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   Chapter 9 I'm Afraid Of The Media

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Maggie committed suicide by jumping off a building. Her appearance was hurt badly.

With his trembling hands, Cassie uncovered the cloth covering the ice coffin.

The make-up artist in the funeral home had already made up for Maggie, and she looked as if she had fallen asleep peacefully.

Compared with the heartbreaking cries in the next hall, Cassie's quietness was more mournful.

She lowered her head, tears streaming down.

Her throat was sore. She wanted to say a lot, but now she couldn't say a word.

Noticing the tears on Cassie's eyelashes, Dylan felt his heart softened.

He quietly handed the handkerchief to her from the pocket of his suit, and inexplicably reached out to hold her shoulder in his arms. "Auntie is in the heaven, and she won't want to see you like this."

Cassie took his handkerchief and wiped her tears. Winter was cold. There was no air conditioner in the funeral home. The cold wind poured into the room, and her nose was slightly red.

After wiping off the tears, Cassie turned around and said, "Please cremate her."

Dylan waved his hand, and then someone went to do it. The cemetery was located in the suburb. The European style black iron fence door was opened. There were all kinds of small graves and evergreen shrubs on both sides of the tomb.

Standing in front of the tomb, Cassie couldn't help choking, she burned incense and placed some offerings. She said softly, "Mom, why don't you wait for me to come back... You was fine when I left, but when I came back, you became a narrow tomb."

Seeing Cassie's' pale face, Dylan didn't know how to comfort her. He wanted to comfort her, but he said, "Don't forget what I said."

"You can cry, but don't be so desperate."

Watching the joss sticks in front of her gradually turn into ashes, Cassie stood up and wiped her tears. She smiled and said to Dylan, "Let's go."

"Are you really not sad anymore?", Dylan was surprised by her.

Cassie nodded and said, "Sometimes, sadness doesn't have to be shown on face. It's enough to keep it in mind. Besides, didn't you just say that I couldn't cry desperately?"

The corners of Dylan's mouth lifted slightly. He seemed to be satisfied with her answer.

He held the cold hand of Cassie and walked forward. Cassie said, "You don't have to do this..."

Dylan said, "I'm afraid of the media."

Cassie muttered in a low voice, "Since you are afraid of media, why did you marry me so quickly. Won't they doubt if it is spread out?"

"…… What did you say? " Dylan turned around and gave her a sharp look.

Hearing this, Cassie came to her senses and looked at Dylan with a silly smile. "Nothing."

The driver drove the car all the way to the Civil Affairs Bureau. They took photos, get the marriage certificate sealed and got it. They completed the marriage procedures smoothly. The staff who was going through the formalities looked at the expressionless face of Cassie and deliberately asked, "Miss, are you really willing to get married?"

Of course, Cassie's answer was, "Yes, I am."

When she walked out of the Civil Affairs Bureau, she took out the red marriage certificate and looked at it. She was somewhat incredulous to confirm this fact.

As soon as she saw her mother off from the cemetery, she turned around and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to flash marry a man she had known for only a few days. A bitter smile appeared on her face.

"Mrs. Cassie, it's true. You don't have to confirm it," said Dylan.

Cassie came back to her senses, and the corners of her eyes twitched slightly. "I know."

"Don't spread the news of marriage for the time being," said Dylan.

Cassie scratched her head and asked, "Why?"

Dylan glanced at her with a look of seeing an intellectual disabilities person, "Do you want others to say that our flash marriage is because of rumors?"

Cassie blurted out, "Isn't it... ?"

Frowning, Dylan looked at her and she shut her mouth immediately.

Dylan explained to her slowly "It will take a long time for the media to make groundless accusations based on those photos. Then we can find a proper time to spread the news so that people will believe us."

"So we are going to make a big news?"

"Sort of."

Holding her hand, Dylan said, "We're home."

Cassie was confused by his words. Then they got into the car hand in hand.

Dylan's villa was in the West Moutain Linyu, he bought three years ago at the price of 1, 700, 000, 000. There was no other reason for him to choose this place. He liked the quietness here.

The car was driving on the road and no one could be seen within five kilometers. Then Cassie asked Dylan, "It's a waste to spend time on the road every day. Aren't business elites like you always regard time as life?"

It seemed that Dylan didn't expect her to say so. He glanced at Cassie and said lightly, "I have a residence in the downtown. I just come back here occasionally."

He was busy with his work and often flew around on business. It was inconvenient to live here.


The corners of Cassie's eyes twitched slightly. Damn it! She was wrong. She was not supposed to worry that a capitalist like Dylan wouldn't have a place to live.

What was her expression? Afraid of being alone?

Seeing her like this, Dylan said slowly, "But don't worry. Since we're married, I'll move back. I won't let you stay home alone."

She kept staring at him and shouted in her heart, 'I'm willing to stay alone!' I do! Hum...

The sound of waves hitting the reef cheered Cassie up. It seemed that her bad mood during this period of time all disappeared with the waves that had gone far.

Forty minutes later, the car finally arrived at the gate of a European style iron fence. The door opened automatically. After driving for a long time, she finally saw the luxurious buildings like manor.

After getting off the car, Cassie looked around the villa with her eyes wide open.

There were endless lawn, European style buildings and fountain around, and only a variety of servants were cleaning.

Seeing her like this, Dylan interrupted her thoughts. He introduced, "This is Carter. You can ask him for help if you need anything in the future."

Carter was the one Pearl asked to follow Dylan because she was worried about him when he moved out.

Cassie came back to earth. The middle-aged man in a suit said respectfully, "Hello, Miss Cassie."

"Nice to meet you, Carter" said Cassie politely.

Carter looked at Cassie and smiled kindly.

Dylan corrected Carter, "Don't call her Miss Cassie anymore. Call her Mrs. Cassie."

After a while, Carter came to his senses and said with a smile, "Yes, sir."

Holding her hand, Dylan said, "Let's go. It's windy outside. Let's go inside."

Cassie nodded and followed him into the room.

The SWAROVSKI crystal chandelier reflected the dazzling light, and the clean marble floor reflected the figure. After passing through the front hall that was as luxurious as hotel, they walked to the main hall.

There were several English books on the furnace in the main hall, whose names were hard for Cassie to read. The warm temperature of the room penetrated into Cassie's body. The heating didn't start until yesterday because Dylan came back.

The whole living room on the first floor was decorated in black, white and cold urban style, which was as clean and tidy as the first impression Dylan gave others.

Carter followed Dylan respectfully.

Dylan turned back and said to him, "Carter, you don't need to follow me. Just do what you should do. I will inform you if I need anything."

Carter nodded and left.

On the sofa in the room sat a pretty girl in white. When she saw Dylan, she stood up and greeted, "Hello, Mr. Dylan."

Dylan answered softly, and then Cheryl Shen reached out her hands with a smile, "Hello, Mrs. Cassie."

Cassie looked at the girl and asked with a frown, "May I have your name ?"

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