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   Chapter 12 She Was Defamed

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Cassie felt uncomfortable at the thought of Dylan forcefully kissing her in the car earlier. However, she didn't have many choices at the time being.

She smiled sheepishly and said, "Dylan has been very good to me."

She emphasized the word 'very'.

Pearl smiled, seemingly relieved, and said, "That's good to know. I want you to come to me if he tries to bully you. I will set him straight for you."

Owen spoke up in an aggrieved tone, "Brother! How could you hide this from us? I can't believe you didn't tell me or Grandpa until after you got married. I'm not happy about this!"

Dylan was washing his hands. Glancing at Owen, he said, "Tell you? If it had accidentally slipped out of your mouth, then the whole entertainment circle would have been talking about it now. Do you think I'm crazy?"

Dylan had a very strong point. Owen was a simple-minded man who wasn't very skilled in keeping secrets. Telling him about their marriage would have been the same thing as yelling it out in public to let the whole entertainment industry know.

Owen curled his lips petulantly and said, "You're such a bore."

Shaking his head, he walked to the living room and sat next to Cassie as he peeled an orange for her. However, Cassie couldn't seem to sit still around Owen. Her voice fluttered as she awkwardly waved her hand and said, "No, thanks."

She looked at Owen in admiration and continued, "Um... Could I get an autograph ?"

Dylan came over after a while and sat down on the sofa next to them. Following a moment of silence, he said, "Owen's been working on a new film right now. If you want, perhaps you can visit him on the set tomorrow?"

As soon as Dylan said that, Cassie developed a newfound appreciation and respect for him. "Really ?"

"Yeah! Anyway, you don't even do anything at home."

Cassie stared at him blankly. Sure enough! This man was completely incapable of saying something nice. In fact, she was as busy as the others.

Cassie looked at Dylan with confusion and argued, "I also have a job, you know?"

Although she wasn't earning as much as he was, she was not earning little either.

Pearl couldn't help but grin from one ear to the other as she watched the newlyweds bicker. She looked at Dylan and finally said, "Well, can't you make a compromise for Cassie?"

When Pearl spoke up for Cassie, she was so happy that she stuck her tongue out and blew a particularly loud raspberry in Dylan's direction, as if to say, 'Humph! Now I have someone to back me up!'

A sense of relief came over Pearl as she watched her family getting along with each other in harmony. "So when will you be announcing your marriage to the public?"

As of now, only the Lu family had knowledge of Dylan's marriage with Cassie. There were no news about their marriage in any public forums yet.

Dylan responded with sincerity, "I have been with Cassie for a long time now, but we've decided to keep it a secret all this time for many reasons. I'm afraid that if the news of our marriage gets exposed to the media, the rumors that will come from it would only hurt Cassie."

Cassie watched silently as Dylan spoke and she couldn't help but sigh to herself. 'Sure enough, he is a good liar.' He didn't even bat an eye while lying in front of so many people. Cassie, on the other hand, had been so nervous that she couldn't even dare look into Pearl's eyes for too long.

The whole time Dylan spoke, he caressed Cassie's hand affectionately, perhaps for added effects.

The cold touch of his skin gave her shivers, but she did well to put up an act as well. Cassie also looked at him, feigning affection as she smiled gently.

Pearl spent a big part of her life involved in the business industry for many years. As such, Dylan's explanation sounded quite reasonable to her. "Well, if you think that this will be good for the both of you, I won't refute," Pearl said, nodding her assent emphatically.

Shortly after, Alisa came over and said, "Madame, the food is ready. It's time for dinner."

"Okay, let's go have dinner," Dylan said to everyone.

"You boys go ahead. I have something I want to talk to Cassie about," Pearl said decisively.

Cassie was a little taken aback and she glanced at Dylan before she asked, "What's wrong, Grandma?"

