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   Chapter 20 The Tip

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Hearing the man's familiar voice, Cassie quickly turned around. Sure enough, it was Adam.

This occasion reminded her of Eileen Chang's book—Red Rose, White Rose. She totally agreed to the author's point.

"Marry a red rose and eventually she'll be a mosquito-blood streak smeared on the wall, while the white one is 'moonlight in front of my bed'.

Marry a white rose, and before long she'll be a grain of sticky rice that's gotten stuck to your clothes; the red one, by then, is a scarlet beauty mark just over your heart."

How ironic it was. A few days ago, Adam went to provoke her with Alice and abandoned her as if she was garbage. But now, he was so excited to greet Cassie. Who was worse?

Seeing Adam like this, Alice was even angrier.

Of course, an arrogant woman like her would try to save face, so she leaned on Adam's arm proudly. "So what? We're getting married soon."

Shock was written all over Cassie's face when she heard this. She would be lying if she said she wasn't hurt. After all, Adam had been her boyfriend for four years.

Although she was a little sad, she didn't let them see it.

Instead of replying to Alice, she turned to Adam. "Are you really getting married?"

To Alice's annoyance, Adam broke free from her grip and fixed his eyes on Cassie.


Alice looked at Cassie with so much hatred in her eyes.

Raising her eyebrows, Alice held Adam's arm again. "By the way, Adam said he would let me choose wedding rings later. Do you have any recommendation? Adam doesn't want anything cheap. He said I don't deserve cheap things. So, he will buy only the best."

Before Cassie could even react, Dylan interrupted their conversation.

"I'm afraid that he can't afford it."

Slowly, he walked down the stairs with a glass of wine in his hand.

Someone exclaimed, "Mr. Lu!"

Mr. Lu? What did the person say?

The name alone was enough to make Adam's and Alice's faces turn pale.

It was then that Cassie came back to her senses. She raised her eyebrows and smiled.

'How could it be? How, how could it be possible?' The two people in front of her looked so frightened as if they saw a ghost.

Was Dylan Lu the man in the hospital that day? But... How did that happen?

It was understandable that Adam didn't recognize Dylan at that time. After all, Dylan had been abroad before, and he had just come back a few days ago. His photos had only been exposed recently. So it was not surprising that Adam didn't know that he was the CEO.

Dylan looked even more handsome with his handmade Armani suit. Every step he took caused a throb in the young girls' hearts.

"Ahhh! Our CEO is really hansome! My heart is beating so fast!"

"Oh my God! He's looking at me! Did you see that?"

"I like our CEO forever!"

However, Dylan only ignored all these exclamations, and walked straight towards Cassie.

Just because he wasn't by her side for a while, these two people dared to bully her together. Did they think he didn't exist?

As soon as he reached where they were standing, Dylan automatically snaked his arm around Cassie's waist and looked at her affectionately. "Why are you so disobedient? I told you not to run around. You made me worried."

His gentle voice aroused the throbbing of young girls again.

"Oh my God! He is so gentle and handsome."

"Our CEO is so cool!"

On the contrary, Cassie was so scared at this moment that her heels almost broke!

What? Although Cassie knew that she had to pretend to be affectionate in front of others, the way he acted really gave her goosebumps.

Even so, she forced herself to flash a gentle smile. "I'm a little hungry, so I came out to find something to eat."

"Then I'll feed you enough tonight."

The way Dylan said this was so casual but it made Cassie blush.

Why did it sound s

o dirty? Did he do it on purpose?

She swore that she was a pure minded person.

Standing in front of their great CEO, Adam had to swallow the lump in his throat. He summoned up his courage and reached out his hand to Dylan. "Mr... Hello, Mr. Lu."

Since Dylan didn't accept his hand, it only froze awkwardly in the air.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that Dylan was making things difficult for him. But they didn't know why.

Completely ignoring Adam's pleasantries, Dylan's fiery eyes fell on Alice. "I'm quite knowledgeable when it comes to jewelries. I wonder how expensive the ring this lady wants? How much is your budget? Cassie's ring is not expensive. The carat number is just her birthday. It's 10.20, which is only two hundred and fifty million dollars."

There was no hint of arrogance in his tone. He sounded so humble and polite, which made Alice more nervous.

Cassie's ring was worth two hundred and fifty million dollars? What the hell? Either way, she couldn't lose to her!

Holding Adam's hand, Alice forced a smile and said, "Ten million."

To say that Adam was shocked was an understatement. Ten million? Where would he get that amount? He had just worked for less than a year. How could he afford to buy her a ring that cost that much? Beads of sweat began to form on his forehead.

Was Alice crazy? It would be embarrassing to admit that he couldn't afford it.

When he didn't react to what Alice said, Dylan turned to him with indifference in his eyes. "It seems that you are well paid by the HY Entertainment."

A smile suddenly appeared on Adam's face. "Yes. That's right. I'm well paid by the HY Entertainment. Thanks to you, I've got the chance to showcase my talent."

The corner of Dylan's mouth rose. Then he clapped twice, as if he was signaling someone to enter the scene.

A few seconds later, Simon appeared with a waiter holding a POS machine. With a smile, Simon said, "Hello, Mr. Shen. I forgot to tell you, so allow me to inform you this. This is Mr. Lu's private cruiser. You should pay tips every time you get on it."

Tips? Confused, Alice and Adam looked at Dylan. Even Cassie was surprised too.

"What tip?" A while ago, they were talking about a ring that cost ten million, and now they were talking about giving tips!

"You don't know what a tip is? I can tell that you are inexperienced."

"The management of the subsidiary company doesn't even know this."

Someone whispered, "The initial cost of our CEO's private cruiser was four hundred million pounds. As soon as it debuted, it replaced the Eclipse as the most expensive cruise ship in the world. However, the cruise ship's maintenance is even more expensive. To ensure that it operates well, they have to hire the best sailors in the world. And the source of these fees is the tip given by the people invited to the cruise ship."

Simon gave him a wry smile.

On the other hand, Adam's face darkened. He had always been a proud man. If he didn't give it in public, how could he bear with the shame? There were many people watching them.

This made Alice, who was tightly holding his arm, tremble in nervousness. In a low voice, she said, "Just give it. It's just a tip anyway."

As Cassie watched how Dylan was handling this matter for her, she couldn't help but admire him.

Oh! True enough, he was really good at handling people. First, he used Adam's vanity. Then he asked for tips.

A proud man like him wouldn't be able to stand being humiliated. If he didn't give Dylan a tip later, he would definitely be embarrassed.

There was a flash of joy and complacency in Cassie's eyes. She looked at Adam and said, "Mr. Shen, you seem to love your girlfriend so much. Compared to the ten million you're going to spend on the ring, isn't the tip just a drop in the bucket?"

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