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   Chapter 19 What Kind Of A Dirty Old Man Did You Hook Up With

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Cassie glanced at Dylan, her brows rising in mild disbelief. She knew he was a capable man, but she had no idea that he was this good at handling his businesses. She studied him closely, suddenly remembering the different times she'd seen his name on the news before.

It was no secret that Dylan was one of the wealthiest men in the world. He was the richest man alive in Asia.

Even the tabloids loved to feature his life and his remarkable success in the industry,

but Cassie had no idea just how wealthy he truly was until now. Hearing about it on the news and seeing it in person were two different things after all, and she'd admit she made the mistake of underestimating his financial resources.

This year's annual meeting of HY Entertainment was being held on his private cruise, and it was no doubt the most extravagant place she'd ever been in her whole life. Cassie marveled at the grandeur in front of her, unable to mask the awe on her face. In fact, she even heard people talking about the various activities they were hosting when the ship arrived in S City.

Alice and Adam didn't deserve to go to the party, that much was for certain, but Dylan made sure to invite them, perhaps because he wanted to avenge Cassie. He even invited all the employees working for the subsidiaries of HY Entertainment.

Because of the sudden invitation, everyone thought he was going to announce his official relationship. He was in such a good mood and wanted to let his employees enjoy the night and have some fun. But there was a catch: everyone would be allowed to board the cruiser, but they must sign a confidentiality agreement first. No one knew what it was for, but they complied anyway. Everyone was too excited at the thought of getting on the lavish cruiser.

When Cassie arrived, Dylan immediately introduced her to Clare Jiang, the makeup artist he arranged for her. In the cruise suite, Cassie's eyes wandered around, taking in the exquisite decorations on the walls. The walls were pristine white, aglow with the golden light of the chandeliers. Cassie then sat in front of the dresser, her thumbs anxiously fiddling with each other. Her nerves were on fire because she was not used to receiving this kind of luxurious treatment, but Clare Jiang managed to calm her down by giving her a reassuring smile. "Mrs. Lu, your skin is so good."

Cassie responded with a smile, grateful for her praise. It helped alleviate the anxiety pressing down on her chest somehow. "Thank you."

Ever since she was a young girl, she was blessed with a slim and slender body, and no matter how much she ate, her weight would remain the same. On top of that, she was also born with a fair and radiant complexion that would give celebrities a good run for their money. Even Alice couldn't deny that.

After Clare Jiang applied a light foundation on her face, she combed her hair and curled it at the ends. Then she finished the style by pinning a diamond butterfly on the side of her head.

The hairstyle left Cassie's slender neck exposed, giving her a soft but sexy image. She wasn't used to seeing herself like this. Cassie rose to her feet, unable to take her eyes away from her reflection.

"What do you think?" Claire Jiang asked her, a proud smile playing on her face.

Cassie couldn't find the words to answer her. She was too stunned at how expensive and beautiful she looked at the moment. Her breath caught in her throat as her gaze raked over the glamorous dress she was wearing. This design was the latest style of Eden's 2019 early spring collection. Most girls would die just to get a chance to wear it. In fact, it was so expensive that she was sure that people might not be able to buy it even when they were rich.

Even from afar, it was evident that the pink dress was elaborately and carefully sewn by hand. The gown was long and fell around her feet, hugging the curves of her body perfectly. The neckline was exposed just enough to accentuate her delicate collarbones. But what caught her interest the most was the design of the shoulder gauze because it gave a more elegant look to the over-all style. In addition to that, there were also sparkling handmade flowers carefully stitched on the bodice, adding a layer of innocence to the otherwise sexy gown.

When Dylan saw her for the first time wearing that dress, his breathing almost stopped. She was dazzling, the most dazzling out of all the women present that night. The lip gloss dabbed lightly on her lips took his attention, and he was filled with the desire to grab her and kiss her.

But all of that vanished when she turned from him completely and he saw how much of her skin was exposed to everyone else. His face visibly darkened in displeasure.

The back of the dress was a little low for his liking, leaving little to the imagination, and the curve of her back was accentuated even further by the uneven lace waistline.

Dylan cursed inwardly. 'Damn it! Who the fuck chose this dress for her?' Dylan then walked toward Clare Jiang.

