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   Chapter 10 Interesting thing

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"Your assistant."

Cassie looked at Dylan in astonishment. "I don't need. I just need to stay at home every day. I don't need an assistant."

Glancing at Cassie, Dylan said, "When our relationship is exposed, many business partners' wives will invite you to all kinds of banquets and afternoon tea. She is responsible for arranging the schedule for you. If you think you are capable of doing this, I won't arrange an assistant for you, but can you?"

His last sentence was full of doubts.

Frowning, Cassie said, "There isn't a term like this in the contract!"

With a meaningful smile, Dylan said, "You may need to read the contract again."

Hearing this, Cassie looked at him helplessly. In addition to this, there was also a forced kiss. How many additional terms were there.

She began to regret that she hadn't read the contract carefully.

Dylan said to Cheryl, "Send her size to the women's clothing stores of major brands later. They begin to make all kinds of dresses for her. And shoes."

From now on, Cassie had to attend all kinds of occasions with him. She should have a decent suit.

"Okay, Mr. Dylan," Cheryl said, as she quickly wrote it down on her laptop.

Holding the hand of Cassie, Dylan went upstairs. In the long corridor building, a servant saw him and greeted him respectfully.

"Hello, Sir and Madam."

It took Cassie a long time to find the bedroom. There was a guest room and a cloakroom next door. The whole house was brightly lit. When she opened the balcony's door, warm sunshine shone on her.

Cassie stood in the balcony, and the sunshine shone on her body warm and harmonious. She smiled and looked up, bathing in the warm sunshine. The breeze blew her hair, coated with a faint glow.

Seeing her like this, Dylan couldn't help smiling.

Dylan took out a black card and gave it to Cassie. The black card is recognized as the "King of Cards" in the world. It mainly serves the top groups and has no limit. The card holder were mostly politicians, billionaires and socialites from various countries. They were invited by the American Express to go through the formality. The card holder could enjoy the exclusive treatment, rights and services of the top members in the world.

After being stunned for a while, Cassie asked, "What's wrong?"

"Pocket money," Dylan said.

She had only heard of black cards before, but she didn't expect to see them here today.

Cassie refused, "No, thanks. I have the payment. It's enough."

She didn't want to spend his money. Although they were a nominal couple and it seemed that there was nothing wrong with her spending the money, she always felt strange.

Seeing that she didn't take it, Dylan put the card on the tea table and said, "It's your business. I'll give you the card anyway. By the way, don't forget to have dinner with grandma tonight.

Cassie nodded and said, "I see."

"Give me your phone." Dylan said.

Cassie took out her phone and handed it to him. "What are you doing?" she asked.

Taking her phone, Dylan unlocked the screen with his slender fingers and input a string of numbers, "This is my phone number. Save it. Don't blacklist or refuse to answer it."

This man could always read her mind. Cassie said perfunctorily, "I know."

"Remember, we met last year. You agreed to my propo

sal a few days ago, and then we got the marriage certificate."

Cassie nodded and Dylan said, "Tell Belle Wu what you want for lunch and ask her to make it for you."

Hearing this, Cassie said, "What? Aren't you having lunch at home?"

"No, I have something to deal with in the company," Dylan said, shaking his head.

He raised the corners of his mouth again and said, "Or do you want me to stay and have lunch with you?"

Hearing that, Cassie curled her lips and retorted, "No, I don't. Please leave quickly!"

Then Dylan turned around and went downstairs.

Cassie looked around the room for a while and then went downstairs. She ate lunch alone, so she didn't bother Belle Wu to cook. She just ate a bowl of beef noodles.

After lunch, Carter walked to the dining room and suggested, "Mrs. Dylan, if you have finished eating, why don't I show you around?"

Cassie put down the bowl and chopsticks and said to Carter, "Carter, you can call me Cassie. I feel awkward if you call me Mrs. Dylan.

Carter smiled and said, "How can I break the rules. "

Cassie thought "Carter, are you stupid because you are exploited by Dylan?"

She asked Carter, "Carter, am I the hostess of this house?"

Carter replied, "Of course."

With a smile, Cassie said, "Since I'm the hostess, shouldn't you listen to me?"

It took Carter a while to react. He looked at Cassie and said, "Okay."

Cassie agreed with Carter's suggestion and followed him into the yard.

She thought there would be no flowers in winter and the yard would be bare. But the reality gave her a big surprise. A capitalist is indeed a capitalist. Even raising a flower is different from others.

The iron fences of the back garden were covered with roses. Beside the fountain, red flowers and green leaves were lush and full of vitality.

As Carter walked, he introduced, "We have a gym and a swimming pool at home. There is also a sauna room. If you feel tired, you can have a rest."

Cassie's legs were almost broken. The house was really big. She sat on the swing and said to Carter, "Carter, the house is so big."

Hearing this, Carter smiled and said, "In fact, Mr. Dylan has told me that if you think the house is too big, he asked me to prepare a GPS for you."

Hearing this, Cassie's jaw froze slightly. She looked at Carter in a petrified state and said, "Well. No, no, no."

Now that Dylan had thought of this, why did he buy such a big house?! Did he show his identity as a capitalist?

Cassie squinted her eyes lazily and felt a little tired after walking for so long.

She said to Carter, "Thank you, Carter. I should go to work now!"

Carter shook his head with a smile and went back to the villa with Cassie.

Belle Wu brought a glass of milk. Cassie said with a smile, "Thank you."

As a habit, she logged on her QQ account on the backstage and glanced at the records of the audience.

Cassie's jacket: Oh my God! Those people are insatiable. They even said bad things of Cassie!

Little mosquito: I think they said that just because they envy Cassie's story. I am speechless.

Pastry: Let's go to the forum to refute. I'm really angry to see these people say bad things of Cassie.!

Confused, Cassie looked at the chat log in the group. It seemed that there was something interesting about her.

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