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   Chapter 21 Trouble In Paradise

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A thought flashed in his head. Was Cassie jealous?

Adam hesitated for a brief moment, his eyes still fixed on Cassie. It took a full minute before he finally pulled out the card from his wallet and handed it over to Simon with a forced smile on his face. "Okay, here you go."

Without saying another word, Simon glanced at the card and took it from his hand. Adam swallowed nervously, unable to hide the unease flickering on his face. The amount of money flashing on the POS machine was no joke. It showed 2, 000, 000 dollars. He couldn't believe his eyes. He was by no means poor, but two million dollars was huge and something he couldn't afford to shell out without careful thinking on his part.

All of the sudden, Dylan stopped Simon from swiping the card. With a soft smile tugging at the corners of his lips, he turned to Cassie and rubbed her head affectionately. "Don't mind the cruiser. I have enough money to maintain it. Just wire it to my wife's account as her pocket money instead."

The crowd couldn't hold back their surprise. They watched the scene unfold in front of them with their mouths hanging open in shock.

Did they hear him right? Did the CEO just say that two million dollars was just a mere pocket money for his wife? It was unbelievable. All their lives, they had been grinding and working nonstop to make ends meet and provide for their family. Never in their dreams could they ever think of having two million dollars in their bank accounts. But to the CEO, it was just a pocket money? If this weren't a testament to how powerful and wealthy he truly was, then they didn't know what else could prove this.

As they marveled at him and appreciated his wealth in stunned silence, another thought occurred to them. The CEO had called Cassie as his wife! All at once, whispers began to run around the crowd as they asked each other if they really heard him right.

"Did the CEO just call her his wife?" someone had said. "You heard it right. I heard the same, too," someone had answered her. "But when? How? I didn't know the CEO is married..."

"I didn't know either. But you know how secretive and private the CEO really is. So it's possible that it's true..."

Hearing them, Cassie bit her lower lip in embarrassment. In truth, she was afraid that people would talk ill of her because of what Dylan had called her, but they surprised her when they began showering her with praises. "I understand why he married her. Look at her. Isn't she so beautiful?" the woman wearing a light blue gown gushed.

"I know! They are a perfect match indeed. I'm so jealous!" another woman responded to her, wearing an excited grin on her face. But as she expected, not everyone was supportive of their relationship. Just as there were friendly, appreciative smiles thrown at her, there were also glares and frowns.

It wasn't news that Dylan was well-loved by many women. With his attractive face and hot, toned physique, it was hard not to fall in love with him. Hearing that he was now married broke the hearts of the girls who dreamt of making him fall in love with them.

He was the most famous bachelor in H City, and they couldn't believe that someone had stolen his heart right under their noses. They felt disappointed and betrayed that he had married her privately. What was even special about this woman? Now that jealousy was filling them up, they started to scrutinize her, eager to nitpick on her just to make themselves feel better. Cassie was well aware of their sharp eyes and deep frowns. She understood how some of them could feel envious and resentful of her.

Cassie shivered lightly. Dylan gave her a soft smile and asked, "Are you cold?"

Cassie smiled back, responding with a soft shake of her head. "I'm alright."

"No, you're not. Look at you. You're shivering," Dylan told her.

After he said that, Dylan reached out for her hand. He rubbed the back of her hand with his thumb, trying to share his warmth with her, which made her smile.

Enjoying his sweet and thoughtful gesture, Cassie leaned her head against his chest and released a soft, satisfied sigh. She reveled in this moment while waiting for Simon to finish processing the transaction.

But it looked like the transaction wasn't successful because Simon immediately turned to Adam with an embarrassed look on his face. With his head bowed, he handed the card back to Adam. "I'm sorry, Mr. Shen. The balance in your card is not enough. Would you like to try another card?"

As soon as Simon said that, the crowd began to whisper furiously among themselves. Adam's face reddened in humiliation as he took his card back.

"Oh, would you look at that? He was pretending to be rich all this time when he didn't even have enough money to spend. Why would he even pretend? Isn't that more humiliating than directly admitting that he doesn't have money?" one of the women said in a loud, taunting voice.

"Hey, didn't you say you'd buy a ten-million-dollar ring for your girlfriend? What happened to that? You couldn't even afford two million!" someone called out. Because of that, the crowd burst into laughter and mocked him even more. For them, he was way too arrogant for his own good and he deserved being called out like this to straighten him up.

Adam scowled in fury as fuse of anger lit up in his chest. He blamed his girlfriend and her caprices for this. If it weren't for her, he wouldn't be humiliated like this in front of everyone else! Shaking in anger, he hurriedly pulled out his wallet to get another credit card. Simon received it with a polite smile and proceeded to the POS machine.