"Give her a shawl! Now!" he ordered, not even bothering to hide the frustration in his voice.

Cassie looked at him confusedly, "What? What for? I'm not feeling cold."

Dylan narrowed his eyes at her, silencing her protest. "Just do as I say!"

Sensing his building irritation, Clare Jiang immediately brought a beige shawl for Cassie. In a nervous voice, she said, "Here, please put it on, Mrs. Lu. He's right. It's windy outside and you might catch a cold."

Cassie frowned at Dylan, annoyed at his sudden behavior. "What's wrong with you?"

She didn't want to wear the shawl at all. Putting it on would ruin the over-all style of the million-dollar dress, but she was left with little choice when Dylan gave her a sharp look again. Defeated, she lowered her head and covered her shoulders with it.

She schooled her features to hide the frown forming on her face. In truth, she didn't like how Dylan was acting like he could order her around. If it weren't for her father's condition, she would never have listened to him. But she needed to, if she wanted to stay in his good graces.

Tamping down the frustration in her chest, Cassie walked to the door to get some fresh air. If she so much as stayed in the same room with him for one more minute, she was afraid she'd suffocate to death.

When Dylan saw her about to take her leave, he asked, "Where do you think you're going?"

Cassie clenched her hands into fists, closed her eyes, and angrily blew a breath to stop herself from snapping. "I need some fresh air, okay? This place is suffocating me."

Hearing that, Dylan relaxed and nodded. "Alright. But stay close and don't wander too far."

Cassie rolled her eyes at his domineering attitude. "I know, I know!"

Eager to put some distance between them, she hurriedly went outside and closed the door with a soft click. The cool air immediately hit her, brushing against her face.

Cassie approached the deck slowly, her high heels click-clacking with every graceful step she took. The closer she got to the deck, the colder it became. Cassie shivered as the wind blew over her skin, leaving goose bumps across her arms.

Cassie cursed mentally, pulling the shawl tighter around her shoulders. She didn't know why Dylan forced her to wear the shawl at first, but now that she was outside, she hated to admit that she was glad she followed him. It really was biting cold outside, but the shawl made it more bearable for her.

Cassie looked down on the waves crashing against the ship and laughed at herself when she remembered the iconi

c scene from Titanic when Jack saved Rose. She wanted to reenact the 'You jump, I jump' scene, but she had no one to play it with. Plus, it was growing even colder. Staying for another minute would no doubt leave her with a cold the next morning.

With that in mind, Cassie went to the hall to get some food to eat.

The people there were all wealthy and intimidating, and Cassie didn't feel comfortable being among them.

She was different from other women in that regard. Whereas there were women who'd do anything to climb the social ladder and join the world of the elite through whatever means, Cassie was content in living her humble life. Determined not to catch any attention, Cassie went to the buffet table. When she reached the long tables and saw the array of the delectable food laid out on the surface, her mouth went ajar. She'd never seen this much food in all her life!

"Oh, Adam, darling. Why are you so kind to me?" A familiar voice reached her ears, immediately pulling her attention.

Cassie froze, recognizing the high-pitched voice. When she turned around to the source, her heart began to race.

'Damn it!' she mentally cursed. It was Alice, who she tried to avoid all night long. She was holding her phone in one hand, trying to take photos.

Cassie's stomach dipped in discomfort.

She continued to put food on her plate, but Alice suddenly looked at her.

The look on her face mirrored her thoughts. No doubt she was wondering why Cassie was in the party. Alice regarded her viciously, eyeing her from head to toe like she couldn't believe what Cassie was wearing.

She crossed her arms and furrowed her brows, trying to figure out how someone like Cassie could come to a party as extravagant as this. Not one to let others walk all over her, Cassie tipped her chin up and gave her an equally cold smile.

Alice frowned, completely put off by her mocking behavior. "Adam, can you hold this for a sec?" Alice told him, handing her phone to him.

Adam seemed confused, but he nodded nevertheless.

Cassie didn't want to stay there for another second and made a turn to leave, but Alice walked closer, stopping her in her tracks.

"Hey, old friend. I didn't expect to see you here. How are you doing lately? And why were you ignoring me all this time?"

The tone in Alice's voice meant trouble. Cassie blew a frustrated sigh.

All night long, she wanted to avoid trouble, but here she was, walking right into one.

