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   Chapter 15 Don't Touch Me

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Owen wore a white shirt inside a thick black down jacket, which made Cassie smile appreciatively. "Your outfit really suits you."

Slightly embarrassed with her compliment, Owen scratched his head and smirked. Despite the weather, the crew still went on with filming today, so Owen had to wear the clothes needed for the scene although it was cold.

"Did you at least bring a heating bag with you?"

With a smile, Owen nodded. "Yes, my agent has one prepared for me."

Hearing this, Cassie felt relieved.

All of a sudden, she thought of taking a photo with him, so she took out her phone and looked at him with pleading eyes. "Can I get a photo with you?"

"No you can't. It is strictly prohibited to take photos of the filming crew. Besides, who are you anyway? How dare you sneak in to the set? Are you some crazy fan?! You shouldn't be here."

It was Owen's agent who interrupted their conversation.

Flustered, Owen straightened his back and tried to explain. "No, no. This is my..."

"Your what?" The way Edward Gao raised his brow showed how impatient he was while waiting for his answer.

Afraid that Owen would reveal their secret, Cassie exclaimed in a hurry, "Assistant! Right, I'm the new logistics assistant."

"Yes, that's it."

For a split second, Edward stared at them and nodded. Then he reached out his hand in front of Cassie. "Give me your phone."

It was an important rule among the crew that taking photos was not allowed in the film set because the photos might leak before the show was released, and Cassie was well aware of this.

So she didn't think twice about handing her phone to Edward and compliantly said, "Here."

Raising his eyebrows, Edward carefully sifted through the photos on her phone. Only after he was sure that there were no photos taken in the set was he relieved.

"Owen, get ready to run lines," the director called out for Owen.

As soon as Owen heard this, he turned to Cassie and smiled. "Hey, I have to go. Enjoy yourself here."

To assure him that she was okay alone, Cassie waved her hand in front of her. "Okay, okay. Go on with your work."

"Hey, new girl. Come here and help me sort out some things. Yes, you. The girl in pink dress." Owen had just left when Cassie heard a charming voice of a woman came from behind her.

When she turned around to see who it was, Cassie thought the woman was awfully familiar.

Then, it finally dawned on her. The woman in front of her was Barbara Jiang, a B-list actress. This woman had always had an average popularity. There were a lot of gossips being said about her, including bad ones.

Even so, Cassie was not intimidated by her. She looked at Barbara with confused eyes and asked, "What do you want me to do?"

There was an obvious arrogance in Barbara's eyes when she threw a quick glance at her. While she was browsing through her phone, Cassie had the chance to observe the elegant makeup on her face, her clothes, and the way she crossed her legs. "You, go buy me a cup of coffee. No sugar, no ice and low fat milk. I want it hot. Make sure you got that all right."

Buy her a cup of coffee? What she said made Cassie frown. She wasn't her assistant. So, why should she do such a thing for her?

With a polite smile on Cassie's face, she said, "Miss, I'm not your personal assistant. I am not obliged to help you with your errands."

Surprised with her reply, Barbara looked up at Cassie with sharp, piercing eyes. So now, she couldn't even get someone to do her a favor? Was that the case?! How dare this woman embarrass her?

"Barbara, the shooting is about to start."

Forcing a smile, Barbara stood up and said, "I'm coming."

Before she turned around, she left Cassie with a deadly glare. "Such a bad tempered woman," Cassie mumbled with a scornful look on her face.

When the shooting began, Cassie leaned over to the director's monitor to watch from the screen.

There was a camera facing the U shaped track. The screen turned back from the top view and circled around Barbara and Owen, who were both standing in the center of the square stage. Owen looked at Barbara with a smile. The next second, the screen froze.

For Cassie, it seemed like Owen had some special kind of magic. It was because whenever and wherever he stood, he could definitely attract everyone's attention. He really was a dazzling man.

"Cut!" The director clapped in satisfaction.

As polite as he was, Owen bowed down to the crew. "Thank you, everyone. Thank you for your hard work during this time. Let me treat all of you with some Starbucks."

As if on cue, an assistant came out with a heat insulated box in his arms.

Everyone went towards him excitedly to get themselves some coffee.

The lighting engineer smiled at Owen and said, "Thank you."

Shaking his head, Owen let out a soft chuckle. "Well, I know it's not easy to work through such difficult weather."

Staring at the humble smile on his face, Cassie realized why he was popular. How could he not be loved by many when a celebrity like him approached the film crew with a polite consideration and warmth as if they were friends? She couldn't think of anyone who wouldn't like this kind of idol.

