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   Chapter 11 Meeting Grandma

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Before Cassie could figure out anything, a message appeared on her screen.

"Cassie! Thank God, you're finally online! Do you know that the forum is all talking about you? I don't even have the strength to argue with them any longer. My fingers are already sore."

The person who sent her the message was her close friend, Flora Su. The two of them were fictional writers under the same editor and had known each other since they entered this industry. They even became good friends in real life.

Cassie answered, "What's going on?"

Flora sent her a link and Cassie clicked it, not knowing what to expect.

"I heard that you don't know why you're a loser?"

The title of the post was very offensive. It was crystal clear, without a doubt, that the person who posted it was very envious of someone. It reeked of bitterness and hatred.

As Cassie took another sip of her milk, she continued to scroll through the forum to see what other hurtful abuses were being said about her.

The post said, "I would advise everyone to stop working so hard. What's the point of working hard when it's not going to give you as much advantage as a newcomer who simply spends a night with her editor?"

A user named Ending replied, "Please tell us more."

The post continued, "Two days ago, I heard from a friend of mine that a writer from a large-scale literary website, whose name's first letter is C, earned her reputation by using her body to her advantage."

A user named Amber Faction replied, "Is that so? Which writer are you talking about?"

A user named Claris replied, "Tell us who it is?"

A user named Apricot Flower replied, "The hint is actually quite obvious. It's a large-scale literary website and a famous writer whose name's first letter is C."

A user named Moon replied, "I think I know who you're talking about!"

A user named Field replied, "It must be Cassie ."

Rabbit replied, "I knew it! Her book was such a hit. It's not supposed to be that easy. I even heard she was invited to the annual meeting of the literary website. How could a newcomer suddenly be invited to such an important annual meeting? There must be something fishy going on!"

Flora Su replied, "Did you actually see it with your own eyes? How could you make such accusations without evidence? Given how people like to imagine things and make up rumors, it would be wise to speak carefully about these matters. You could ruin someone's life like this."

Beautiful Moon replied, "One of my friends came across Cassie once. Apparently, she is very beautiful. No wonder her editor has paid great attention to her since she started writing."

Fish replied, "Alas, my parents weren't able to provide me with excellent genes. She can easily earn hundreds and thousands in a month just by writing a few words. On the other hand, I don't even think I'll have enough money to buy a pack of spicy sticks after writing down a thousand words."

When Cassie read the messages she burst into laughter, especially the part where they wondered why the website would invite a newcomer to such an important event. To be fair, Cassie did earn forty million dollars from a single book for the website.

Why wouldn't she be invited?

Cassie browsed through the rest of the contents casually, only picking up a few important details. Some even claimed that she had a rich man to support her.

"I just read what they said. It's hilarious! I can't stop laughing."

"Aren't you angry?" Flora asked.

Cassie quickly typed a reply on the keyboard. "Why would I be angry? It's just fake gossip. Besides, being angry will only affect me negatively. They're only jealous because my book is doing so well. Am I going to lose money if they keep talking about me like this?"

"I'm glad to hear that. I was worried that you'd be affected by it."

"I'm fine. As an author, I need to make sure that I'm always behaving like a professional. You should really stop reading such gossips and just write more books! But, thank you for always having my back. I'll send you some nice snacks later."

"Okay, I won't say no to that."

After a while, Cassie spent some time writing her novel before she turned on her phone and continued to read up on some more interesting gossip about her. Some rumors even went as far as stating that she was actually a man who dressed up like a woman.

As Cassie was sitting inside the car, she burst into laughter. When Dylan noticed that she had been staring at her phone ever since she got in the car, he felt dissatisfied and said, "Turn off your phone."

Cassie smiled and said, "Let me finish reading this."

Dylan stayed silent for a moment.

Soon, a deep frown appeared on his face as he stared at her.

Were women always so fond of gossiping?

Dylan was getting impatient and his voice sounded cold. "Have you memorized all the details for later?"

