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   Chapter 24 Sorry, I Can't Forget You

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As soon as Cassie went out of the bathroom, she noticed Dylan sitting at the desk. Patting her face with the towel, she asked curiously, "What are you doing? That's my laptop."

Feeling a little guilty, Dylan asked, "Are you going out tonight?"

With a nod, she replied, "Yes, I'm going out with my friend tonight."

"Don't go!"

Hearing the bossiness in his tone, she raised her head proudly. "I'm sorry. Mr. Lu, it's clearly stated in the contract that you can't restrain my freedom. Whether you like it or not, I'm going to see my friend."

In the end, Dylan had no choice but to agree even if he didn't want to. "If you don't come back before twelve o'clock, you'll pay for it."


In a hurry, she walked to the desk to put away her laptop. Then she changed her clothes and went downstairs.

The driver drove the Bentley to the gate of Carnival Entertainment Club. "Thank you, Lewis. Please park the car far away. I'll call you once I want to go home."

Without any complaint, Lewis left as soon as she got off of the car.

Not long after, a black limited edition Maybach stopped in front of the Carnival Entertainment Club. There was no emotion on Dylan's face as he watched Cassie walked inside the club.

Cassie was welcomed by the deafening music and colorful lights. She was smiling until two familiar people came to her when she passed through the aisle.

They were none other than Adam and Alice.

Noticing the delicate make-up on Cassie's face, Alice felt a little threatened. So she held onto Adam's arm lovingly. But her misty eyes seemed to swallow Cassie alive.

At first, Cassie had no intention to be entangled with them, but when she saw the look on Alice's eyes, she suddenly came up with a plan.

Therefore, she pretended to be sad when she turned to Adam. "Hello. Long time no see. You... Are you okay?"

Today, Cassie was wearing a suit dress that exposed her long silky legs, and a pair of high heels. Her long hair that hung down her shoulders made her more attractive.

Lost in thought for a moment, Adam chuckled. "I'm fine. What about you? How are you doing?"

Automatically, Alice's grip on his arm tightened. "Adam, let's go."

It was not until they left was Cassie able to smile disdainfully. "My God."

"Woman, you are really good at acting."

A strange male voice suddenly came from behind, which startled her.

When she turned around, she saw an enchanting man standing a few steps away from her. "You... What do you want?" She was surprised that she stuttered when she spoke.

The man approached her. His strong and enchanting aura made her take a step back.

Although she had heard that there were different kinds of people in clubs, she was still shocked of how this man approached her.

Nervous, she drew back her neck and avoided the man's eyes.

'Mommy, help! Someone is flirting with me!' Her heart was hammering in her chest.

The man put his hand against the wall, imprisoning her, and stared at her with a playful smile. Desperate to escape, Cassie stepped hard on his foot, which made him groan in pain.

With gritted teeth, Cassie screamed, "What a pervert!"

Then she ran away.

While playing with the car key in his hand, Johnson Cheng walked towards the man. As he watched Cassie sprinting away, and Jasper limping in pain, he chuckled. "Oh, what's wrong with you? It seems that you were trampled by a little girl."

"Screw you! Johnson, are you really my friend? Are you so happy that I was

trampled on? "

As soon as he recovered, the corner of his lip rose. "But...She is interesting."

Seeing the obsession in his eyes, Johnson warned, "I have to remind you that that girl has a special background. Don't get yourself into trouble."

With a shrug, Jasper pushed him away. "I know. I know. Let's go."

After giving one final glance at Cassie's back, the two men left.

Meanwhile, Flora looked at Cassie with uncertainty as the latter approached her. "Well. Are you Cassie?"

Raising her eyebrows, Cassie sat on the seat and joked, "Of course it's me, Cassie who loves drinking ice Cola."

Hearing this, Flora's eyes lit up. In a hurry, she handed the drink she ordered for her. "Here! Here's your drink!"

A smile appeared on Cassie's face. She tucked her hair behind her ears and accepted the glass. "Thank you."

"Why are you late? I was so bored."

With a mysterious smile, Cassie replied, "Sorry, I'm late."

"Humph! I'm angry. You should invite me to dinner."

Taking a sip of Cola, Cassie said, "No problem. I'll even invite you to watch a good show later."

"What's going on?"

"Do you still remember Alice and Adam?"

"Yes, I do."

"Aren't they your boyfriend and bestie?"

Before Flora could say more, Cassie quickly interrupted her. "Stop! I don't have friends like them!"

Even before they met, Cassie had already told her about how Adam and Alice cuckolded her. Of course, she didn't tell her when that happened. Otherwise, her contractual marriage would be exposed.

With a sigh, Flora touched Cassie's head and said, "My heart hurts for a minute."

Shaking her head, Cassie ignored her and turned on her phone to send a message to Adam. "I'm sorry. I know it will hurt Alice, but I really can't forget you."

In an instant, Flora's eyes widened. "Are you crazy? What are you thinking? Are you still in love with this bad man?"

"You'll know how bad he is later."

Although she was a little confused, Flora didn't bother to ask her more.

After all, she knew that Cassie was smart enough to know what she was doing.

After a while, Dylan decided to enter the club too. He bumped into Jasper who was on his way to restroom.

As soon as the latter looked up, their eyes met.

It looked as if a storm was brewing. Dylan looked straight into Jasper's eyes. Jasper greeted him sarcastically, "Hey, isn't this Mr. Lu who isn't fond of alcohol and sex? How could you debase yourself to come to a place like this?"

"Mr. Geng, not everyone is as dissolute as you think. I have something important to do here."

For a few seconds, Jasper glared at him. Then he bumped his shoulder and left.

Without looking sideways, Dylan patted his shoulder and walked into the hall.

The only reason why he came here was to follow Cassie.

"Look, he is coming."

Pointing at Adam, who was wearing a brown suit, Cassie added, "Just wait and see."

Cassie then trotted onto the stage and said something to the singer. Then she held the microphone and said, "Good evening, everyone. I suddenly thought of a person and a song. So, I want to sing a song for you—Happy Breakup."

Thunderous applause broke out immediately.


"Well. Who is this beautiful woman? Why haven't I seen her before?"

"I don't know. She must be a newcomer. She is so beautiful. I like her."

Sitting far away from the stage, Jasper took a sip of brandy. He looked at Cassie and smiled. "Hey, Johnson, it seems that what you said before was wrong."

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