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   Chapter 7 A Forced Kiss

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Sean swallowed slightly and looked at the young man up and down. Suddenly, he recognized him. This young man was the CEO of the HY Entertainment, the richest man in Asia. He had seen him on television!

In a daze, Sean asked, "Cassie, what's going on?"

Noticing the frightened look on her father's face, Cassie attempted to explain in a hurry, "Dad, this is Dylan Lu. He's my..."

Before she could even finish speaking, Dylan interrupted and said, "Uncle, I'm courting your daughter."

His words were like a dropped bomb that caused the room to be extremely silent and still.

Of course, the news had taken Sean aback. He stared at Dylan blankly and said, "Mr. Lu, may I speak with my daughter alone for a moment?"

Dylan nodded respectfully and said, "Okay. I have some things to deal with, so I'll go ahead."

Standing in the hall of the hospital, Dylan ordered Simon, "Find her an apartment in the downtown area right now. The floor shouldn't be too high and it has as much natural light as possible. Get it done soon!"

Simon memorized all the details and answered, "Yes, sir. I'll take care of this right away."

Back inside the ward, Cassie tucked her father inside a warm quilt and told him everything that happened with Adam and Alice.

"That's all there is to it. Dylan is courting me. They were so angry that they came here to slander me."

When Sean heard this, he nodded with slight hesitation and suspicion.

Just then, the nurse that Dylan hired came inside.

He figured that it would be inappropriate to hire a female nurse to take care of Sean in the hospital. So he carefully had chosen a male worker instead.

Cassie looked down on her phone to check the time and said, "Dad, I have to leave. Please, rest well. I'll see you tomorrow."

Sean nodded and said, "Okay. Don't forget to ask the doctor when I can get discharged."

Suddenly, Cassie's expression became very serious and she said, "Dad, the doctor said that you're going to have to stay under observation for a few more days. Just stay here. Don't worry about the expenses, okay?"

She softened up a little and choked, "You're the only family I have left."

Her voice was very soft, but Sean heard it clearly. There was sadness and desolation in her voice.

Maggie had ended her life because she had been indebted for so long. Therefore, she didn't have any more relatives waiting for her at home. Only the two of them were left in this humble family.

Sean nodded his head in agreement and said, "Okay."

Dylan was still waiting outside. Cassie came out and closed the door from the outside. The two of them went downstairs and sat inside the car. Dylan broke the silence and asked, "What would you like to eat?"

With a somber look on her face, Cassie answered, "Anything is fine."

"Do you want Chinese or Western food?"

"Chinese food, please,"

she said casually. At the same time, Dylan couldn't help but sympathize with her. However, he swallowed all his words despite everything he wanted to say.

While she was sitting in the car, the bakery she used to love suddenly flashed into her scope of vision. "Stop the car," she shouted.

Dylan and Cassie stepped out of the car. They stood right outside a bakery and Cassie eagerly looked at the wide selection of cakes through the window. There was a special sparkle in her eyes.

Seeing her like this, Dylan said, "You should go inside if you want to get something."

Cassie looked at him with a bright smile on her face. In that same moment, Dylan felt heat coming from his palm. By the time he lowered his head, he realized that she had already taken his hand and pulled him into the bakery.

"I want this," Cassie cheerfully said as she pointed at the rich dark chocolate cake inside the display case.

They could hear the soft classical music playing in the bakery. Outside the window, the stars sparkled in the dark sky. It was already late at night, so there was no one else in the bakery except for the two of them and the personnel.

Dylan ordered himself a cup of coffee and sat right across Cassie. She slowly lowered her head and took a bite of her cake. When she placed her spoon back on her plate, there was a piece of dark chocolate cream stuck in the corner of her lips.

Noticing it, Dylan slowly raised the corner of his lips to a smile. When Cassie raised her head, her gentle eyes met with his.

Uh... It would be a bit embarrassing if he didn't say anything. However, she broke the silence first and said, "Well, is there anything on my face?"

