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   Chapter 14 Visiting The Film Set

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Cassie took a step forward mechanically, Dylan said impatiently, "I don't want to repeat it a second time."

Gritting her teeth, Cassie summoned up courage and turned around. "Okay, okay! But you are not allowed to touch me. Let alone cross the boundary!"

As Cassie spoke, she began to search for something that could block Dylan away in the room.

She had an idea! With a smile, Cassie put the pillow on the bed, rested her hands on her hips and said to Dylan, "You are not allowed to cross the boundary tonight, or I will..."

Before Cassie could finish her words, Dylan interrupted her, "I'm not interested in your flat chest."? ?! 'Who was flat chest?' Cassie argued, "Humph! You are. You..."

Cassie's face turned red. After enduring a long time, she gritted her teeth and swallowed the two words she wanted to say.

Well, she was not afraid of Dylan. But she knew clearly that if she said those words, she couldn't sleep tonight.

What's more, thinking that she could visit Owen tomorrow, her unhappiness dispelled instantly.

Dylan had already fallen asleep. Cassie was sleepy at first, but now she was so angry that she didn't feel sleepy anymore.

She sat on the bed and played games angrily. Although Dylan made her angry, Cassie still put on her headphones and tried not to disturb him.

However, even if she gave in, it didn't mean that she could live in peace with Dylan.

As soon as the game was over, Dylan turned around and saw the color of her phone screen. He said in a low voice, "It's ten o'clock. Go sleep."

Cassie said in a rage, "Humph! What if I don't? !"

Without saying a word, Dylan sat up and the silk quilt slipped down. Cassie looked at him vigilantly, "What are you going to do? !"

Dylan wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her cheek.

Cassie felt that her whole body was soft and numb now. Her eyes became gentle and she was a little stunned.

What was this?! Take a slap and then give her a sugar?!

Dylan's lips had left her cheeks. Maybe because of the heating in the room, when Cassie looked up at his eyes, she actually blush.

Expressionless, Dylan looked at Cassie and said, "Sleep. Otherwise, I will inform the technical department to maintain the server."! ! Again.

After taking a deep breath, Cassie thought for a while and decided not to be angry. Anger would make her old and ugly.

She had to endure it for her beautiful little face!

She smiled and said, "Okay, honey. I'm going to sleep now. "

Satisfied with the way Cassie addressed him, Dylan pulled the quilt for her and said, "Good girl."

Cassie stretched out her hand to turn off the lamp, but was stopped by Dylan. "Don't turn off the lamp."

…… But she couldn't fall asleep if the lamp turns on! Was this man too troublesome? If he was not so handsome, he would have been beaten to death ten thousand times by her.

Overbearing and willful! !

Cassie pursed her lips and said, "I can't fall asleep with the light."

"Then learn to get used to it. There are still a lot of things you need to get used to in the future." Although Dylan said it lightly, his attitude was tough.

Cassie went crazy. It was just the first night, but the weird problem of Dylan had been exposed. She was afraid that she would have a hard time in the future.

"Ahhh! Let's change the side to sleep. What on earth do you want? You don't allow me to sleep in another room. You don't allow me to play game. You even don't allow me to turn off the lam. Why do you control everything I do?! I'm twenty-two years old. I'm an adult, not a child."

She was so angry that she spoke out all her thoughts

in one breath. She thought it would be a rebuttal from Dylan, but... It was quiet and weird.

It was so quiet that only the steady and slightly heavy breath of Dylan came to her ear.

"Fell into sleep so fast. Was he really tired?"

Cassie stared at his face and murmured. The light shone on his delicate face. The warm atmosphere softened his sharp facial features.

Dylan had fallen into sleep. Since no one quarreled with her, she had no place to vent her anger. She lay on the bed in despair.

On the second day, she woke up from the cold. Because Dylan had taken away the quilt. When she woke up, Dylan had already gone to work.

When Cheryl arrived, it was half past eight in the morning. She smiled politely and said to Cassie, "Good morning, Mrs. Cassie. You have schedule to visit the crew today. I have got sample drawings of the dress that Mr. Dylan asked me to customize for you yesterday. You can see if you like it or not. If you don't like it, I will find another one for you."

She handed the computer to Cassie, in which there were samples of dress in various styles. She nodded casually and said, "Thank you."

As a matter of fact, Cassie seldom went out because of her occupation. She could stay at home for a day with only a pajama. The numbers of times she went out in a year could be count clearly by fingers. So she didn't know much about evening dresses, but she often watched various shows online.

Cheryl said, "You're welcome, Mrs. Cassie. This is what I should do."

Before Cassie got up, she sat on the bed, looked at Cheryl and said, "Well... You can also call me Cassie like Carter does."

She was only twenty-two years old this year, and she felt she was too young to be call "Mrs. Cassie". Cassie felt that she was more than 10 years older being called so.

"Okay, I will," said Cheryl with a smile.

She clapped her hands and someone pushed two bars of clothes shelf in. The servant bowed after entering the door and said, "Hello, Mrs. Cassie."

The two racks of clothes shelf were lined up. Cheryl waved her hand, and then the servants all went out.

Cassie was so shocked that her jaw almost dropped. Wasn't this the scene that only appeared in TV series?

Sit on the bed and wait for breakfast. Go shopping with husband's card. Plenty of clothes in the cloakroom at home which is enough for opening a clothing shop.

She pointed at the two racks of clothes and asked, "I need to pick one from these the clothes to wear today?"

Nodding her head, Cheryl smiled awkwardly and said, "Of course, if you don't like the style of these clothes, I can ask someone to change them immediately."

Cassie shook her head like a rattle drum and said, "No, no. that's it"

As she spoke, she picked a girlish dress. Of course, in order not to catch cold, Cheryl put a thick shawl on her shoulders.

After changing her clothes, Cassie casually put on a lipstick and went out.

The driver sent her to the filming site. As soon as Cassie got off the car, she wrapped her shawl tightly. The cold wind in the late winter morning made people shiver.

Owen was shooting a modern idol play called "You Know What I Mean" recently. He had just finished a shooting and saw Cassie.

The film-set director was instructing the staffs. Everyone was busy with their own things, so no one cared about Cassie.

"Sister..." Owen was so happy to see Cassie that he almost called out the word "Sister-in-law".

Cassie quickly reacted, glanced at the people around the film set, and then raised his index finger in front of her lips to remind him.

Owen smiled shyly and said, "Cassie..."

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