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   Chapter 23 Catch The Jellyfish

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By the mention of their past, Cassie felt sick.

There was really no need for Alice to show off in front of her, because she was not interested at all. In fact, she thought it was revolting. How could she be so shameless to flaunt the man she stole from Cassie?

It was Dylan who asked Adam and Alice to come out with them. But no. It was not because he was a kind-hearted man. The reason was way too far from that.

The two of them were only allowed to come out in one condition. In the daytime, they could travel with them. Then, in the evening, they had to clean the deluxe suite where Cassie and Dylan were staying and serve as waiters.

On the one hand, Dylan didn't want his employees to not be able to attend the annual meeting. On the other hand, he thought this was crueler than not letting them attend it.

It would be a pity if they would just spend their time working and not attending the meeting. They knew that they would be humiliated in public if they participated, but they could only endure it. For the whole day, they had to accompany Dylan and Cassie like personal maids.

Deep in her heart, Cassie admired what he did.

Hearing what Alice said, Dylan's eyes changed slightly. He glanced at Simon and said, "Hurry up!"

For a few seconds, Simon was at a loss, then he nodded when he came back to his senses. "Yes, I'll ask someone to do it right away."

The man in charge gave a wry smile and warned, "Mr. Lu, there are jellyfishes in the water. You'd better ask someone to get them out, or your wife will be stung."

A playful smile appeared on Dylan's face when he heard this. "Didn't someone say that she is good at swimming? Then, Miss Qi and Mr. Shen, please get the jellyfishes out for my wife."

'What the fuck?' Get the jellyfishes out? Are you kidding me?' Jellyfishes were poisonous. Being stung by them was like being burned alive. Moreover, the lake was too wide for them to catch all of them!

Both of Alice's and Adam's faces darkened. With a frown, she said, "Well... Jellyfish is poisonous."

Since Dylan had said so, the person in charge of the Blue Sea Island had to deal as he wished. "Miss Qi, Mr. Shen, the jellyfishes of the Blue Sea Island are harmless. You can rest assured."

So what? That didn't change anything. It would still hurt!

Therefore, Alice expressed her dissatisfaction. "What if I don't want to do it?"

'No? Is Alice out of her mind today? Why is she opposing Dylan? Is she asking for trouble?' Cassie thought.

Wait, why should she care about these two people? What was she thinking? Oh, no, it was sympathy.

"Then pay back the eight hundred thousand you owe my wife."

As soon as Alice heard what Dylan said, she froze. Being stung by a jellyfish might be as painful as being burned by fire, but she could still endure it. On the other hand, with her income, she would need to work three or four years to earn such amount. Everyone knew what the right choice was.

That was why Adam had no choice but to agree with gritted teeth. "Alright, Mr. Lu. We're going to do it now."


The moment he heard Cassie's familiar voice, he quickly turned around to see her.

Pretending to feel sorry for them, Cassie pulled the sleeves of Dylan and said, "You'd better ask someone to prepare protective gears for them. If they get stung, I'm afraid that the other employees will gossip about you."

The person in charge nodded. To be honest, Dylan didn't have any plan to let them wear protective gears.

But he still pretended to agree. "Okay, sweetie. We'll look for some. Don't worry."

With a smile, she replied, "Thank you."

In the end, Alice and Adam did what they were asked to do.

The annual meeting was a success, so Cassie and Dylan were able to relax the following days before they went home.

On the day that was scheduled to come home, he held her hand to guide her out. But Simon immediately stepped forward. "Mr. Lu, there are many reporters gathered at the dock. Should we go through other channels?"

Before Dylan replied, he looked back at Cassie first. "Let's go through another channel t


All his employees on the cruise ship signed a confidentiality agreement, so they wouldn't say anything to the reporters. If they did, they would face a huge amount of compensation.

As they spoke, Cassie suddenly yawned. She was still sleepy because she hadn't slept well last night. "Ah, excuse me?"

"…… Don't forget who you are."

It was not until then that she realized what Dylan meant. With an 'okay' gesture, she smiled and said, "No problem."

Although she didn't know what was on his mind, she just chose to listen to him. After all, he was more experienced in public relations than her.

They walked through the VIP exit. Before getting in the car, Dylan said, "You go back to the LY Villa District by yourself. I have something to do and need to go to the company."

For a split second, Cassie looked surprised, then her eyes lit up. "Okay!"

Obviously, she was happy that the capitalist was not going home with her. The excitement on her face didn't escape Dylan's eyes.

He glanced at her discontentedly. "Are you happy that I'm not going home?"

To hide the truth, Cassie smiled and shook her head. "No, no. Don't forget to come home early."

But of course, he knew better, so sneered and ignored her.

As soon as Cassie returned to the LY Villa District, she went to the study room to write.

The WeChat icon on the lower right corner of the computer suddenly flashed. Flora's name appeared on the screen.

While drinking water, she opened the window to read the message.

Flora: Cassie! Is that you? This was the first thing Cassie read.

Then, Flora sent her a link. When she clicked it, an article about Dylan's rumored girlfriend appeared on the screen with her face attached on it.

Uh... Now the whole world seemed to know her relationship with Dylan.

However, she still couldn't say anything. As long as he didn't say so, Cassie would not admit it.

Therefore, she immediately changed the topic.

Cassie: Eh... Flora, are you also in H City?

A long time ago, they had discussed about it. They even planned to have dinner together. Last year, Cassie had been too busy focusing on her writing and book sales that she had lost contact with the outside world.

Flora: Yes. Why?

Cassie: Which district are you at? If it's not too far, I will go to you. What do you think?"

Cassie had some new ideas for her new book, so she wanted to go out to look for some inspiration.

Flora: You finally want to see me? Really? Oh my God! I'm a bit nervous to meet a Goddess like you. What should I do? Upon reading this, Cassie rolled her eyes and typed a reply.

Cassie: Hey. It's okay with me if other people call me that, but I will be sad if you also do that.

Do you really live in H City? Tell me.

Flora: Of course, I can't refuse the invitation from the Goddess. I live in AR District! What about you?

AR District? It wasn't far at all!

Cassie: Oh my god. It is just a block away from the community where my family originally lived.

Flora: Super excited! Last summer when the water supply in my community was cut off, you were accidentally mocking those who lived in your neighboring community because they couldn't even take a shower in the hot summer. It turns out it wasn't a coincidence at all.

Cassie: Eh... Let's leave the past in the past.

Flora: Humph! As a compensation, you must treat me with a dinner and a party!

Cassie: No problem. I'm just going to write the draft first. Message me the address where we'd meet later at eight o'clock. Tell me what you're wearing, I will find you.

Flora: Go ahead, love you.

After that, Cassie focused on writing the draft.

At eight o'clock in the evening, Cassie left her laptop in the bedroom to take a shower.

As soon as Dylan entered the room, he went to check his emails. It was then that a window popped up on Cassie's laptop.

His eyes instantly fell on the screen of her laptop.

Flora: I'm at the Carnival Entertainment Club. Come here. Let's have fun!

When Dylan read the message, his face darkened.

Have fun in the club? Was she cheating on him?

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