Dylan's eyes darkened as he stared at her. Then, he held Cassie's face

with dominance and pressed his lips onto hers.

In that moment, Cassie was completely enveloped by Dylan, with her mind completely bemused. A strong electric shock swept through her body.

Her eyes were wide from utter disbelief. Through Dylan's pitch black pupils, she saw the reflection of her face. Her body was completely stiff and she couldn't move at all.

Still holding her face in his hands, Dylan seductively licked the cream off the corner of her lips. Cassie could feel his warm breath diffusing on her face. His movements were very soft and light, causing her face to tickle a little.

For some reason, Cassie was completely out of breath.

It took a while before he finally released his hold on her. By the time he did, her face was completely flushed red.

He made a promise that there would be no physical contact between them! How could he kiss her just now?

Cassie pursed her lips together and scowled, "Mr. Dylan Lu! It seems like you've forgotten..."

"Mrs. Lu," he interrupted.

He cleared his throat and added, "I just noticed that there were paparazzi trying to take pictures of us just now."

Was this his way of explaining himself?

But when Cassie heard his explanation, her expression softened. She placed her spoon back on her plate and stood up. "I'm full. Let's go," she said.

With a frown, Dylan walked up to her and held her hand. "If you're full, then you should come with me."

She was a little disoriented as she followed him out of the bakery, hand in hand.

Dylan pulled her back into his car. The more Cassie thought back on the kiss they had inside the shop earlier, the more suspicious she felt about it.

Suddenly, she began to wonder if there were indeed paparazzi taking photos outside. But even if there were, why would he kiss her? It made no sense at all!

Cassie pursed her lips to say something more, but was suddenly interrupted when a phone began to ring. The dim yellow light inside the dark car outlined the profile of Dylan's face. The light was warm and subtle. In that moment, she started to notice such a gentle side to this man.

"Okay, send me the address."

"Where are we going? "

Glancing back at Cassie, Dylan answered, "To your new home."

"Wait! Can we at least go back to my house first? I have a manuscript that I haven't been able to work on today yet..."

With a frown, Dylan observed her sincere expression. Cassie pleaded, "I have to do this."

Dylan then ordered the driver, "Head back to her house."

Cassie took her laptop from her room and went back downstairs. Beside the car, Dylan's figure was softened by the warm yellow light from the street lamp.

As soon as he noticed that Cassie was heading out, he handed her a set of keys and said, "Take this."

Cassie nodded and followed him back into the car.

The driver drove them to the downtown area.

Her new apartment was very spacious and bright with good lighting in every corner of the place. The landscape of H City could be seen through the window in the living room, and upon looking into the distance, she could see the boats flowing through the river. Cassie had never lived in a home like this before.

The environment was peaceful and the community was quiet. The rooms were beautifully and well furnished. Cassie looked at the interiors of the rooms and graciously said to Dylan, "Thank you."

"I just didn't want the media to make any kind of negative reports about you," Dylan said lightly.

After that, he stood up and added, "Just remember to prepare your residence booklet and your ID card tomorrow morning. I will be picking you up. I've also gotten someone to pack your belongings and had them sent to my house."

Seeing him stand up, Cassie asked, "Well, would you like to have a cup of tea."

"No, thanks," Dylan politely refused.

He began to walk towards the door without waiting for Cassie's response. She then sent him out.

"Be careful when you take a shower. You should make sure that you don't soak your wound in water. And, make sure you're not late tomorrow."

Cassie felt like this man was always nagging. He seemed to feel the need to repeat every single thing that was obvious and simple. Beginning to feel a little impatient, she answered, "Yeah, okay. I know already."

Dylan looked back at her, as if noticing her impatience.

It wasn't until Cassie noticed his reaction that she realized that she shouldn't have spoken in that tone. Awkwardly, she said, "Well, you should go ahead. The elevator is here."

Dylan took one last look at her before he turned around and walked inside the elevator.

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