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   Chapter 7 A Forced Kiss

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Sean swallowed and looked up and down at the young man in front of him. He suddenly recognized something. He is the president of the Huayu Media, the richest man in Asia. He had watched him on TV!

He asked in a daze, "Cassie, What's wrong?"

Looking at her father's frightened face, Cassie explained in a hurry, "Dad, this is Dylan, one of mine..."

Before Cassie could finish her words, Dylan interrupted, "Uncle, I want to be in love with her."

His words were like a bomb, making the room quiet.

Sean was a little stunned. He looked at Dylan and said, "Mr. Dylan, I have something to talk to Cassie."

Knowing what he meant, Dylan nodded and said, "Okay, I have something to do, so I'll go out first."

Standing in the corridor of the hospital, Dylan told Simon, "Find a house in the downtown area right now. It should be clean and tidy. The floor should not be too high with light, and it's better to live there directly. I'll get the house later."

Simon wrote down all things and said, "Okay, Mr. Dylan. I'll do it right away."

In the ward, Cassie tucked the quilt for her father and told him everything about Adam and Alice cheating on her.

"That's all. They were so angry that they came to slander me."

Hearing this, Sean nodded with doubt.

A nursing worker came in, hired by Dylan.

Dylan thought it was inappropriate for a girl to take care of Sean in the hospital, so he hired a nursing worker carefully.

Cassie looked down at her phone and said to Sean, "Dad, I'm leaving. Have a good rest. I'll see you tomorrow."

Sean nodded and said, "Okay. Remember to ask the doctor when I can leave the hospital."

With a serious look on her face, Cassie said, "Dad, the doctor said that you would stay in hospital for a few more days for observation. Just stay here. Don't worry about the money, okay?"

She choked and added, "You are the only family I have."

Her voice was very low, but Sean heard it clearly. Her words were full of sadness.

Maggie died because she was in debt all year round. So she didn't have any relatives at home. There were only them left in this family.

Sean nodded vigorously, "Okay."

Dylan was waiting for Cassie outside. Cassie closed the door and went out. The two went downstairs and sat in the car. Dylan asked, "What do you want to eat?"

With a depressed look on her face, Cassie said, "Anything is okay."

"Chinese food or Western food?"

"Chinese food."

She said casually. Seeing her like this, Dylan was a little depressed. Dylan swallowed all the words he wanted to say.

Sitting in the car, the brand she used to eat flashed through her mind. She suddenly said, "Stop."

After the driver stopped the car, Dylan and Cassie got out of the car. Standing outside the cake shop, Cassie looked at a variety of cakes in the window, with a special light flashing in her eyes.

Seeing her like this, Dylan said, "Go in if you want to eat."

Cassie looked up at him with a smile. Dylan felt the heat from his palm. When he lowered his head, he found that she had already taken his hand to the bakery.

Cassie pointed at the dark chocolate cake and said with a smile, "I want this."

She could hear the soft music in the cake shop. Outside the window, it was a dark sky with stars hanging in the air. It was very late. There was no one else in the bakery except for Dylan and Cassie.

Dylan ordered a cup of coffee and sat opposite Cassie. She lowered her head and took a bite of the cake. There was a small piece of chocolate cream stuck to the corner of her mouth, which was dark.

Seeing her like this, the corners of Dylan's mouth lifted. Cassie raised her head and met his gentle eyes.

Uh It seemed a little embarrassed not to say anything. She broke the strange silence first. "Well, is there anything on my face?"

Dylan's eye

s darkened. He suddenly held up Cassie's face and pressed his lips on hers.

Cassie was wrapped by Dylan, and her mind went blank all of a sudden. A feeling of electricity swept through her body.

Her eyes were full of shock. Her figure could be seen in Dylan's dark eyes. Cassie's body is stiff, and she can't move.

Holding her face in his hands, Dylan licked the cream off the corner of her mouth. His hot breath sprayed on her face. His movements were very light and even itchy.

Somehow, Cassie was short of breath.

It took him a long time to finally let go of Cassie. Her face flushed.

He had promised that no physical contact was allowed! But why did he kiss her just now?

Cassie pursed her lips and said angrily, "Mr. Dylan! I remember we..."

"Mrs. Dylan," he interrupted her.

He cleared his throat again and said, "There were paparazzi taking pictures just now."

Was he explaining?

Hearing this, Cassie's face softened. She put down the spoon in her hand and stood up. "I'm full. Let's go."

Frowning, Dylan walked up to her and held her hand. "Come with me since you're full."

Confused, she followed him out of the bakery hand in hand.

Dylan pulled her into the car. Thinking of the kiss in the shop just now, the more Cassie thought about it, the more strange she felt.

She finally realized that if there were paparazzi, but why did he kiss her?!

Cassie pursed her lips and was interrupted by a ringtone before she could say anything. The dim yellow light in the car outlined the side face of Dylan. The light was too warm. She even felt that he was very gentle now.

"Okay, send me the address."

"Where are you going? !"

Taking a glance at Cassie, Dylan said, "Your new home."

"Wait! Can you go back to my home first? I still have a draft that hasn't been updated today..."

Dylan frowned and looked at her sincere face. Cassie looked at Dylan with pleading eyes, "I can't break it."

Turning to the driver, Dylan ordered, "Go back to the community."

Cassie took her laptop and went downstairs. Standing outside the car, the warm yellow street lights softened the atmosphere around Dylan.

When Dylan saw Cassie coming down, he handed her a bunch of keys. "Take it."

Cassie nodded and followed him into the car.

The driver drove the car to the downtown area.

The room was spacious and bright, with good light. The window in the living room could see the night view of the whole H City, and then looking into the distance, one could see the boats flowing on the river. Cassie had never seen these at home before.

The whole community was quiet. The room was well decorated, which could be checked in with a handbag. Cassie looked at the decoration in the room and said to Dylan sincerely, "Thank you."

Dylan said lightly, "Not at all. I just don't want the media to report anything."

Dylan stood up and said, "Remember to prepare your residence booklet and ID card tomorrow. I will pick you up. And I've asked someone to pack your luggage and send it to my place."

Seeing him stand up, Cassie asked, "Well. Do you want to sit down and I'll make you a cup of tea?"

"No, thanks," Dylan refused.

As he spoke, he walked to the porch without waiting for Cassie to speak. Cassie sent him out.

Dylan reminded Cassie, "Be careful when you take a shower. Don't let the water splash on the wound. And, don't be late tomorrow."

Cassie felt that he was very nagging. He repeated the very simple thing, being indecisive. She said impatiently, "Okay, I know."

Dylan looked at her if she was getting impatient.

It was not until Cassie saw his expression that she realized that her tone was not right. She said awkwardly, "Well. You can leave now, and the elevator arrives."

Dylan glanced at her, turned around and walked into the elevator.

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