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   Chapter 13 One In A Ten Thousand

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Owen was also taken aback and he asked, "Cassie, what's going on?"

"Someone is writing insulting things about Cassie in the forum," said Pearl.

Owen gritted his teeth angrily. "What? Who would dare to do such a thing to my sister-in-law?"

As Cassie took another bite of her food, she casually said, "I admit that when I first saw it, I was a little upset. But after seeing your reactions, I realized that this isn't really something that's worth getting riled up about. First of all, what they're saying about me isn't even true. They're only jealous because I'm earning more money than the most of them. I don't have the patience to argue with them. I'd rather focus on my work and let the quality of my work slap them in the face. Besides, those people aren't important to me. Their opinions really make no difference to me."

Needless to say, Pearl was incredibly impressed to see how selfless and mature her granddaughter-in-law really was. Pearl didn't think she could like Cassie more than she already did.

Dylan looked into Cassie's eyes with sincerity and said, "But, I told you that I'm going to protect you. No matter what."

When Cassie raised her head and met with Dylan's gentle eyes, she could tell from his tone that he was being serious.

Pearl took a sip from her glass of milk and sneered, "I'm glad to know that my granddaughter-in-law is sympathetic enough to forgive the people that try to bring harm to her. I, on the other hand, will not take that kind of treatment of my family from anyone."

Suddenly, Dylan assured Pearl, "Don't worry, Grandma. I'll handle it." An idea had just popped into his mind out of nowhere.

Dylan's words put Pearl's mind at ease, as she wholeheartedly believed in his abilities.

By the time everyone had finished their dinner, it was nine o'clock. Dylan and Cassie still had to go back to the LY Villa District.

It was time for Pearl to go to bed as she started to feel sleepy after dinner. Once she had gone upstairs to her bedroom, Owen saw the newlyweds to the door. He smiled at Cassie and said, "Don't forget to visit me on the set tomorrow!"

Cassie smiled at him excitedly and said, "Don't worry. I'll make sure to be there!"

Dylan looked at Owen and said, "Well. It's already late and it's cold outside. You should head back."

After bidding them farewell, Owen nodded and walked back into the house.


Suddenly, Cassie heard the sound of a cat calling out from nearby. She was just about to enter the car when she stopped midway and said, "Wait, there's a cat here somewhere. Did you hear that?"

With a frown on Dylan's face, he said, "What are you talking about? There's no cat anywhere. Are you hearing things now?"

Cassie, stubborn as ever, shook her head and refused to get in the car until she had found what she was looking for. She knocked on the driver's window and said, "Can you open the hood. The sound seems to be coming from in there."

The driver then immediately got out of the car and opened the hood as Cassie had suggested. Lo and behold, there were two little kittens hiding inside. As Cassie looked at the two fluffy white kittens, she felt her heart soften. She carried the two kittens out with a smile on her face. Completely ecstatic, she looked at Dylan and said, "Look! I told you!"

The purity of her smile heightened the aura of her innocence. The air was so cold that her teeth chattered as she spoke.

Dylan watched Cassie as the street lamp cast a dim light on her face. Then with a childlike pout, she said, "Can I take these kittens home?"

Worried that Dylan would only refuse, she then said sternly, "I promise to make sure that they don't make a mess! Besides, you have so many servants at home. You're not going to be burdened about having to take care of the kittens."

Baffled, Dylan replied, "What kind of a place do you think our home is?"

Blinking her eyes imploringly at him, she said, "It's winter and these kittens will freeze to death if no one takes them in!"

Dylan glanced at Cassie and saw how she was looking at him.




He finally compromised, as he rubbed his temples with his fingers and said,

"Fine, but only this once."

Upon hearing his approval, Cassie jumped with excitement. "Thank you!"

Dylan tried to wrap his arms around her waist and said, "All right, get in the car now. You're going to catch a cold."

