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   Chapter 13 One in a Ten Thousand

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Owen was also surprised and asked Cassie, "Sister-in-law, what post?

Pearl said, "Someone is defaming your sister-in-law on the forum."

Owen said angrily, "What? Who dares to defame my sister-in-law !"

Taking a bite of the food, Cassie said indifferently, "I was very angry at the beginning, but when I saw you being so angry, I felt that it was not worth it to be so. What they said was not the truth. They were jealous that I earned more money than them. If I had time to be in war of words with them, I might focus on my writing instead and slap them hard in the face with my performance. Besides, they are not important to me. "

Hearing this, Pearl only felt that her granddaughter-in-law was generous and gentle. She liked Cassie more and more.

Dylan look to Cassie, "But I said I would protect you well. At any time."

The moment Cassie raised her head, she saw Dylan's gentle eyes. She didn't know if she had misheard. She could tell from his tone that he was serious.

Pearl took a sip of milk and said angrily, "My granddaughter-in-law is generous and doesn't care about those people, but I'm not that easy-going."

Dylan had made a plan himself, he nodded and said, "I'll handle it. Don't worry, grandma."

Pearl nodded. She didn't worry about Dylan's ability.

It was already nine o'clock after dinner. Dylan and Cassie still had to go back to the West Mountain Linyu.

Pearl was a little sleepy, so she went upstairs to sleep. Owen sent the two people to the door. He smiled and said to Cassie, "Don't forget to visit me tomorrow, sister-in-law."

With an expectant smile, Cassie said, "Don't worry. I will!"

Dylan said, "Well, don't bother. It was so late and cold. You can go back."

Owen nodded and walked into the room.


A faint meow came from nearby. When Cassie was about to get on the car, she heard the meow and stopped, "Wait, there seems to be a cat."

Frowning, Dylan said, "There's no cat. Did you get it wrong?"

Cassie shook her head stubbornly. She got out of the car and looked around. Finally, she fixed her eyes on the bonnet of the car. She said to the driver, "Open the bonnet. It seems to be here."

The driver got out of the car and opened the bonnet as Cassie suggested. There were indeed two little kittens inside. Looking at the two bunches of cute white fluffy kittens, Cassie's heart was melted. She took the two kittens out with a smile and said to Dylan happily, "Look! I told you."

She smiled sweetly. Because of the cold weather, clouds of white mist came out of her mouth.

Dylan looking at Cassie in the dim light. Cassie asked for his opinion, "Can I take these two kittens home?"

Afraid that Dylan would refuse, Cassie said seriously, "I promise they won't take up any space! Anyway, you have so many servants in your home. Foods for kittens won't be a burden for you."

Frowning, Dylan asked, "What kind of place do you think our home is?"

Cassie said coquettishly, "It's cold in winter. It's pitiful that no one takes care of the kittens outside!"

Dylan took a glance at Cassie, seeing that Cassie was keeping winking at him.




Dylan compromised, he rubbed his forehead and said, "... I won't do it again."

Hearing his words, Cassie said excitedly, "Thank you!"

Dylan tried to arm around her waist, "Get in the car. It's cold outside."

Cassie raised the two kittens vigilantly to frighten him, and he subconsciously drew back his neck. He frowned.

Cassie broke into laughter.

She put her hand in her pocket and then remembered that Pearl gave her a red packet when she was in the room just now. It seems to be very thick.

She handed the red packet to Dylan and said, "Here you are."

Frowning, Dylan looked at her and said, "Keep it yourself. Since grandma gave it to you, it's yours. You don't have to give it to me."

Cassie put away the red packet. Anyway, she could use something else to make it up in the future.

She opened the red packet and counted the money.

Cassie thought she was wrong. It was not until she counted three times that she was sure that she was right. There were ten thousand and one dollars in the red packet.

She murmured, "Ten thousand and one dollars?"

Looking at her silly look, Dylan explained, "It means you are the one in a ten thousand."! It was not until Cassie patted her head that she realized what it meant.

"I almost forgot what it meant!"

Cassie blushed and put away the money. The package of the red packet is not simple. This is a co-branded red packet with the Imperial Palace that Cassie wanted to buy for a long time.

Cassie had no grandma, but she could feel that Pearl seemed to like her very much.

What made her happiest was not the affirmation of Pearl, but her idol Owen!

Thinking of this, Cassie giggled.


Dylan looked at Cassie in disgust.

It took a long time to return to the West Mountain Linyu. Cassie handed the two kittens to Carter and asked, "Carter, is there anyone who has taken care of the kittens at home?"

Carter was surprised to see the two kittens in the arms of Cassie. He looked at the expression on Dylan's face and knew that he had acquiesced to raise them.

He hurriedly said, "Yes, there is. Give them to me. You and Mr. Dylan have been tired all day. Go to bed early."

Dylan went straight upstairs, and Cassie handed the cat to Carter. She stretched herself and said, "I'm so sleepy..."

Servant had prepared pajamas for Cassie. When she saw the bathroom furnishings, her face darkened.

Damn it! Is Dylan so rich? Everything in the bathroom was made of gold?! Why did he humiliate her in this way?

The hot water drove away the tiredness and coldness of the whole day. As she walked out of the bathroom, Dylan went inside.

With her legs crossed, Cassie played on her phone and opened the forum to continue eating gossip.

WTF?! 404, page not found?!

Really? The action were taken so fast.

After Dylan taking a shower, Cassie asked, "Did you ask someone to block the post?"

"Yes," said Dylan.

Cassie curled her mouth and mumbled, "It's not funny."

Women were so weird. She was so happy even when others scolded and defamed her.

Dylan shook his head and went to bed in a white fluffy robe. The moment he lifted the quilt, a gust of cold wind blew in. Cassie held the quilt tightly and said vigilantly, "I'm going to sleep in the guest room!"

She lifted the quilt and was about to run away when she heard the voice of Dylan behind her, "We sleep in separate rooms on the first night of our marriage. What do you want to tell Carter and Nancy?"

Of course, Cassie knew what he meant, but even so, she couldn't sleep with him! ! ! What if Dylan, the big bad wolf, harass her? How could a weak woman without any strength fight again him?!

'I am so helpless. What should I do? On the first day of marriage, my husband forced me to have sex. Wait for suggestions. Urgent!'

"Come back." There was an irresistible order in Dylan's cold voice.

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