Maybe she should find a fortune-teller and ask why she was so unlucky. Why did it seem like she was only meeting misfortune all throughout the year? Cassie closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself.

She reassured herself that it didn't matter. She could deal with this.

Besides, what could Alice do now anyway? There were a lot of wealthy people in the cruise at the moment, and she was sure that Alice was not dim-witted enough to make a scene here.

Cassie tilted her head, raising her brows at the term she used. "Friend? Since when are we friends?"

Alice flashed a smug smirk. "So what are you doing here, huh? What kind of a disgusting dirty old man did you hook up with to end up in this party?"

After all, not everyone was allowed to attend the annual meeting of HY Entertainment. This was an exclusive party meant for only the high figures in society. As a full-time author, there was no way that Cassie could afford to come here all by herself. There must be something else at play here. Alice was so sure that Cassie sold her body to someone just so she could have a brief taste of what it would feel like to live in the world of the elite.

But Alice was different from her. Unlike the disgusting whore, she was able to attend the meeting because she was the official girlfriend of Adam.

Cassie bristled at her thinly-veiled insult. She knew what Alice was trying to say.

She remembered Dylan and how far from a dirty old man he was and almost laughed derisively. ‘If Dylan is a dirty old man, then Adam is a scum for being the subordinate of this disgusting dirty old man.'

Cassie lifted her champagne glass and took a sip of the wine. The wine left a stain on her plump lips, making its cherry shade even more attractive under the golden light of the hall.

Cassie decided to humor Alice to rile her up. "Oh, yes. In fact, look at me. Everything I'm wearing right now was prepared by him. Don't they look glamorous?"

After saying that, she deliberately raised her right hand in Alice's view. The For You on her fourth finger looked even more dazzling and vibrant in the light. When it caught light, it glittered and shone like the expensive ring that it was.

At first, Alice meant to humiliate her, but when she saw how Cassie was taking everything in stride, she couldn't help but feel irritated. She wanted to wipe that blasted smirk off her face!

With the diamond ring in her plain view, Alice felt even more jealous and irritated. Despite Adam's status in life, she'd never experienced wearing that kind of ring before. More than ever, she was certain that Cassie really did sell her body in exchange for an extravagant life.

Unwilling to lose the war of nerves, Alice scoffed and waved a hand in the air. "Now, now. It's just a ring. There's no need to show off. As a friend, let me tell you something. There are things that one should never do in exchange for money. One, don't let yourself be fooled by any man. Second, don't let yourself become a home wrecker. No matter how much you want to get a better life, you really shouldn't stoop down like that. It's disgusting, don't you think? You're settling down as the other woman just for what? A ring?"

'The other woman?'

Did Alice just imply that she had an affair with a married man? That she was a lowly woman like that?

Cassie fought down the anger rising in her chest and forced a charming smile on her face. "I think between the two of us, this word describes you better, doesn't it?"

When she saw the anger flashing across Alice's face, Cassie added, "Also, I remember you saying that you liked my lipsticks before. You see, I don't like them anymore, so I don't mind just giving them to you. After all, they are worthless, just like that man you hooked up with behind my back. How does it feel to hook up with a man I don't want? You even have the nerve to show off in front of me..."

Cassie let out mocking laugh, enjoying the humiliation on Alice's face. "Don't you find that ridiculous at all?"

Hearing her words, Alice's face heated up in embarrassment.

She glowered at Cassie and clenched her fists, but she wasn't able to come up with a sharp come back. Her nostrils flared with every breath. To make it worse, Cassie was enjoying seeing the defeat on her face. Furious, Alice wanted to grab her hair and rub her face on the floor, but she was fighting herself as she didn't want to humiliate herself any further by engaging in dumb catfights.

Meanwhile, Adam finally turned around to look for Alice and saw Cassie beside her.

Adam was a little stunned at how gorgeous she looked. The pink dress and the exquisite makeup highlighted all her good features, making her stand out like a bedazzling jewel in the hall. Every other woman just paled in comparison to her that night. Even her every move looked graceful and elegant. He didn't realize it, but Adam unconsciously held his breath, blown away by her beauty. Before he knew what he was doing, he was already walking toward her. In a soft voice, he greeted her, "Cassie, wow, it's been a long time. I didn't think I'd see you here."

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