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   Chapter 10 Big House

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"I'm your assistant."

Cassie looked at Dylan with surprise. "Huh? There's no need for that. I'm just going to be home, writing every day. I don't need an assistant."

Glancing back at Cassie, Dylan said, "When our relationship is finally exposed, the wives of my business partners will invite you to all kinds of banquets or maybe some afternoon teas. Your assistant will be responsible for arranging your schedules for you. If you think you're capable of taking care of that on your own, then I won't force an assistant on you. But, do you think that's something you can do all by yourself?"

The tone of his last sentence sounded like he had some doubt in his mind.

With a deep frown on Cassie's face, she said, "We never mentioned anything like that in the contract!"

Dylan smiled meaningfully and said, "Then I suppose you should read the contract again."

Cassie couldn't do anything but stare at him helplessly. Apart from the forced kisses, this was also a new term she had never heard before. She wondered how many more terms there were that she didn't know about.

There was a twinge of regret inside of her as she realized that she should have paid more attention to the contract.

Dylan then looked at Cheryl and said, "Send her body measurements to all the major brands of women's clothing outlets later. They need to start working on her new wardrobe. Perhaps they can start off with some dresses and shoes."

Since Cassie now had to start attending galas and functions with him, she needed to have a proper outfit for every occasion.

"No problem, Mr. Lu," Cheryl said obediently as she wrote the details down on her laptop.

Dylan grabbed Cassie's hand and dragged her upstairs with him. As they passed through another long corridor, they were courteously greeted by servants.

"Good day, sir and madam!"

It took them a lot longer to get to Cassie's bedroom than she had expected. The two doors next to her bedroom was a guest room and a coatroom. When she opened the balcony's door, warm sunshine shone on her.

Cassie stood on the balcony and basked under the sun to take in the warmth her body craved so much. She closed her eyes and smiled, titling her head upwards to the sky. The fresh breeze blew through her hair, while the sunlight coated it with a faint glow.

Dylan stood not too far away, staring at her with a smile on his face.

Soon after, he took out a black card from his wallet and handed it to Cassie. The black card was recognized as the "King of Cards" all over the world. It was an extremely exclusive card that didn't have a credit limit. The credit card was given only to those in society whose wealth had no limit, such as politicians, businessmen and socialites. The card holder would be treated with the utmost respect by world-class service providers from all over the world.

Cassie was rendered silent and she couldn't come up with a response. "What's this for?"

"Pocket money," answered Dylan.

She had only heard about such black credit cards before, but she never expected to see one, let alone have one.

Cassie politely refused and said, "No, thanks. I'm getting paid for my work. That's enough for me."

Since they were officially a married couple, there was nothing wrong about her spending his money, but Cassie had too much pride and she couldn't bring herself to do so without feeling uncomfortable.

Despite her reluctance, Dylan placed the card on the tea table and said, "Well, that's up to you. Keep it with you anyway, at least for emergency's sake. By the way, don't forget that we will have dinner with my grandma tonight."

Cassie nodded and said, "I see."

"Hand me your phone," Dylan said straightforwardly.

Without hesitation, Cassie took out her phone and handed it to him. "What for?"

Dylan unlocked her screen and input a string of numbers. "This is my personal number. Save it. Don't block the number or ever refuse to answer it."

It seemed as though the man somehow managed to read her mind all the time. Cassie, however, feigned indifference and said, "


"Don't forget the story. We met last year. You agreed to my proposal a few days ago and then we got the marriage certificate right away."

After Cassie nodded, Dylan continued, "Tell Belle what you want for lunch so she can make it for you."

"What? Aren't you having lunch at home?" she asked.

"No, I have some important things to deal with in the company today," Dylan said as he shook his head.

Then, he raised the corners of his lips and continued, "Why? Would you like me to stay here and have lunch with you?"

When Cassie heard this she pouted and immediately retorted, "No, I don't! Please leave immediately!"

A mischievous chuckle escaped Dylan's mouth as he turned around with a smile and went downstairs.

Cassie looked around her bedroom for a while and then went downstairs right after. She had lunch by herself and didn't bother asking Belle Wu to cook food for her. Instead, she just made herself a bowl of beef noodles.

In the middle of her lunch, however, Carter walked into the dining room and suggested, "Madam, when you're done eating, how about I show you around?"

Cassie placed her chopsticks down on her bowl and said, "Carter, you can call me Cassie. It feels a little awkward hearing you call me madam."

With a sheepish smile, Carter said, "I couldn't do that. I would be breaking the rules. "

Cassie wondered, 'Is Carter so afraid of Dylan?'

Then she asked, "Carter, am I not the hostess of this house?"

Carter replied, "Of course you are."

Cassie smiled. "Since I'm the hostess, aren't you supposed to follow my orders too?"

When Carter understood what she meant, he finally replied, "Okay."

Cassie accepted Carter's suggestion and followed him around the garden after lunch.

She assumed that since it was winter, there wouldn't be any flowers and she expected to find a bare garden. However, reality seemed to have hit her with a big surprise. Rich people truly were one of a kind. Even their flower growing techniques were better than most people's.

The iron fences in the back garden were covered with lush roses and behind the fountain were rows of red flowers and vibrant leaves that were surprisingly full of vitality.

As Carter walked her around, he explained, "We have a gym and a swimming pool in the estate. There is also a sauna room. Let me know if you're feeling tired, perhaps we should take a break?"

The place was so enormous that Cassie's legs felt like they were about to break, but she was just halfway done with the tour. She sat on the swing and said, "Carter, this place is way too big."

When Carter heard this, he laughed softly and said, "In fact, Mr. Lu even told me that if you think the house is too big, I should set up a GPS system for you."

Cassie's jaw dropped to the floor when she heard this. She looked at Carter, as if completely petrified and said, "Uh... No, no! There's no need for that."

Judging from Carter's words, it seemed as though Dylan himself thought that this house was too big. If that were the case, why would he even think of buying such a large estate? Was he just trying to prove his wealth to the world?

Cassie's eyes started to droop as she felt tired from walking around for so long.

She turned to Carter and said, "Thank you, Carter. I should get back inside now."

Carter nodded obediently and walked Cassie back to the villa.

As soon as Cassie set foot inside, Belle Wu greeted her and brought her a glass of milk. "Thank you," said Cassie.

She logged onto her QQ account out of habit, and looked through the messages in the chat group of her readers.

Cassie's Jacket: Oh my God! Those people are impossible. They are saying all sorts of horrible things about Cassie.

Little Mosquito: They're only saying those things because they envy Cassie's writing skill. I'm just speechless.

Pastry: Let's go to the forum and set them straight. I'm not going to let those people say such hurtful and ignorant things about Cassie!

Cassie was confused about all those words from her readers. What was going on?

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