. Otherwise, you won't be able to sleep tonight."

It was obvious from the firmness of his voice that he was threatening her. He threatened her again! How many times had he done it before? Why did he always

act like this? It was so frustrating!

However, her phone was still in his hand.

Left without a choice, Cassie pretended to be pitiful, and pulled his sleeve. "I was so disgusted by Alice and Adam. I couldn't just let it go, so I want to play a trick on Adam."

"Is that all?" Although she had already explained, Dylan was still a bit suspicious.

Nodding her head, Cassie answered, "I'm a pig if I tell a lie!"

His eyes narrowed upon hearing this. "Talk nicely."

After giving him a wink, she said, "Give me my phone and I'll talk to you nicely."

In the end, Dylan gave in to her, and returned her phone. "Tell me your plan."

With a cunning smile, Cassie explained, "I will tell him that I was just kidding and he will be very angry."

"Hmm. That's all?"

Her brows furrowed. "Isn't that enough?"

A sly smile appeared on Dylan's face. "Tell him that you have changed your WeChat account and ask him to send a friend request to the new one."

Damn it! What did he want to do? Did he have a different plan? But when she thought about it, Cassie was a little excited!

So, she didn't refuse. "Okay, but you have to tell me everything."

"Yes. Everything." He took out his own phone and made a call. "Simon, accept the friend request on WeChat later. Remember to send the chatting records to Cassie tomorrow morning. Just do as she says."

Even if she wanted to punish Adam, Dylan shouldn't let her do it herself. He thought it was dirty.

After giving Simon instructions, he hung up the phone. Then he turned to her and ordered, "It's half past ten. If you want to watch the play tomorrow morning, go to bed."

It was as if he wouldn't take no as an answer. This only meant, Cassie had to obey him.

'I still want to play games, but I have no choice. I'm really curious about what Simon would do.'

So Cassie pretended to be obedient and said, "Okay."

To her annoyance, Dylan put his arm around her shoulder and planted a soft kiss on her silky hair. "Good night."

Damn it! Was it necessary? Why did he have to do that? He kissed her again! 'Damn you!'

Fed up with his unnecessary actions, Cassie decided to speak up. "I think we need to add one more rule. You can't kiss me so frequently, or..."

Before she could finish her words, Dylan interrupted her. "Or what?"

Now what? What else could she say? She didn't know what she could do.

But out of stubbornness, Cassie pursed her lips and blurted out the first thing she had thought of, "I will... I will punch your chest!"

Humph! She couldn't win against him, but she could disgust him. At least...

"Well... Childish."

The next morning, Cassie woke up feeling excited.

After breakfast, she went straight to the garden to bask in the sun. From time to time, she sipped on her black tea that Belle had just made for her. The roses in front of her were blooming, making her feel comfortable.

Suddenly, a message popped up on WeChat, so she put down her teacup on the table beside her to check the message.

Simon: Mrs. Lu, what should I say next?

Cassie Drinks Ice Cola: Let me have a look.

Excitement rushed through her as she clicked on the chatting record between Simon and Adam.

Adam: I'm sorry. Alice is a crazy woman. She's only good at making troubles. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have broken up with you.

Cassie Wants To Forget: No need to say sorry. Let bygones be bygones.

Adam: Then I... Do I have a chance to start over with you?

It was Dylan who asked Simon to make her username as Cassie Wants To Forget. For a moment, Cassie wondered why. Perhaps he wanted to give Adam a hint that she hadn't forgotten about him yet.

After thinking for a while, she typed a series of words.

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