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   Chapter 6 All The Capitalists Are Indeed Blood-sucking

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Dylan cast a cold glance at her.

Seeing him like this, Cassie quickly corrected herself. She smiled and said, "Well... It means, for example, that you cheat on me and have affair have an affair with other woman. If so, I can take the initiative to ask for a divorce, because I don't want to be the other woman."

How much she hated the other woman, how much she hated Alice. She was not willingly to be the kind of person she hated most.

But as the saying goes, flies never bite seamless eggs. They were a perfect match. The thought of their intimacy disgusted Cassie.

He nodded, "Okay."

After hearing her request, Dylan finally opened his mouth. He said, "Then I have a condition."

Cassie frowned and then asked, "What your condition is?"

Dylan looked at her calmly, "If you take the initiative to ask for divorce, I won't pay you the fifty million dollars."! ! All the capitalist was indeed Blood-sucking.

Seeing her absent-minded, Dylan asked, "What do you think?"

Cassie pursed her lips and said, "Okay, I promise you!"

As she spoke, she took the pen, glanced at the contract roughly, and directly signed it at Party B.

Cassie handed the contract to Dylan, and her beautiful handwriting was on it.

Dylan nodded with satisfaction and raised his chin to the tea table, "Change your clothes and let's go to visit your father first. I'll accompany you to see your mother tomorrow."


Hearing the mention of Maggie, the light in Cassie's eyes dimmed.

Although she was not the biological daughter of Maggie and Sean, she had been brought up by them for so many years. Their relationship was no worse than the biological one.

She had been anxious that her father was taken away by those hooligans. She almost forgot that Maggie committed suicide because of debt evasion.

Staring at Cassie, Dylan said in a cold voice, "You can cry, but don't be so desperate. Otherwise, the five million dollars will be added with interest."

Cassie wiped her tears with the back of her hand and sniffed. She looked at Dylan and said, "You can go out now. I have to change my clothes."

Dylan nodded, turned around and closed the door.

Cassie changed into a thin and warm down jacket and walked out, with a thick scarf around her neck. Her hair was braided into a high ponytail, looking very fresh.

After a sleep, she felt much better. She put her hands into her pocket and said, "Let's go."

Dylan nodded and walked along the aisle with Cassie.

"Move to another place to live", said Dylan suddenly.

The house was too shabby to live in it.

It took Cassie a while to react. She said, "No, it's good. Our family has been living here for many years. My father probably doesn't want to move either."

Taking a look at Cassie, Dylan said, "Do you need me to remind you of the fourteen term on the third line of the five pages of the contract? Party B must unconditionally promise Party A anything as long as it does not go against the bottom line."

Cassie said perfunctorily, "It's up to you."

In the ward.

Standing in front of the bed, Alice said to Sean, "Uncle... I have something to tell you. Please don't blame Cassie... "

As soon as Dylan and Cassie arrived at the door, they heard the voice of Alice. She quickened her pace.

Before Alice could say anything, the door was pushed open with a bang.

The three people in the ward looked at the door at the same time.

There were indeed two people standing in the room. One was Alice, and the other was Adam.

Cassie looked at the two people in front of her, and her face was as cold as ice. She tried hard to suppress her anger and said, "Get out before I make you do so."

Seeing Cassie lik

e this, Alice chuckled in his heart. She pretended to know nothing and looked at Cassie, "Cassie, What's wrong?"

Looking at Cassie, Adam smiled gently and said, "Cassie, you are here."

He was the most face-saving person. He was cuckolded by her for no reason. How could he let her go!

Cassie sat on the sofa and looked at them, only felt that the blood all over her body was constantly flowing back.

They betrayed her first, and she didn't care about it. On the contrary, these two persons came to her father to complain, didn't they?!

Cassie said angrily, "Adam, Alice, I'll say it again. You'd better get out before I do it."

Leaning against the door, Dylan looked at the two people and Cassie with great interest.

'Adam? The name sounds familiar.'

Oh, it suddenly occurred to him that this was the person in charge of the new subsidiary of the Huayu.

It turned out to be them.

Sean didn't know what had happened among Cassie, Adam and Alice, but it looked as if they were going to fight.

He tried to persuade her, "Cassie, don't talk nonsense. Alice and Adam are here to see me."

Cassie sneered, threw her bag on the sofa and stood up. She turned to look at Alice, who smiled at her.

Cassie grabbed Alice's collar and said coldly, "You are not welcome here."

Seeing that Cassie was about to fight, Dylan stepped forward and removed her hands away. Dylan stood in front of her, Cassie looked at him in astonishment.

What was he doing?! Help others?!

Before she could ask, Dylan waved his hand and a bodyguard in black came in. Cassie stared at Dylan confusedly. What does he want to do?!

Dylan cast a sharp glance at Adam. His eyes seemed to be filled with ice that had been froze for a thousand years. The atmosphere around them became extremely depressed. He said in a deep voice, "Throw them out."

Now it was Adam's turn to be in a daze. He looked at Cassie and cursed, "You are so shameless! You cheated on me openly when you were in relationship with me, and now you collude with your lover to bully me, don't you? !"

Hearing this, Sean's face changed slightly. He looked at Cassie in confusion and said, "Cassie, what the hell is going on?"

As a man, since he had broken up with her, he still wanted to take revenge. Now he was even made trouble in the hospital and in the face of her father.

She really had a bad taste in men.

Dylan looked to the bodyguard sharply, "Don't you understand my word?"

Although his voice was not loud, he sounded intimidating.

The bodyguards in black didn't want to lose their jobs, so they quickly drove the two people out.

Outside the hospital building, Adam was so angry that his face turned red. The bodyguard warned him, "Don't you ever do it again."

Alice looked at the bodyguards angrily and yelled, "Bah! You just be a bully under the protection of a powerful person! Cassie, I'm not done with you! !"

Looking at her nagging, Adam said impatiently, "Enough! It's all your fault!"

Alice looked at him and said in a daze, "Are you mad at me, Adam? !"

Feeling humiliated, Adam fretfully walked forward. He hated Cassie and Dylan much more.

'Who the hell was that man?! How could he stand out for Cassie?'!

In the ward.

Sean was dumbfounded when he saw the two persons being drove out by Dylan's order. 'What kind of person did my daughter offend?'

Dylan stretched out his hand and said like a gentleman, "Nice to meet you, uncle. My name is Dylan Lu. The two people were Cassie's ex-boyfriend and best friend. They were the ones who started it. Cassie did nothing. They saw that I was courting Cassie, so they came to you to say those words to slander Cassie on purpose."

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