When Cassie heard this, there was a slight change in her expression. Feeling a little embarrassed, she turned off the phone and said, "No..."

Dylan glanced at her with his sharp eyes. The anger was undeniable on his expression.

He couldn't understand why the woman would never listen to him.

Cassie looked up at him with sad eyes and pursed her lips. She pouted like a little squirrel and coyly said, "I... I'll read it now!"

Dylan angrily grabbed Cassie by her cheeks, but she flailed her arms around to break away from his grasp. Her cheeks were quite soft and comforting to squeeze.

As she stared at him with eyes wide open, Cassie suddenly felt his warm lips on hers. Dylan was overbearing and aggressive, completely squashing Cassie's face.

Fortunately, Simon pulled up the partition board behind him in the Bentley.

'They really are a newlywed couple, ' Simon thought as he sighed to himself.

It took a while before Dylan finally released her. His passionate kiss caused her to blush and her heart to beat faster. Cassie clutched at her chest and condemned him, "Dylan, you rascal !"

With a wicked smirk on his face, Dylan said, "I'm only kissing my wife."

Cassie had always been a smooth talker, but for the first time in her life she couldn't find the words because she was so angry. She looked out the window and muttered, "You..."

Dylan, however, couldn't help smiling when he saw her sulking like that.

After a while, they finally arrived at their destination. Simon reminded them respectfully, "Sir and madam, we are here."

The driver quickly got out of the car and opened the door for Cassie and then for Dylan. Cassie stepped out of the car gracefully. It was already getting dark and the street lights by the front door had already been turned on.

Dylan knocked on the door twice before it was opened by Alisa Li. Upon seeing the two people, Alisa smiled cheerfully and said, "Madam, look! It's Mr. Dylan and Miss Cassie!"

Alisa fetched a pair of indoor slippers for Cassie and said, "Here, Miss Cassie. Put them on first! Your grandma is so excited that she hasn't stopped smiling all afternoon!"

Earlier this afternoon, when Dylan called Pearl and told her that he had gotten married, she was over the moon with happiness. Pearl had been waiting eagerly for Dylan to get married because she was afraid she wouldn't be alive long enough to see him with his wife.

Dylan wrapped his arms around Cassie's waist which made her feel a little awkward. She pushed him, squinting her eyes at him angrily. "Don't put your hands on me !"

As soon as she finished speaking, a familiar figure came into sight from behind her. Suddenly, her mind went into a daze and for a moment, she thought that she was dreaming.

After all, the person standing before her was Owen, the same man she had watched on television for countless times.

Owen had a sweet, charming smile on his face. His short hair was golden and he wore a slick white sweater.

Cassie's mouth was still agape from disbelief. Without a conscious thought, she covered her mouth while her eyes fixated on Owen. Needless to say, she was too ecstatic to say anything coherently. "I... I'm dreaming, right ?"

After all, her idol was standing right before her eyes! How could she not feel excited? More importantly, Cassie was now Owen's sister-in-law!

Owen noticed Cassie's excitement and giggled softly as he reached out his hand to introduce himself. "Hello, sister-in-law! My name is Owen, Dylan's younger brother."

When Dylan noticed Cassie couldn't take her eyes off his younger brother, he looked at her with furrowed eyebrows and said, "You don't have to make such a big deal about it."

Pearl had overheard this and she walked towards the porch with a cat in her arms. Just by her first glance at Cassie, Pearl already felt pleased by her appearance. She smiled at her and said, "Ah, so you're Cassie."

"Yes, she's the one," said Dylan as he looked proudly at Cassie.

"Hello, Grandma. It's such a pleasure to finally meet you," said Cassie, nodding courteously.

Pearl patted her hand and said, "Good. I am happy to hear that, dear."

She then took Cassie's hand and walked her into the living room. She looked at Cassie with a smile, as if observing her, and said, "So, has Dylan been giving you a hard time?"

A hard time? Well...

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