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   Chapter 19 Which Dissolute Man Did You Hook Up With Again

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Cassie looked at Dylan in disbelief. 'What the fuck. The capitalist is really good at business.'


Everyone in Asia knew that Dylan was rich.

However, she still underestimated the financial resources of the capitalist.

This year's annual meeting of Huayu was held on the private cruise of the capitalist. It was said that there were various activities and lottery when they arrive in S city.

Perhaps he wanted to take revenge on Alice and Adam. They were not qualified to enjoy such a good thing, but the capitalist waved his hand. He even brought all the employees of subsidiary of Huayu in the H city.

Everyone thought it was because of the rumor that the CEO might announce their relationship. When he was in a good mood, he took everyone with him. But before they got on the cruiser, they were ordered to sign a confidentiality agreement. Although they didn't understand why Dylan did that, they compromised at the thought of getting on the cruiser.

A makeup artist was arranged for Cassie by Dylan. The cruise suite was luxuriously and elegantly decorated. Cassie sat in front of the dresser, Clare Jiang praised, "Your skin is so good."

Cassie smiled and said politely, "Thank you."

She had a physique that girls admired since she was a child, that was, she couldn't get fat no matter how much she ate! And she was white and beautiful. Alice once said that Cassie was always the one who surpass others.

Clare Jiang combed her hair and put on the butterfly ring with beads and flowers. Her hair was a little curly at her temples.

Her slender neck was exposed. She stood up with her dress in her hand.

"What do you think?"

The dress she was wearing was the latest style of Eden's 2019 early spring collection. People might not be able to buy it even they are rich.

The handmade jade pink dress fell to the ground. The off shoulder neckline exposed her delicate collarbone, and the camisole and tassel bowknot were decorated on her white shoulder. The design of the shoulder gauze made the whole dress more advanced and immortal. The three-dimensional handmade flowers were well decorated on the dress.

Dylan raised his head and looked at Cassie. She was as dazzling as an angel who had entered the mortal world. The noticeable lip gloss shone brightly on her.

The moment she turned around, Dylan's face darkened.

The back of the dress was a little low, and the curve of her back was outlined by the uneven lace waistline.

'Damn it! Who chose this dress for her? !'

He told Clare Jiang, "Give her a shawl."

Cassie looked at him confusedly, "I'm not cold. There is air conditioner!"

Dylan glanced at her with sharp eyes, "Put it on as I told you!"

Clare Jiang had brought her a Beige shawl. She said awkwardly, "Mrs. Cassie, please put it on. It's windy outside..."

Cassie looked at him angrily, "You!"

As Dylan glance at her again, she lowered her head and pressed her lips to put on the shawl.

If it weren't for her father's illness, she wouldn't have listened to the capitalist!

She walked to the door and was about to go out for a breath. If she stayed in the same room with him, she would be either suffocated to death or angry to death.

"Where are you going?", Dylan asked.

Cassie said impatiently, "I'll take a deep breath!"

Hearing that, Dylan let her go and said, "Don't run around in case that we can't find you later."

"I know, I know!"

She closed the door with a click.

Wearing high-heeled shoes, Cassie swayed to the deck. Then she shivered.

Damn it! Although she couldn't understand why he asked her to put on a shawl, it was really cold outside.

At first, Cassie wanted to learn the classical scene "You jump, I jump" from the movie "Titanic". Unfortunately, there was no hero who could play with her, and it was still cold outside.

She had to go back to the hall to look for food.


Cassie was different from ot

her women who were eager to get exposure because of gossip. Looking at the various kinds of food on the long table, she just wanted to turn into a squirrel and silently shuttled through the crowd to find delicious food.

"Adam, you are so kind to me..."

All of a sudden, Cassie froze in the air and turned around mechanically.

Damn it! Sure enough, enemies are destined to meet. Alice, who was sitting diagonally opposite to her, dragged Adam to take photos.

She felt sick.

When she was about to pick up food, Alice suddenly looked at her.

Why is she here?!

Confused, Alice looked at her with viciousness in her eyes. Cassie glanced at her with disdain and smiled.

The mocking smile made Alice completely uncomfortable. Was she showing off?!

"Adam, wait for a moment," said Alice, handing the phone to Adam.

Adam nodded. Cassie was about to leave with the plate.

"Hey, old friend. What's up? Why did you ignore me?"

A familiar female voice suddenly sounded behind her.

She didn't ask for trouble, but she got herself into trouble.

Cassie thought she should find a fortune teller to calculate her fortune. Why was she so unlucky at the end of this year?!

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

It doesn't matter. She can deal with it according to the actual situation. Could Alice do anything like a shrew in public?

Cassie turned around and showed a decent smile. "Friend? I don't remember we are."

Alice smiled indifferently and ridiculed her, "What's wrong? Which dissolute man did you hook up with again?"

Not everyone was allowed to attend the annual meeting of Huayu. As a full-time author, how could Cassie have the opportunity to attend it? Cassie had no choice but to hook up with a dissolute man and beg him to take her here.

But Alice was different. She attended the meeting as Adam's girlfriend.

A dissolute man?

Cassie sneered in her heart, 'If Dylan is a dissolute man, then Adam is just a subordinate of a dissolute man who is even worse.'

She picked up the glass and took a sip of the wine. With the wine on her lips, her cherry lips looked more attractive.

With a smile, Cassie said, "Yes. Look, these are all prepared for me by him."

After saying that, she deliberately raised her hand. The For You on her fourth finger of her right hand was even more dazzling in the light.

At first, Alice wanted to satirize her, but when she saw Cassie's indifferent face, she was inexplicably irritable.

The original colorless diamond of the For You had a high purity of color.

Seeing this, Alice was jealous. Unwilling to give up, she smiled and said, "It's just a ring. No need to show off. Let me kindly remind you that in this world, good and evil people mixed up. Don't be fooled by others and don't even know that you become the other woman."

The other woman?

Cassie sneered in her heart.

With a charming smile at the corners of her mouth, Cassie struck back Alice, "I think this word best describes you, isn't it?"

Then she stared at Alice and said, "It doesn't matter that you liked my lipsticks before. Anyway, I didn't use them. I can give them to you as long as I want. They were worthless. But you hook up with the man I don't want secretly, and you even want to show off in front of me..."

She dragged on her voice and stared at Alice with burning eyes.

Cassie suddenly burst into laughter and said the second half of the sentence. A trace of firmness flashed through her eyes. "Don't you think it's too ridiculous?"

Hearing her words, Alice felt embarrassed. Her face darkened. She clenched her fists.

Adam stood still and suddenly saw Cassie when he looked at Alice.

Cassie was wearing a jade pink dress with exquisite makeup today. Every move was noble and elegant. Adam was a little stunned. Unconsciously, he walked to the side of Cassie and said in a gentle tone, "Cassie, it's been a long time."

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