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   Chapter 11 Meeting Grandma

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A message popped up before Cassie saw it.

Flora Su: Cassie. My God, you are finally online. Do you know that the forum is full of posts about you now. I can't even refute. My hands were sore all morning.

The person who sent her the message was called Flora Su. Both of them had known each other since they entered the entertainment circle. They walked side by side till today, and the content of their conversation had already involved real life. Their relationship was no worse than that between Cassie and Alice.

Cassie: What's wrong?

Then Flora Su sent her a link, and Cassie clicked in.

It's Said That You Don't Know Why You Are A Bastard?

The title was so jealous. I am afraid that the host is envious. It sounded so sour.

Taking a sip of milk, Cassie continued to click the mouse to see what they said about his so-called dirty things.

Host: I advise everyone not to work hard. What's the point of working hard? It's not as good as a new comer accompanying her editor for one night.

Ending: Please send me a private message.

Host: Two days ago, I heard from a friend of mine that the author of a large-scale literary website became famous overnight by her body.

Amber Faction: Oh? Let's find out whether it's a boy or a girl. The host gave me a hint. When I become a God, I'll take you to fly. If it's a girl, I'll fly to Thailand now.

Claris: Amber Faction, you are a gay.

Apricot flower: This area is very small. It's a large-scale literary website and a famous writer.

Moon: I almost guessed it.

Field: Cassie?!

Rabbit: I knew it. It's a hot book. It's not that simple. I heard that someone invited Cassie to the annual meeting of the website this year. How could a new one of such a large website be invited to the annual meeting. It must be a hidden rule!

Flora Su: Did you see it with your own eyes? It was so vivid. With this imagination and gossip, it was better to type words carefully!

Beautiful moon: I heard from one of my friends that she had seen Cassie on that day. She was good-looking. No wonder she was followed by the editor since she wrote the book.

Fish: Ah! After all, my parents didn't give me excellent genes. She can easily write a few words, which will cost a lot per month. But I don't know if I have enough money to buy spicy sticks after I write down one thousand words.

Looking at the message, Cassie burst into laughter. Why invite her, a new comer? She had earned forty million dollars from a book.

Why can't I go?

Cassie glanced at the following contents randomly. Just several key words. Some people said that she was a goddess packaged by website and had a godfather or something like that.

Cassie: I've read it. It's so funny. I don't even know where my godfather came from.

Flora Su: Are you angry?

Cassie quickly typed a line on the keyboard, "Why am I angry? It was a fake thing. Besides, anger affects my mood. In terms of the quality of the book, they were jealous. If they talked happily, would I get less for my payment?

Flora Su: That's good. I was afraid that you would be influenced by it.

Cassie: I'm fine. As an author, I still have professional ethics. Don't read the gossips in the circle and write more books. But thank you very much today. I'll send you some snacks when I'm free.

Flora Su: Okay, go ahead.

After finishing writing what she wanted to update today, Cassie turned on her phone and continued to find interesting things about her. There were also rumors in the post that she was a gay in women's wear.

Sitting in the car, Cassie saw the message and burst into laughter. Seeing that she had been staring at her phone since

she got on the car, Dylan was dissatisfied and said, "Turn off the phone."

With a smile, Cassie said, "No, wait for me to look at this."


Dylan frowned and looked at her.

Did women like gossips so much?

Dylan was a little impatient. "Have you memorized the details?"

Hearing this, Cassie's face changed slightly. Embarrassed, she turned off the phone and said, "No..."

Dylan cast a sharp glance at her. His eyes were filled with anger.

Does she always ignore his words?

Cassie looked up at him, pursed her lips and looked at Dylan pitifully. She pouted like a squirrel and said coquettishly, "It's my false! I'll see it now."

Dylan angrily took up the face of Cassie, and she kept waving her arms to break away from him. Her cheeks were soft and comfortable to touch.

With her eyes wide open, Cassie could feel his hot kiss. Cassie's face was crumpled by him, overbearing and aggressive.

Simon pulled down the partition board behind the Bentley.

It was really a simple parting. Simon sighed in his heart.

It took a while for Dylan to release her. His kiss made her blush and her heart beat faster. Cassie covered her chest with her hands and condemned, "You! !"

With an evil smile, Dylan said, "I kissed my wife."

Cassie was a glib talker, but now she was choked with anger. She looked out of the window, "You..."

Seeing her like this, Dylan couldn't help raising his mouth.

After driving for a while, they finally arrived at the destination. Simon reminded them.

"Mr. Dylan, Mrs. Dylan. Here we are."

The driver got off the car, and he trotted to open the car for Cassie. Cassie got off and walked into the house. It was getting dark, and the street lights in front of the door had already been on.

Dylan knocked on the door and Alisa Li opened it. When she saw the two people, Alisa Li smiled and said, "Madam, look! It's Mr. Dylan and Miss Cassie!"

Alisa Li fetched a pair of shoes for Cassie and said, "Miss Cassie, put them on. Don't you know that Madam was so happy this afternoon that she kept talking about it? "

In the afternoon, when Dylan called Pearl and told her that he was married, Alisa Li was very happy. Madam was getting old and eager to see Dylan get married.

Dylan wrapped his arms around Cassie's waist, which made Cassie feel awkward. She moved, glared at him and said in a low voice, "Where are you putting your hands? !"

As soon as she finished her words, a familiar figure came to her. Her mind went blank and she thought she was dreaming.

He was Owen, the man she had seen on TV for many times.

He had a sunny smile on his face. His short hair was dyed golden and he was wearing a white sweater.

Cassie's mouth was wide open because of surprise. She covered her mouth subconsciously and looked at Owen. She was too excited to say anything, "I Am I dreaming? !"

She looked her idol! How could she not be excited! Moreover, she became the sister-in-law of Owen!

Looking at Cassie, Owen smiled and reached out his hand, "Hello, sister-in-law! I'm Owen. I'm the younger brother of Dylan."

Seeing her silly look, Dylan said with disgust, "Don't make a fuss."

Hearing this, Pearl walked to the porch with the cat in her arms. At the first sight of Cassie, Pearl felt that she was particularly pleasing. She smiled at the and said, "You are Cassie."

"Yes." said Dylan, looking at Cassie.

Seeing Pearl, Cassie greeted politely, "Hello, grandma."

Pearl patted her hand and said, "Okay, okay."

Pearl took Cassie's hand and walked to the living room. She looked at Cassie with a smile and said, "Did Dylan give you a hard time?"

Well, hard time?

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