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   Chapter 18 No One Can Bully You Since I Am Here

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Cassie looked at him, speechless.

The shop manager said, "250, 000, 000 dollars."

Cassie looked at the shop manager in horror, "250, 000, 000 dollars? !"

Although she could guess that the ring was worth a lot, but 250, 000, 000 was too frightening.!

The manager was surprised to see Cassie's reaction. She thought to herself, 'Does this lady think it's too cheap?'

She was really a fuss.

Dylan curled his lips and looked at Cassie. He took her hand away and handed the black card to the shop manager. "Pay the bill," he said calmly.

Cassie look at Dylan in astonishment.

What the fuck! What a wastrel! How could he spend so much money even he is rich! ! A ring cost 250, 000, 000 dollars! ! If grandma knew it, who knows whether she would blame him for being frugal or her for being greedy. He bought such an expensive diamond ring.

Dylan told the manager, "Ask the designer of J&K come to West Mountain Linyu tomorrow. I have something to tell him."

The shop manager nodded and said, "Okay, I got it."

Dylan turned around and saw the fuss and embarrassment on Cassie's face. He grabbed Cassie and said, "Let's go. What are you thinking about?"

In the car, Cassie was browsing the forum. Suddenly, a post with pictures appeared, with the title of UC attention-grabbing style.

"Unbelievable! The Appearance of Cassie, The Famous Online Goddess, Was Exposed?! 】

Host: Is this the so-called beautiful Goddess? Oh my god, she is just like a 200 pounds fat woman. She has no other advantages except the size of X. Mung bean eyes, Pie face. How could the commissioning editor make up such a story?

Love Won Mosan: Why can't you just shut up? Everyone is the same after turn off the light. Do whatever you like.

Green Juice: With all due respect, how many network novel writers are good-looking? Just read the book. Was it interesting to attack the girl's appearance? How much hatred do you have to continuously post things to defame her? Mind you own business.

The host replied to Green Juice, "Yo, there's a licking dog of Cassie? How much did she give you to defend for her?

Beauty Ji replied to Green Juice "Did we say something bad to you? Why are you in such a hurry to defend for her? You will have a bad ending.

Except for the ID called Green Juice stand out to refute those people, the rest were mostly personal attacks on her appearance. Or sarcasm

In fact, Cassie was not ugly at all. The picture in the post had been altered. She was a pretty girl from childhood. Even her neighbors said that she looked like a movie star.

Besides, she was a one of the most beautiful women in the University.

Although what they said was not true, how much hatred would it be for them to make up rumors one after another?! Girls liked to be beautiful. Everyone wanted to be praised by others?

Cassie's face darkened and she called Dylan, "Honey."

She looked at the posts and took out her phone to take screenshots of them one by one. In the future, if they refused to admit it, these are the evidence. She could smash them into pieces with these screenshots.

Honey? When did she become so obedient? Didn't she always call him capitalist before?

"What's wrong?", Dylan liked the way she called him, and he asked with a frown.

She handed the phone to him. Dylan glanced at the post and knew what it was probably about.

He turned off the phone. He patted her head and said, "I'm here. No one can bully you."

Cassie curled her lips. For a moment

, she felt warm in her heart, perhaps because the air conditioner was on in the car.

He couldn't help frowning when he saw Cassie was unhappy.

Dylan sighed and took out a black card from his bag and gave it to Cassie.? ? What was he doing? Cassie looked at him strangely.

"Girls like shopping to vent their anger, aren't you? If you are unhappy, just buy whatever you like until you are happy." Said Dylan.

Emmm, this was supposed to be useful for other girls, but after all, Cassie was different. She thought for a while and said, "No, I want to play games! ! I want to eat desserts."

…… Her way of venting was really different.

Dylan put away his card and said helplessly, "Let's go to the dessert shop."

The driver started the car and drove to the dessert shop, Cassie was sitting beside the car window. She ordered Macarons, milk tea and a doughnut. She took a sip of the milk tea. Seeing her eating, Dylan couldn't help smiling.

Cassie raised her head and met his eyes. For a moment, she felt a little embarrassed and asked, "What are you smiling at?"

Dylan's face was as cold as ice again. He cleared his throat and said, "You were wrong."

Cassie chuckled, took a bite of the Macarons and said, "You acted different from what you said."

"…… What did you say? "

Cassie shook her head and continued to eat.

Simon walked into the dessert shop. He said to Dylan, "Mr. Dylan, I've found it out."

As soon as Cassie took a sip of her milk tea, she was choked by the speed of Simon's work. She said, "So soon?"

Simon nodded and said, "The rumor was spread by Mrs. Cassie's former best friend, Alice and her ex boyfriend, Adam. Alice is working in one of our subsidiaries, and Adam has just taken over the management of one of our subsidiaries."

Dylan put down the coffee cup and crossed his legs as usual. Tapping the armrest of the chair with his fingers, he said slowly, "New year is coming. The company is going to hold the annual meeting again."

Simon came to his senses at once. He smiled meaningfully and said, "Yes, the annual meeting is coming."

After a quick thought, an idea popped up in Cassie's' mind.

She asked Dylan, "Honey, are you going to avenge for me?"

Honey? She was very satisfied with the way she addressed him.

Looking up at her, Dylan said seriously, "How can my girl be bullied so easily?"

There was a hint of joy in his tone.

Cassie looked up and met his serious black eyes. Simon said, "The post has been blocked in time, and the contract for acquiring the website has been almost drawn up."

Frowning, Cassie asked, "What contract for acquiring?"

Simon explained with a smile, "It's the website where Mrs. Cassie usually surf on, Mr. Dylan is talking about the acquisition of it."

As soon as she took a sip of milk tea, she was choked by Simon's words, followed by a violent cough.

Taking a glance at her, Dylan helped her smooth her back and said, "You are even different at eating."

Damn it! She wanted to make money on her own. What he did indirectly made her an employee of him.! Which means, she would be exploited by Dylan!

No, she would never be exploited by the capitalist! !

Cassie said with emotion, "Why do you have to acquire the website? !"

He said calmly, "What do you think? I bought your website just because the domestic IP market is very popular now. I want to find a few TV series that are suitable for adaptation, so that we can save publicity costs and have our own topics."

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