Cassie proudly raised the two kittens to his face playfully, hoping to scare him and he responded by doing exactly what she wanted. As the frown

on his face deepened, Cassie broke into hysterical laughter.

When she put her hand in her pocket, she suddenly remembered the red envelope Pearl had given to her earlier.

The envelope felt very thick.

"Here, this is yours," she said, handing the red envelop to Dylan.

With a single glance, Dylan shook his head from side to side and said, "Keep it. Since Grandma gave it to you, it's yours. You don't have to give it back to me."

As such, Cassie looked at the red envelope pensively. Besides, she could just find a way to repay them in the future.

She slowly opened the envelope and counted the money inside.

At first, Cassie thought that she might have counted it wrong, so she counted it twice more after just to make sure that she wasn't making a mistake. There was exactly ten thousand and one dollars inside the envelope.

"Ten thousand and one dollars?" Her eyes widened and her mouth was agape.

Looking at her silly puzzled face, Dylan explained, "It means that you're one in ten thousand

!" She gently slapped herself on the forehead for not figuring it out sooner.

"Ah, of course! I almost forgot what that meant,"

said Cassie, cheeks blushing red as she put the money away. The red envelope also wasn't as simple as it seemed. It was something that Cassie wanted to have for a long time.

Cassie had never met her grandma, but she was pleased to know that Pearl was very fond of her.

However, what really made her happy was not only Pearl's affirmation, but having met her idol, Owen.

With this thought in mind, Cassie giggled to herself.

Dylan didn't say anything in response,

but he cast her an annoyed glare with furrowed eyebrows.

It took them a while before they finally arrived at their home in the LY Villa District. As soon as Cassie got out of the car, she handed the two kittens to Carter and said, "Is there anyone here who can help me take care of these kittens?"

Needless to say, Carter was surprised to find two kittens in Cassie's arms. The first thing he did was look at Dylan, but the lack of expression on his face and his silence told Carter that he must have yielded to Cassie's request.

He briskly reached over to Cassie and said, "Yes, of course. Let me take them for now. I'm sure you and Mr. Dylan have had a long day. You should get some rest first."

Cassie noticed Dylan going up the stairs, so she handed the kittens over to Carter and went after him. Stretching her hands into the air, Cassie yawned. "I am so sleepy..."

The servants had already prepared Cassie's nightgowns. When she saw the interior of the bathroom, her jaw dropped to the floor.

Damn! How rich could Dylan be? Everything inside the bathroom seemed to be made of gold ! Was this his way of humiliating her?

The hot shower was able to wane down her exhaustion from the long, cold day.

When she finally got out of the bathroom, Dylan went inside.

As Cassie sat down with her legs crossed, she scrolled through her phone and thought about checking the forum for more updated gossips involving her.

Whoa ! 404, page not found? How?

Really? They took it down very fast.

After Dylan got out of the shower, Cassie went over to him and said, "Did you have someone delete it?"

"Yes," said Dylan.

Cassie pouted her lips and mumbled, "That's not funny."

Why was she so strange? Cassie actually enjoyed seeing other people slandering and making up lies about her.

Dylan shook his head in stupefaction and went to bed in his white fluffy robe without saying anything. The moment he lifted the quilt, a gust of cold wind blew in from the window. Cassie held tightly onto the quilt with determination and said, "I'm sleeping in the guest room!"

She snatched the quilt and was about to make her getaway when Dylan's stern voice stopped her from behind. "You want to sleep in another room on the first night of our marriage? How are you going to explain that to Carter and Nancy?"

Cassie understood what he was trying to say, but she just couldn't stand the thought of sleeping next to him . Dylan was capable of being quite demanding. What if he tried to do something at night? How could a weak woman like herself find the strength to fight him off, if it ever came to that ?

Cassie felt extremely helpless, but what else could she do? 'What am I going to do? My husband is forcing me to sleep in the same bed as him on the first day of our marriage. Waiting for suggestions. Urgent!'

"Come back here right now." There was always something irresistible in Dylan's cold voice.

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