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   Chapter 17 Wedding Ring

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Now it was the director's turn to be speechless. In a jittery manner, he said, "Well... This is an accident. We will look for another actress immediately. I apologize and assure you, Mr. Lu, that this will never happen again on the filming set."

With a smile, Cassie said to Dylan, "It's all right. Lose your anger. It's not the director's fault. This is not easy on him either."

Director Bai looked at Cassie gratefully and then thought of Barbara. The CEO's wife was more generous than her by a thousand mile!

Cassie's words soothed him and Dylan's previously raised eyebrows smoothened. He shot a warning finger at Director Bai. "Don't let this happen again."

The director nodded incessantly. "I promise it won't."

Keeping a straight face, Dylan took Cassie's hand. They left the filming site and went towards the car. Cassie looked at him excitedly and threw him a compliment. "You have no idea how handsome you looked just now!"

Before she could finish, Dylan took off his coat and threw it over her legs. His poker face returned.

She stared at him confusedly and waited for an explanation.

With a low growl, he let out his annoyance. "Who said you were allowed to wear such clothes outside?"

His question took her off balance.

She considered taking back the compliment she just gave him. What was wrong with the man? She looked down at her dress and frowned. "What's wrong with my clothes? Are they not decent enough for you?"

He shot her a stern look to let her know he found her tone offensive. Instead of starting a heated argument, he cleared his throat and looked out of the window. "You may catch a cold by wearing such a short dress. You'll get everyone worked up trying to take care of you."

After a while, he added a warning. "Don't wear such a short dress again."

Cassie's eye twitched in protest. 'What's wrong with him? The knee-length dress is not short and he knows it. Is this about something else?'

It was then that she remembered to ask him the necessary questions. "Why are you here? Also, now that Owen has mistakenly told everyone my identity, what do you plan to do?"

A calm shadow rested on Dylan. "Before I told him about it, I knew that he would tell others."

Cassie turned sharply to ascertain that she heard him right. A huge frown appeared on her face. "Wait... Are you saying you did it on purpose?"

She got the picture quickly.

Dylan raised his eyebrows and smirked. He was pleased with her smartness. "You are not so stupid after all."

If Dylan himself had released the news, people would have doubted it. Owen was the best person to release such news and have people accept it as credible.

After all, his brother had called her sister-in-law in the public. Doubting the authenticity of the matter would mean just deliberately making a fuss.

Cassie sighed dejectedly. 'How cunning he is! He even set up his brother.'

Dylan motioned to the driver. "Let's go."

"Where are we going?"

"To buy a wedding ring," came his sharp answer.

The car soon came to a stop. They were in front of the building of a shopping mall. The mall was usually teeming with people during the weekends but strangely, it was nearly empty when they arrived. The place was so quiet and serene that it was easy to think there was no customer inside.

Cassie was confused. "Did you make every customer leave the mall?"

"Yes," Dylan answered, his ego as obvious as the sun.

His tone was very light. Clearing out people from an entire mall was obviously not a big deal to him.

The ways of the high and mighty! So much pride! Cassie shook her head. She should have known.

Shopping with the richest man in Asia was going to be a very different experience from what was common.

Dylan got out of the car and walked into the JK Jewelry store, holding Cassie's hand. JK Jewelry was a giant in the world's jewelry market. It was the world-famous diamond ring brand. They sold high-end, luxurious, and exquisite jewelry to extremely wealthy people.

Warm, welcoming neon lights bathed the store and made the arrays of jewelry mouthwatering and irresistible.

Cassie was shaken to see all of those precious stones in their glory and glow.

The manager received Dylan respectfully and curtsied with a professional smile. "Hello, Mr. Lu. Are you here to pick up the ring Mr. Ye has prepared for you?"

Mr. Ye that the manager mentioned was Thomas Ye. He was the CEO of JK Jewelry. Dylan and Thomas Ye had known each other since they were in college. They had a good private relationship. Thomas Ye had started from scratch and worked hard for many years before he found his place in the business world.

"Yes," replied Dylan.