Pearl pulled the drawer, taking out a red envelope and smiled at Cassie, who

couldn't help but watch her in astonishment. "Take this. This is the gift money from me." Pearl kept smiling as she handed the envelope to Cassie.

Cassie felt so ashamed at first instance that she wanted to refuse. After all, it was bad enough that they were lying to Pearl about their marriage, but now if Cassie were to accept that money, she wouldn't be able to deal with the guilt that would come with it.

Without much deliberation, Pearl was able to catch Cassie's hesitation and a hint of her desire to refuse the gift.

However, Pearl pretended to be upset and said, "You shouldn't refuse this. It's a part of our tradition. If you don't take it, I'm going to be very disappointed."

Cassie soon realized that she had no choice but to accept Pearl's gift, even if she didn't feel good about it. "All right. Thank you very much, Grandma."

All of a sudden, Pearl took out her phone and said, "What's your WeChat ID?"

Cassie's face displayed an astonished droop as she didn't think that Pearl would also be using WeChat. The look of disbelief on Cassie's face forced a giggle out of Pearl, who then asked, "Why, what's wrong? You didn't think that I would be using WeChat?"

Cassie giggled and nodded at Pearl, who disapprovingly said, "Don't underestimate me. I even watch idol TV series that Owen is in."

Then, without hesitation, she added, "I just have to say that his acting skills need a little improvement."

It was only then that Cassie realized that Dylan and his grandma indeed belonged to the same family. After all, they shared the same kind of humor and even enjoyed jokingly making fun of each other.

Cassie leaned in closer to Pearl and whispered, "Grandma, let me tell you a secret."

Pearl raised an eyebrow, looking at her with sheer curiosity and asked, "What is it?"

Trying to hold back her laughter, Cassie said, "Actually... I'm a huge fan of Owen!"

Although Cassie tried to keep her voice down, Owen still overheard her. He rushed towards them with excitement and said, "Is that so ?"

Dylan cleared his throat, completely disgruntled and said, "It's time for dinner, Cassie. You talk too much."

Pearl immediately laughed at Dylan and said, "What's the matter? Cassie has already chosen to be married to you. Why are you still jealous of your brother?"

Cassie simply responded to Dylan by rolling her eyes at him. She followed it up by crossing her arms and sticking her tongue out at him.

After giving her WeChat ID to Pearl, Cassie once again had a look at the same forum that was trying to defame her.

It seemed as though there had been some updates.

Peace Light wrote, "Is it true that Cassie has big boobs?"

The moment Cassie saw that post, she burst into laughter. She wondered whether to take that comment as a praise or an insult.

Pearl leaned in closer with curiosity when she saw Cassie laughing at her phone screen. "What's so funny?"

Cassie frankly answered, "It's nothing. Just some gossip on the internet."

Pearl seemed to be discontented with her answer, so with a frown she sternly asked, "What gossip? Let me have a look."

Pearl took her phone and then put on her glasses before she slowly read the posts.

Dylan had already told Pearl about Cassie's occupation. In fact, at one time, Pearl even started to read Cassie's book in secret.

It was clear from Pearl's reaction that she was unhappy. Since she was very pleased with her granddaughter-in-law, Pearl was surprised to see that people would say such hurtful things about Cassie !

Pearl grabbed Cassie's hand and pulled her to the dining table. She sat down, still a little angry, and said to Dylan, "What are you going to do about this? After all, you're her husband !"

Dylan's face showed concern, but also confusion. "Why? What's wrong?"

Pearl handed the phone over to Dylan and said, "Look at it yourself!"

Cassie sat down quietly, feeling embarrassed by the situation she was in. Fortunately, Owen was kind enough to pick up some food for her. "Hey, Cassie! Try this!"

There was a generous variety of dishes on the table and Cassie thanked Owen for his kind gesture.

Dylan's face darkened as he went through the comments on the forum. He gave back the phone to Cassie and said, "Is this the thing you were reading earlier in the car? Why didn't you tell me about it earlier?"

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