His face went darker as he watched Simon swipe his card again.

Adam clenched his fists, trying to regain his composure but to no avail. Two million dollars! He'd be burning two million dollars all in one night and for what? Alice's pride?

He was starting to feel dizzy just by thinking about how much he'd have to work hard just to pay the money back. He'd have to cut his living expenses in half and make do with the bare minimum just to get by. He'd need to be frugal or he'd be in serious debt after all this.

After Simon was done processing the transaction, he handed the card to Cassie and bowed in respect. "Here, Mrs. Lu."

Cassie took the card from him and whirled to Dylan, an appreciative smile playing on her face.

In truth, Cassie was delighted to spend the jerk's money. In their four years of relationship, he never once thought of giving her a flower because of how tight he was with his money. But now, she even managed to get two million dollars from him at once. It was so much better than receiving a single flower! To top it all, she was enjoying the clear look of disdain on Adam's face. She wanted to smirk at him to annoy him even further, but there were many people watching them and she had to play the role of a good, benevolent wife.

So Cassie pretended to be embarrassed and lifted a hand on her chest as a display of innocence.

She turned to Dylan, faking a worried expression. "Please, I don't need this. I have my own source of income and I can provide for myself. Why are you asking me to spend your money, my love?" she said in a meek voice.

Dylan looked at Cassie and realized what she was doing. Amusement danced across his eyes as he raised his eyebrows and smiled at her. He raised his hand and swiped his thumb across her cheek tenderly. "Why not? You deserve it. You're my wife and I want only the best things for you."

Flustered, Cassie's cheeks turned into bright pink. Her heart was hammering furiously against her ribcage at his sudden display of affection.

Everyone who saw their exchange sighed in envy. Deep inside, they were thinking the same thing. The CEO and his wife were certainly a match made in heaven.

Meanwhile, Alice was seething in anger at the lovebirds.

Her breathing was speeding up as her hands turned into fists. She gritted her teeth as she cursed the couple in her head. Cassie didn't deserve this kind of life. It was supposed to be her! The bitch was nothing but a lowly author, so how was it possible that she became the wife of a CEO? It was unthinkable! Furious, Alice reached out

to grab Adam's hand, but she was surprised when she only grabbed an empty space. When she turned around, Adam was already walking away, his face mirroring the anger she was feeling.

Alice then glared at Cassie, gnashing her teeth. "Just wait and see. You'll fall to the ground soon enough!"

Cassie was unfazed by her words and tipped her chin up as a display of courage.

This made Alice even more furious. So when a waiter passed by holding a tray of red wine in his hand, she made a go for it and stole the red wine from him.

Before anyone could react, Alice had already splashed the red wine on Cassie's face, shocking everyone present in the hall.

All at once, the people began to talk among themselves. "Oh my God! Is she crazy? How could she do that to the CEO's wife?" someone said in shock.

Caught off-guard, Cassie had no choice but to close her eyes and wipe the sticky liquid off her face. She could feel the wine running down her body, leaving a crimson stain all over the bodice of her dress.

Dylan became furious and barked an order. The bodyguards hiding in the crowd immediately ran to the scene and subdued Alice, pinning her onto the ground. Alice went mad with anger, screaming in pain as her arm got dislocated in the process. "Let go of me, you asshole! Let go of me at once!" she cried out, but the bodyguards kept her on the marbled floor.

Cassie watched her with contempt. She was trembling tremendously like she was going to burst into anger any moment now. 'Is Alice insane?' she thought. 'How could she make a scene here?' One of the waiters immediately rushed to her and handed her a towel to wipe herself clean. But it was too late. The stain had left an angry red on her pink gown.

Dylan sensed that she was near to losing her temper, so he held her hand, pulled her closer to him, and whispered in her ear, "I know you want to take revenge. Just play along."

Cassie blinked at him in confusion. She didn't understand what he was trying to do.

But Dylan gave her a reassuring smile, and it calmed her down somehow. 'What is he planning to do?' she thought. The smile disappeared on Dylan's face when he turned to Simon. Suddenly, his face darkened, making the crowd feel uneasy. "How did this woman even get in here?" Dylan asked Simon sharply. The crowd flinched at the sudden rise of his voice.

"Send them back to H City at once! I don't want to see them anywhere near my wife, you hear me?" Dylan ordered. He was obviously referring to Adam and Alice. But the people were confused by his words.

"But we're on the cruise. How are they going to send them back?" a woman wearing a short black dress asked the person beside her.

