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   Chapter 25 The Leopard Cannot Change His Spots

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Johnson raised his chin and pulled his lips into a sneer, his arms crossing over his chest. "What does singing mean, Jasper? When will you stop looking down on singing women?"

Jasper glared at Johnson. From the stage, the soft voice of Cassie was carrying in the air like a lullaby. "I can start today if that's possible," he said.

Ever so slightly, the corner of Johnson's eyes twitched in annoyance. He clicked his tongue derisively. "Forget what I said."

While both men were occupied with their exchange, Cassie was enjoying every note of the song that she was belting out. Smiling, she swayed lightly on her feet, dancing to the light beat of the tune.

Evidently, Cassie had a talent for singing, but it was a talent she rarely used because there were little opportunities for her in the past. Her voice, clean and loud, was articulate and immaculate, and every word she sang out sounded like they came out of an angel's mouth. Hearing her was an experience in itself, and no one could deny that she was made for singing. The light beaming on her body from the spotlight below gave her an ethereal glow. It was soft and faint, but it accentuated the smooth flow of her hair, the smoothness of her makeup, and the minute details of her clothes. After the song ended, some of the people applauded and praised her for singing resplendently.

Adam was standing on the corner, far from the rest of the crowd. He watched her with a subtle pride playing in his eyes. Cassie couldn't help tearing up at the way he was looking at her. "You can leave now. This song wasn't for you. Alice will be angry if she knows you are here."

Meanwhile, Dylan, who had been sitting in the corner since he came in, saw Cassie with a tear-streaked face. He straightened up and narrowed his eyes to get a better look.

'What is she doing?' he wondered to himself.

It was natural and expected that Adam would refuse to leave. Everyone with eyes could tell that he was smitten with the woman. He reached his hand out to grab her hand, but Flora came in between them. She pushed his hand away and coldly said, "Please forgive my rude interruption, Mr. Shen. Cassie has already broken up with you. Please be careful with the way you act around her."

Adam blinked in surprise, caught off-guard by what she said.

Cassie wiped the tears in her eyes and smiled appreciatively at her friend's protectiveness. She turned to Adam, who was still stunned, and said, "This is my friend, Flora Su. I came with her. Isn't Alice with you?" She swept her gaze around the hall to find her, but she couldn't see her anywhere.

But it seemed the saying was true. "Speak of the devil and he will appear." This time, the devil was a woman, who suddenly spoke from behind them with a high-pitched voice.

"Who said I wasn't here?" she said, venom dripping in her voice. She turned to her boyfriend. "Adam, where did you get the audacity to say in front of me that Cassie didn't care about you? After everything I did for you, this is how you're going to treat me?" Alice was seething. Her face was flushed red in anger as she stalked toward Adam with heavy steps. "What the hell did she do to you, huh?" she asked. "The leopard cannot change his spots the same way you cannot change yours. I can't believe you're still entertaining this woman!"

Alice walked toward him, her heels click-clacking on the marbled floor.

When she finally made her way to him, she slapped him on the face without saying another word. But this didn't pacify her anger, so she turned to the woman beside him. She raised a hand to give Cassie the sharpest slap of her life, but the unexpected happened.

In a swift flick of his wrist, Adam caught her wrist and glared at her. "What do you think you're doing? This is a public space. You should be ashamed of yourself.” Adam pushed her away in anger, attracting everyone's attention.

Alice let out an incredulous scream, taking offense at his words. "What am I doing? What am I doing? You're my boyfriend, you asshole! When you went out with me earlier, you told me you needed to go to the restroom. But it was a fucking lie because you came here to see this bitch instead! You have the nerve to ask me what I'm doing? I should be the one to ask you that! You're cheating on me!" she said in one go. She didn't care that she was making a scene here. What she wanted was for everyone to know how much of a bitch Cassie truly was.

The look of disgust on Adam's face irritated her even further, so Alice made a move to hit him again.