The shop manager appeared stunned to he

ar his answer. She opened her mouth slightly and looked at Cassie in unhidden surprise.

'Oh my God! Are the rumors true? Is this for real? Mr. Lu is getting married? Wow!'

Unable to stand her surprised countenance for long, Dylan spoke up. "Why don't you go get the ring?"

The woman snapped back to her senses immediately. She quickly smiled and said, "I'll be right back, sir."

Cassie sat on the sofa nervously. The shop manager made a cup of tea and handed it to her. "Miss, please have some tea."

"Thank you."

The manager quickly brought the ring out of the safe box as Dylan asked.

"Come here," Dylan called.

Cassie walked over obediently.

The moment the manager opened the velvet box that housed the ring, the diamond shone brilliantly in the incandescent light. The ring was made in the shape of a crown, and in its center was a pink diamond that had the shape of a water drop. It was also inlaid with 105 broken diamonds.

Cassie was breathless for a moment. It was beautiful. It reflected the lights in a breathtaking fashion and its beauty was nearly blinding.

Dylan picked up the ring and looked at it carefully. It was perfect in purity, luster, and cut. The carat number was the same as her birthday, 10.20. It was such a classic gesture.

At once, he pulled Cassie's right hand and put the ring on her ring finger.

He wore it on her rather violently and she let out an unsatisfied sizzle.

"Can you do it more carefully? You're hurting me."

He frowned at her with his sharp eyes. That was when Cassie remembered that there were still a few other people in the store.

Damn it! Would she expose her lie by talking to him like that? She recoiled gently. If the people got to find out the truth, would Dylan turn against her and refuse to give her the fifty million dollars? That would be terrible!

Dylan looked at her softly, "I'm sorry. I was rough, forgive me. Did I hurt you?"

She observed him keenly as he put up a kind face.

He was such a fox. And a good one at that! It was a pity that Dylan wasn't an actor. He had such a handsome face. Beyond that, his countenance could be happy one minute and appear angry in another. He was so good at it! He had put the ring on her finger so roughly a few seconds ago, but now he had switched to talking to her with gentleness and grace.

The manager stayed right there, taking it all in. She admired the tone of Dylan's voice and saw how affectionately Cassie stared at her husband-to-be. She nearly dropped to her knees in ecstasy as she watched them.

She couldn't believe that this was the same Dylan who was often cold to other people. People often discussed how tough he was at work and that he could scold dozens of employees enough to make them cry all week. No one could imagine that he had such a gentle side. He must truly love this lady!

When Cassie saw Dylan's soft eyes, she realized that she had been a bit too loud.

She quickly smiled and said, "Please, forget it. My tone was not right. By the way, what's the history of this magnificent ring?"

Cassie tried to change the topic so that she wouldn't look so embarrassed.

The shop manager took the initiative. "This ring is called For You. It is 10. 20 carats heavy. There are 105 sections in total. The designer has the top-level skills. Every diamond ring he has designed is unique and outstanding, the best you can get. For You was made by the famous Chaumet from Paris. Chaumet used to customize the crowns for the royal family. The main diamond of For You was cut from the Cullinan, which is the biggest diamond in the world. It was found in the Premier diamond deposit in South Africa on January 21, 1905. The special qualities of purity and transparency adorn it and the color is a pleasant light blue. It suits your temperament and identity very well."

For You was in the private collection of Thomas Ye. Since Dylan maintained a good relationship with Thomas Ye, he had known that the diamond was in Thomas's possession.

Four years earlier, Thomas had bought it at an auction for 520,000,000 dollars. He had planned to keep it for his viewing pleasure. However, Dylan was getting married and he asked Thomas to sell the ring to him just the previous day. So he had to give it up.

Although Cassie didn't know much about jewelries, she had to watch all kinds of documentaries to be able to handle her manuscript. She had heard about the Cullian.

It was said that it was 3106 carats. Later, a part of it was used to make the scepter for the king of the UK and another part of it was used to make the crown of Louis-Stanislas-Xavier.

Dylan was about to take out the black card but Cassie stopped him. "How much is it?" she asked the shop manager.

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