The woman wearing a red Venus-cut dress whipped to her. "Are you new in the company? Don't you know that the CEO has a private plane he can use anytime he wants?"

Hearing that, the new hire nodded in understanding. It made sense. The CEO was a wealthy man after all. For a person who had plenty of black credit cards, having a private plane was just a piece of cake. He was someone who could have anything he wanted in just a snap of his fingers. Surely, this was nothing compared to the many luxurious things he already owned.

When Simon heard his order, he bowed his head and said, "Right away, sir. I'm on it." Simon went to Alice who was still pinned on the ground. Even with the bodyguards, it was difficult to bring her back to her feet because she was using her entire energy to break free from them. Cassie was still in a relatively bad mood as she watched the bodyguards try to subdue Alice's movements. She couldn't believe that Adam cheated on her with this cheap woman who had a penchant for catfights.

Looking back now, she was glad and grateful that she was over him. It horrified her that she even dated him for four years. She couldn't understand how she managed to get that far when he'd been nothing but a cheapskate douchebag to her. More than that, she was also glad that her friendship with Alice had ended when it did. Alice was a traitor. Even when Cassie remained loyal to her, Alice betrayed her and stabbed her in the back. Looking at how crazy she turned out now, Cassie was relieved that she'd finally thrown Alice out of her life.

"You! Cassie! You'll regret doing this to me!" Alice was shouting from afar. Cassie narrowed her eyes at her, feeling equally disgusted and incredulous at how she was acting.

But she knew she still had a role to play for the night. So she suppressed her emotions and feigned being innocent and vulnerable again. Plastering a weak smile on her face, Cassie turned to Dylan and tugged at the hem of his sleeves. "Dylan..." she called out.

Dylan glanced at her and raised an inquisitive brow. There was still a trace of anger on his face, and it sparked again when he saw the red wine staining her dress. "Yes, wife?" "Let her go. It's not everyday that people get to attend the annual meeting. This is where we celebrate the fruit of our hard work. If you throw her out now, I'm afraid that people will think ill of us," she told him.

"You want to let her go? After what she did to you?" Dylan asked, sounding surprised at her request. "Yes. Let's just forget this ever happened, okay?" She finished her words with a sweet smile.

Seeing how sincere she was, Dylan had no choice but to relent. With a sigh, he pulled out a handkerchief from this suit pocket and wiped the remaining wine on her cheek. "Okay. I'll defer to you. I'm sorry." Cassie shook her head lightly. "No, I should be the one to say sorry. I made you worry about me."

Dylan planted a kiss on her forehead, a ghost of a smile dancing across his lips. Everyone was stunned again after seeing their display of affection to each other.

The headlines and the tabloids had time and again written about how cold and indifferent the CEO was to everyone else. They were even calling him as Ice King behind his back. But seeing how loving he was to his wife now, they started to think that they were baseless news after all.

Dylan was indeed a loving and caring husband, and the women would fight to death just to have a chance to steal Cassie's place in his life.

"You're really letting her go? If I were you, I'd slap this woman until her cheek starts to bleed," a voluptuous woman wearing a revealing dress said to Cassie just as when the bodyguards were starting to escort Alice out. Dylan heard her and realized she was right. They shouldn't let Alice go just like that without proper consequences to her actions, or else she was bound to repeat the same mistakes again.

Dylan took a quick look at Alice before he turned to Simon and nodded. Despite his silence, Simon immediately understood what he meant.

After all, he had been working for Dylan now for so many years. He knew the meanings of every nuances on his face and every telling signs on his silent actions. That was how well he knew him. Although Cassie wanted to forget everything and let her go, it was only right that Dylan would teach Alice a lesson in her stead. Alice committed a grave error toward his wife, and it wasn't something that they should take lightly.

"Stop," Simon called out to the bodyguards who were dragging Alice out. They immediately stopped in their tracks. "Bring her back here."

Alice screamed and complained as the bodyguards pulled her back and brought her in front of Cassie, who seemed confused at what was happening. "What is he doing?" she asked Dylan, but he only shook his head at her and asked her to watch.

Simon then walked closer to Alice and regarded her with a fake polite smile. "Ma'am, the dress that Mrs. Lu is wearing is the latest style of Eden's early spring 2019 collection. You see, it'll be quite troublesome on our part if we'll clean it because it can only be washed by hand. I'm afraid the red wine you poured on her will leave a stain. With that said, I would need to ask you to compensate us for this. The official price of the dress is 800 thousand dollars. Miss Qi, would you like to pay it with Alipay or with your card? We can accommodate whatever method you'll choose," Simon told her. Hearing that, Alice let out a frustrated shout.

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