Adam caught her hand mid-swing and pushed her to the side, causing her to fall down onto the marbled floor. "Haven't you had enough? You're making a scene here and dragging our reputation in the mud. Is that what you want? How many times should I tell you? Cassie and I have nothing to do with each other anymore!" he said ferociously.

Unamused at their exchange, Flora nudged Cassie with an elbow and whispered, "Is she crazy?" Cassie lifted a finger to her mouth, stifling a laugh. "Shh. Let's just watch and see how it goes."

Cassie then decided to add more fuel to the fire. She didn't like how Alice was calling her a bitch in front of everyone. As payback, she'd play a little game. Forcing more tears to come out of her eyes, she said, "I'm sorry, Adam. I didn't mean for any of this to happen. I shouldn't have said anything to you to avoid this."

Hearing her, Alice's anger exploded in her chest. "How dare you talk to him while I'm here?" she told her before she turned to Adam and threw him a glare. "Adam, do you deserve me at all? How can you do this to me?" Adam only stared at her, refusing to answer any of her accusations.

Cassie walked closer to Alice and extended a hand to help her stand. But Alice slapped her offensive hand away and refused her help. As she was getting to her feet, she even pushed Cassie, making her lose her balance.

Cassie flailed her arms as she staggered backward. A pair of powerful arms wrapped around her waist and broke her fall, helping her get back to her feet. As soon as Cassie saw who saved her, dread and fear crashed over her like an avalanche in the Everest.

'Damn it! Why is Dylan here?' Numerous thoughts began circling in her head as she wondered just how much of it did Dylan see.

'Oh my god. What if he'll refuse to give me fifty million after the divorce just because I played a stupid joke on Adam? What do I do then?' Cassie couldn't help but panic. Instantly, she regretted what she did.

Dylan watched the flash of numerous emotions on her face, his face calm and impassive. Even without saying anything, Cassie could see in his eyes that he was asking her for an explanation.

"It seems that Miss Qi here didn't remember what happened last time," Dylan started without any emotions in his voice, but the warning in the air was clear, and everyone watching the exchange held their breaths.

Adam shifted on his feet, feeling a little uncomforta

ble seeing Cassie being held so close by some other man.

"Mr. Shen, I admire your patience. You're impressive. How can you bear with such a crazy woman? If that had been me, I'd immediately dump her on the streets where she belongs, with that kind of attitude," Dylan told him.

Guilt pricking his chest, Adam lowered his head in respect. He clenched his fists and could only say, "Mr. Lu."

"Wait a second! Is that Dylan Lu?" a woman wearing a blue dress said from among the crowd.

Her friend standing beside her nodded in excitement. "I read from the news earlier that Dylan took his wife to the annual meeting. It must be true!"

Another woman scoffed in disbelief. "I don't care. As long as there's no official announcement from Dylan himself, I refuse to believe that he is married!" The woman wearing a blue dress nodded at her. "Me too. I'll wait for an official announcement."

Meanwhile, Jasper was still talking to Johnson. They were interrupted when the scream of the girls rang in the air, cutting them off.

When Johnson looked at the commotion, he was shocked to see who was in the center of it. "Dylan? Why is he here?"

Jasper took a puff from his cigarette and blew a hazy cloud of smoke. "He invested in the Carnival Entertainment Club," he said and sipped on his wine.

Johnson turned to Jasper with interest. He raised a brow and said, "You know him so well. Why, do you have a secret crush on him or something?" It was meant to be a joke, but it offended Jasper.

"Fuck off! I'm a man!" he said fiercely. When Johnson didn't look like he believed Jasper, he pressed, "I'm straight! I don't fucking swing that way!" The truth of the matter was, Jasper viewed Dylan as his arch-rival in the industry. The man was famous worldwide for his achievements, and Jasper wanted to surpass him to show everyone that he was the better man between the two of them. He was confident that he could make it. He just needed to learn more about Dylan and his line of work, so he could make all the necessary preparations to overtake him.

It wouldn't be easy. Dylan was not an easy enemy to defeat after all. But Jasper had confidence in himself, and he knew it wouldn't take long before he could achieve what he wanted.

