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   Chapter 18 No One Can Bully You Since I Am Here

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Cassie looked at Dylan.

"It's two hundred and fifty million dollars."

Cassie's eyes widened in horror. "Two hundred and fifty million dollars?" Unbelievable!

Although she could guess that the ring was worth a lot, two hundred and fifty million dollars was still too frightening to hear! Never in her life would she spend so much on a mere ring!

The manager was surprised to see Cassie's reaction. 'Does this lady think it's too cheap?

If that's the case, then she's hard to please.'

Without thinking twice, Dylan gave his black card to the shop manager and took Cassies's hand. "Pay the bill."

To hear that the ring cost a fortune was astonishing enough, but to hear that he was actually going to pay for it made her jaw drop.

'What the fuck?' What a wastrel! How could he spend so much money? Yes, he was rich. But... A ring that cost two hundred and fifty million dollars? It was too impractical! If his grandma found out about it, who knew whether she would blame him for being too generous or her for being greedy. The diamond ring he bought was just too expensive.

Ignoring the refusal in her eyes, Dylan turned to the shop manager. "Ask the designer of JK to come to LY Villa District tomorrow. I have something to tell him."

The shop manager nodded obediently. "Okay, I got it."

When Dylan looked at Cassie again and saw the scowl on her face, he raised his eyebrows. "What are you thinking about? Let's go."

While in the car, Cassie got bored, so she browsed through the forum on her phone. Everything was okay until pictures suddenly appeared with an attention-grabbing title,

"Unbelievable! The face of the Internet novelist, Cassie, has been revealed! This is far different from what we've expected. Am I right?"

The post added, "Is this really the so-called beautiful Goddess? Oh my god, she is just like a two hundred pounds fat woman. She has no other advantages except the size of her breasts. Bean eyes, pie face. How could the executive editor like such a woman?"

Mosan Loves Winning commented, "Why couldn't he? Everyone is the same after the light is turned off."

Green Juice said, "With all due respect, how many network novel writers are good-looking? Just read the novels. Is it really interesting to attack the girl's appearance? How much hatred do you have to continuously post things to defame her? Mind you own business."

The host of the post replied to Green Juice, "Yo, Cassie has a loyal fan here. How much did she give you to defend her name?"

Beauty Flow added, "Did they say something bad to you? Why are you defending her? You will have a bad ending."

Only Green Juice's comments stood out for refuting these people. The rest of what she had read were mostly personal attacks on her appearance, and some were sarcastic remarks.

In fact, Cassie was not ugly at all. The pictures in the post had been altered. Since she was a child, she had been showered with compliments because she was pretty. Even her neighbors said that she looked like a movie star.

Moreover, she was one of the most beautiful women in her university.

Although what they said was not true, how much did these people hate her for them to make up rumors one after another? What did she even do to them? Girls liked to be beautiful, and everyone wanted to be praised by others.

After reading all comments, Cassie's face darkened. "Hubby."

As she called Dylan, she took a screenshot of every comment she had read, and made sure she didn't miss anything. These screenshots would serve as her evidence if they denied it in the future. She could smash them into pieces with these screenshots.

Hubby? When did she become so obedient? Didn't she always call him capitalist before?

"What's wrong?" Dylan liked the way she called him, but he hid it with a frown.

Without saying a word, Cassie handed the phone to him. It only took one glance for Dylan to figure out what was wrong.

The next second, he had already turned off the phone. Then he patted h

er head and said, "I'm here. No one can bully you."

The words he said sent a warm feeling to Cassie's heart. She just thought that maybe it was because the air-conditioner was turned on.

On the other hand, Dylan couldn't stop himself from frowning as he saw Cassie upset.

With a sigh, he took out his black card and offered it to her.

However, Cassie's brows furrowed. Her eyes fell on the card he was holding. What was he doing? Cassie looked at him strangely.

"Girls like shopping to vent their anger, don't you? If you are upset, just buy whatever you like until you are happy." The way Dylan said these words was like he never cared about money.

This was supposed to be useful for other girls, but not for her. After all, Cassie was different. "No, I want to play games!" After a short pause, she added, "I want to eat desserts."

For a moment, Dylan fell silent. Even her way of venting out was different.

In the end, Dylan put away his card helplessly. "Let's go to the dessert shop then."

On their way to the dessert shop, Cassie stared out of the car window, thinking about the post she just saw. When they arrived at the dessert shop, she ordered some doughnuts and macaroons. Then she partnered them with her favorite milk tea. Dylan couldn't help but smile as he watched her eat. Cassie sensed this while she was taking a sip of her milk tea.

So Cassie raised her head, only to be greeted by his eyes. Embarrassed, Cassie asked, "What are you smiling at?"

In an instant, Dylan's face was as cold as ice again. He cleared his throat and replied, "You're wrong."

Cassie chuckled and took a bite on her macaroon. "You acted different from what you said."

"Huh? What did you say?"

Shaking her head, Cassie just continued eating.

At this moment, Simon went to their table. "Mr. Lu, I've found it out."

As soon as Cassie heard this, she choked on her milk tea. "So soon?"

With a nod, Simon answered, "The rumor was spread by your former best friend, Alice and your ex-boyfriend, Adam. Alice is working in one of our subsidiaries, and Adam has just taken over the management of one of our subsidiaries."

Listening to what Simon had said, Dylan put down the coffee cup and crossed his legs, like what he usually did when he was thinking. Tapping the armrest with his fingers, he said, "The Spring Festival is coming. The company is going to hold the annual meeting again."

It was all that Dylan said, but Simon immediately got what he meant. "Yes, the annual meeting is coming."

After thinking for a while, Cassie realized something.

"Hubby, are you going to avenge for me?"

Hubby? Sure enough, Dylan was very satisfied with the way she addressed him.

"How can I let my girl be bullied just like that?"

Although his eyes were serious, there was a hint of joy in his voice.

Cassie looked up and met his gaze. "The post has been blocked in time, and the contract for acquiring the website has been drawn up."

What Simon said made Cassie frown. "Contract for acquiring what?"

A proud smile appeared on Simon's face when he turned to Cassie. "It's the website that you work for."

For the second time around, Cassie choked on the milk tea she was drinking when she heard his answer. But this time, she coughed violently.

Dylan gently patted her back. "You are even different from others at eating."

Damn it! She wanted to make money on her own. What he did wasn't impressive at all! It indirectly made her an employee of him. How could she be happy? It only meant she would be exploited by Dylan!

No, she would never be exploited by this capitalist! No way!

"Why do you have to acquire the website? Do you really need to do that?"

Despite the obvious annoyance in her tone, Dylan remained calm. "What do you think? I want to buy your website because it is very popular now. I want to find a few stories there to shoot TV dramas. Since the stories are already popular, we don't need to spend much time and money publicizing them."

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