Compared to his brother, Owen was like an angel!

Wait a minute... Why would she even think

about that annoying capitalist at a moment like this?! Trying to erase the thought, Cassie shook her head.

"Cassie, there you are!" Owen's voice suddenly brought Cassie back to her senses.

So, Cassie turned around and saw him walking towards her with a cup of milk tea in his hand. "I've specially asked my assistant to get you milk tea. I was worried that you aren't fond of coffee."

Needless to say, Cassie was touched with what he said, so she smiled. "Thank you."

After talking for a few minutes, Owen excused himself to go to the bathroom.

"Who the hell touched my storage card?"

While she was drinking the delicious milk tea Owen gave her, the director's furious voice came from behind her.

In a hurry, the assistant director walked towards him and asked, "What's wrong?" "What's wrong?"

The director dropped his body down on the chair and anxiously added, "All the shots we just took are gone!"

After announcing this, a loud uproar was heard amongst everyone in the filming crew.

The staff began to discuss what happened with each other.

All the scenes that were shot today were very important. It was even the highlight of the whole show. It had taken way too much manpower and material resources just to achieve those shots.

Now that they had been deleted... Everyone felt helpless! This meant that all their efforts this whole period of time had only gone in vain!

While everyone was busy discussing about the problem, Barbara's prying eyes fell on Cassie who was confused about what was going on. It looked as if she was watching an incredibly entertaining show.

After taking another sip of coffee, she began fanning the flames. "Director, don't be angry. The most important thing is that we find out who did this. For now, our problem is only the deleted scenes, but in the future, the crew's confidential information might be leaked to the public! We have to prevent that from happening!"

The director looked amongst the staff and scowled, "Who did it?!" Obviously, he was affected by the words Barbara had said.

Everyone looked at each other in confusion and started to whisper again.

After glancing around, Barbara spoke in a sharp voice, "Most of us went to get the coffee that Owen had prepared. Therefore, the person who didn't leave her place is the most suspicious one."

Upon hearing what Barbara said, Cassie sneered. It turned out that she was just coming for her! Was she doing this because she didn't get the coffee for her?

No matter how Barbara implied that she was the culprit, Cassie remained calm. She folded her arms fearlessly and stared back at her. "Old woman, what do you mean by that? Do you have any proof for what you're saying?"

In an instant, Barbara's jaw dropped after hearing what she had said. 'Old woman? What did she just say? I'm only twenty-eight years old! How dare she call me old woman? This woman is really something!'

Nonetheless, she managed to calm herself down. With raised eyebrows, she sneered. "I wasn't pertaining to anyone, was I? But it seems like someone's in a hurry to take the blame."

The director interrupted Barbara and shouted, "Shut up, all of you!"

Noticing the unfamiliar voice, he looked up at Cassie. Only then did he notice Cassie's presence and he furiously asked, "Who is this person? Don't you know the rules around here? Who said you could touch the director's belongings? No one is allowed to do that except me! If anything happens to this show, can you take the responsibility?! Answer me!"

After being unreasonably scolded, it was only natural that Cassie felt wronged. However, she held back her temper and calmly replied, "It's true that I came here to visit, but I didn't touch any of your things. I'm sure there are security cameras around here. Why don't you check them first before pinning the blame on someone?"

As soon as she finished her words, Barbara said, "Visiting? From what I remember, journalists aren't allowed to visit today. Am I right? Assistant Director Bai, when did this ever become a place that anyone can visit at their will?"

Confused, the assistant director smiled apologetically at her. "Barbara, I don't understand... What do you mean?"

"This woman deleted the director's shots. This means all the work we've done had only been in vain. What do you think I mean?"

Even though Barbara had been recommended by an investor of the show, everyone knew she was difficult to deal with during production. No one could dare provoke her or have control over her except the director.

So, she glanced at Cassie and asked the assistant director, "So, do you know her?"

The assistant director looked at Cassie, but he had also never seen her before. Finally, he understood what Barbara meant. "I see. I'll take care of this right away."

It wasn't a secret to Cassie that the entertainment circle had always been a mess, but she didn't expect that it would be to this extent. A B-list actress could even make an assistant director agree and bow down to her every whim. If she had told them that she was married to Dylan, would the assistant director have knelt down to lick her feet?

Before she could even speak, a security guard came to her. "Don't touch me. I have my own two legs to walk myself. I don't need your help."

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