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   Chapter 8 Your Husband

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Cassie had been very tired these two days. After taking a shower in the bathtub, she went back to her room. After turning on the heat, she sat at the desk released the draft she had saved in advance: today's update has been completed, and I'm sorry that it's a little late. Have a good time ~

She looked at the game icon on the computer desktop and smiled slyly.

With a screenshot, she sent a micro-blog message, "Nothing can't be solved by playing a game. If one game doesn't work, then two! !"

The light in the room was turned off, and the screen of the computer was still on. After playing two rounds in the arena, she felt refreshed.

The joy of winning five rounds in a row had already made Cassie forget Adam and Alice.

She muttered, "Humph! Boyfriend and best friend, go to hell! Men like to play the field! No man is a good man! !"

The screen darkened, showing the failure. Then the computer started to read the map.

"Fuck! My friend, where was your invincible just now? ?! Why did you die without giving me anything? !" Cassie screamed in YY Voice.

"I graduated from grade twelve of last season and got 2500 points. Do you think you can teach me how to do it? !" Obviously, the person at the other end of YY Voice had a bad temper.

"So what if you got 2500 points last season? So what if you graduated from the twelve grade arena? Even if you entered the arena, you were beaten. !" Cassie retorted confidently.

As soon as she finished cursing, her phone rang. She closed the microphone and answered the phone irritably, "Who is it? It's late at night."

"Your husband."

On the other end of the phone was the deep and calm voice of Dylan.

He just said short words. But when Cassie heard it, she was so scared that she almost threw the phone out.

"Should I praise you for your strong body?"

Her hand was injured, but she was still in the mood to play games.

Cassie was shocked, and then asked calmly, "I'm not that sentimental. I won't cry with a scratch on my hand. By the way, why do you have my phone number? ? !"

Dylan said impatiently, "I can find everything as long as I want. It's late. You have to go to sleep."

How did he know that she was still awake?

Being annoyed by losing the game just now, Cassie smiled mischievously and said lazily, "I was asleep, but you woke me up."

"Mrs. Dylan, I advise you not to lie to the CEO of a film and television company," Dylan said.

Dylan knew it. Feeling bored, Cassie said, "Oh. How do you know I'm still awake?"

"Half an hour ago, you sent a message on micro-blog," Dylan said flatly.

It was not until then that Cassie remembered. She said, "I know. I'm going to sleep now."

"Okay," Dylan said and hung up the phone.

Seeing that the screen of the phone darkened, Cassie made a face at the string of numbers on the phone and said, "Do you think I will listen to you obediently?"

Her partner's voice came from YY Voice, "Are you coming or not? If you don't come, I'll sleep."

After taking a sip of water, Cassie turned on the microphone and said, "Yes."

"It's late, Cassie. Sleep now."

All of a sudden, the voice of Dylan came from YY Voice, and Cassie felt that she had misheard. She smiled and said, "Oh, friend, you are still an actor with dubbing."

The irritable man on the other side was a little confused. He said, "No..."? ? The voice sounded so familiar.

Cassie began to feel a trace of fear. She suddenly went to the YY Voice channel and found that there were three people in it, and there was a tourist vest in it.

There was a trace of tenderness in Dylan's voice.

Cassie was frightened b

y the voice of Dylan subconsciously. "Shit!". The man on the other side felt a little embarrassed and said, "Well. Since your boyfriend urged you to sleep, you'd better go to bed early. Good night."

The partner on the other side quickly retreated from YY Voice and the team, and there were only two people left in it. Cassie said, "Really? I've told you that I'll go to bed soon. Why do you have to come to my YY Voice account to catch me? ? And how did you know my YY Voice channel? ?"

"I have answered this question five minutes ago." Then Dylan exited YY Voice.

After a while, the game link was broken.

The phone screen lit up again. It was from Dylan. Although being annoyed, Cassie still pressed the answer button. She gritted her teeth and said, "Hey, why is my computer suddenly cut off? ?"

"I'll have someone cut off the net of your building." Dylan said coldly.? ? Damn it! Just because she was still playing games, he had cut off the wireless network of the whole building? ?

Deep in her heart, Cassie complained about Dylan, but she couldn't show it.

Dylan continued, "If you don't have a rest now, I don't mind going to your house to catch you. I promise you won't be able to get up until tomorrow morning."

Hearing this, Cassie became more energetic. She quickly stopped him and said, "No, no. I'll go to bed right away."

Hearing this, the tone of Dylan's voice softened a little. "Ok. Good night."

Cassie answered perfunctorily, "Good night."

In the Linyu Villa in the West Mountain of H city.

Dylan was standing by the window. He was wearing a white fluffy pajamas. Thinking of the crazy but helpless tone of Cassie, the corners of his mouth slightly raised.

Her arm had been injured for two more days. If she didn't have a good rest, how could she have time to deal with those trifles tomorrow.

It was already eight o'clock in the morning when Cassie was ready to go out. She packed up her ID card and residence booklet in a kraft paper file bag according to what Dylan said last night. Then she went downstairs.

Dylan handed the sandwich and coffee he had asked Simon to buy this morning to her and said, "Have some."

She hadn't eaten much since last night, and now she was greedy for sandwiches.

Cassie got into the car obediently and ate, her cheeks bulging like a hamster.

She had breakfast all the way. It took her about twenty minutes to arrive at the funeral home in the suburb.

As soon as she got out of the car, the cold air came to her face. She forgot to wear a scarf and shrank her neck subconsciously.

Seeing this, Dylan took off his scarf. Cassie guessed what he would do next. She said, "No, I..."

Before she could finish her words, Dylan said in an irresistible tone, "You have to trouble me again if you catch a cold."

Embarrassed, Cassie let his slender and bony fingers wrap the scarf around her neck one circle after another.

He looked serious. The warm sunshine made his face soft. For a moment, his hand had left her neck and took her cold hand.

Dylan asked in a gentle tone that he had never had before, "Are you ready?"

He said, "You are allowed to cry, but you are not allowed to cry hysterically."

Cassie nodded.

In fact, the most frightening thing in the funeral home was not the cold corpses, but the heartbreaking cries of the family and all kinds of reluctance before the cremation.

Maggie's body had been put in the ice coffin for three days. It was time to cremate it.

Although Cassie had been mentally prepared to face this scene, when she really walked into the ice coffin of Maggie, her tears were still falling.

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