Johnson raised his hands to appease the man. "Relax, why are you so riled up? I was only kidding. I know you're not gay," he said, bursting into laughter.

Hearing that, Jasper was even more offended. He kicked Johnson in the shin out of spite. "Get out! You fucking asshole! You think that's a good joke? Since you're so good with your imagination, why don't you come to my company to be a scriptwriter instead?"

The smile on Johnson's face fell and was quickly replaced by a solemn look. He turned to the commotion and pointed at Cassie. "Look at that woman. I told you. She has a strong background."

Jasper ignored him and let out a derisive snort. "So? In the end, they're all the same. Women are nothing but social climbers and gold diggers. What makes this one different from the lot?"

With that, Johnson wasn't able to give him a clear response.

Meanwhile, the commotion was getting worse. Dylan was starting to lose his patience.

"Where are the security guards? They should be here by now!" The anger in his voice was palpable. Even the women watching from afar could feel the heat of his anger rolling off him in waves.

Fortunately, the manager of the club rushed over as soon as he got the news. With an ashen nervous face, he ran toward Dylan and bowed. Behind him, a line of bodyguards followed suit and assembled in front of Dylan to wait for his orders.

"Throw anyone who dares to make trouble in my place out! Starting with this woman!" Dylan ordered to the guards.

Cassie blinked, stunned at what she heard. Did she hear him right? What? His place? Did he own this place as well?

Confused, Cassie looked up at Dylan and tugged at the sleeve of his suit. "Is this part of your properties too?"

Dylan turned to her, his face softening as he looked into her innocent eyes. "It's ours," he corrected, emphasizing the last word.

Hearing his orders, the guards immediately broke into action. They lifted Alice up and started dragging her out of the club. Before she could leave, she screamed, "Cassie, you fucking whore! You're a married woman but you're still trying to seduce another woman's fiance. I won't let this slide just like this! I will make sure you'll pay for this humiliation!"

Frantic, the manager ordered the bodyguards to shut her up. A guard then covered her mouth with his hand until she was out of the place.

Now that the commotion was over, Flora let out a sigh and touched the back of Cassie's hand in a daze. "Cassie," she called out. "What happened in here?" Everything happened so fast that Flora couldn't wrap her mind around anything. She was confused, and so was Cassie.

Cassie rubbed the back of her neck with a hand, unable to give a ready answer. "I... I don't know either. I'm just as confused as you are."

Hearing that, Dylan turned to Cassie and immediately scooped her up into his arms, lifting her in the air across his shoulder. Cassie flailed her arms around, surprised at the action. "Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! Dylan, let me down. People are staring at us!"

Dylan ignored her. He also ignored everyone else as he walked out of the club while carrying Cassie across his shoulder.

The crowd was left dumbfounded and confused. They looked at each other, but no one was able to say a word.

Dylan brought Cassie to his study room in the LY Villa District.

It had been a few minutes since they arrived, but no one was speaking up. Dylan was waiting for Cassie to start explaining what happened in the club, but her lips were pressed tight.

Playing with her fingers, Cassie kept her head low and wouldn't even dare to look at him.

Dylan tilted his head, watching her with cold eyes. "Did you have fun? Mrs. Lu, I thought you were always timid and innocent. I didn't expect that you could be that playful," Dylan said with a voice that resembled the arctic ice.

Cassie furrowed her brows at his subtle accusation. She was stunned at first, but when the surprise wore off, she burst into laughter.

For a smart capitalist like Dylan, she couldn't believe that he didn't understand what she tried to do back there. Now that she was remembering how he was always mocking her, Cassie decided to poke fun at him as revenge. Call her petty, but it seemed that Dylan had that effect on her.

Cassie frowned and crossed her arms. "Yes, I happen to like playing around, what's wrong with that? What else was I supposed to do in the Carnival Entertainment Club? Should I find a special service instead? Would you rather I flirt around instead?"

Dylan looked at her in confusion, surprised at her laughter. While that was pleasant to hear, he couldn't understand what it was that she found so funny. He furrowed his eyes and scrutinized her.

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