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   Chapter 6 Blood-sucking Creature

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Dylan glanced at her with coldness in his eyes.

Seeing his reaction, Cassie smiled and said, "Well... I mean if you cheat on me and have an affair with another woman, then I can make the initiative to get a divorce. This is because I don't ever want to be the 'other woman'."

She hated Alice because she was the other woman. The last person she wanted to be was the kind of person she hated the most.

But it took two to start a relationship. The bastard and that bitch were a perfect match. The thought of their intimacy disgusted Cassie to her core.

Dylan nodded and said, "Okay, no problem."

After she finished all her terms, he started, "Then I have one last condition."

Cassie frowned and asked, "What is it?"

He remained calm and said, "If you ask for the divorce, then I won't be paying you the fifty million dollars."

'What? The rich men are indeed such blood-sucking creatures.'

Noticing her absent-minded reaction, Dylan then asked, "What do you think?"

Cassie pursed her lips together and said, "Okay, agreed."

As she spoke, she took out her pen and roughly browsed through the contract. She signed her name directly on top of Party B.

After that, Cassie handed the contract back to Dylan, now with her beautiful handwriting on it.

Dylan looked through it quickly and nodded with satisfaction. He raised his chin and said, "You should get changed and we should give your father a visit. Then tomorrow, I'll join you to visit your mother."


Upon the mention of her mother, the light in Cassie's eyes began to dim.

Even though she wasn't Maggie and Sean's biological daughter, they were still the parents who brought her up and took care of her all those years. Their relationship wasn't any different from a biological one.

She had been so anxious about her father being taken away by those captors that she almost forgot that Maggie had killed herself to avoid her debts.

Noticing the change in Cassie's expression, Dylan said coldly, "You can cry but don't be too desperate. Otherwise, you have to pay back five million dollars with interests."

Cassie wiped her tears with the back of her hand and sniffed. She looked at Dylan and said, "You can go out now. I need to get changed."

Dylan nodded and turned around to leave, closing the door gently.

Cassie changed into a thin down jacket and walked out with a thick scarf wrapped around her neck. Her hair was now tied into a high ponytail, making her look very fresh.

After having slept for so long, she was now feeling much better. She placed her hands in her pockets and said, "Let's go."

Dylan nodded and walked along the hall right next to her.

"You need to find another place to live," Dylan said all of a sudden.

She couldn't keep living in such a shabby house.

It took a while for Cassie to say anything. But eventually, she said, "No, it's a good place to live in. Our family has been living in that house for so many years. Besides, I'm sure my father doesn't want to live anywhere else either."

Taking another look at Cassie, Dylan said, "Do you need me to remind you of the fourteenth term on the fifth page of the contract? Party B needs to agree with all of Party A's requests unconditionally as long as they don't go against ethical standards."

Cassie then said dismissively, "Up to you."

In the ward.

Standing right next to Sean's bed, Alice said, "Uncle... I've got something to tell you. But, please, I hope you don't blame Cassie..."

As soon as Dylan and Cassie arrived at the door of the ward, they overheard Alice's voice.

Before she could say anything else, the door was suddenly pushed open with a loud bang.

The three people inside the ward looked at the direction of the door at the same time.

They were Sean, Alice and Adam.

Cassie looked at the two people in front of her, and her face was as cold as ice. She tried to suppress all the anger she felt inside and said, "Get out of here before I make you."

Seeing Cassie acting like this, Alice couldn't help but chuckle to herself. She acted like she didn't know anything and asked, "Cassie, what's wrong?"

Looking shamelessly at Cassie, Adam smiled and said, "Cassi

e, you're here."

He was always a proud man. Cassie had slept with another man and he wouldn't let her get away with it.

Cassie sat on the sofa and simply looked at them, however, she felt the blood in her body rising to her head.

Since they betrayed her first, she should be the one who got angry. However, these two people had come to her father to complain about her! !

Suppressing her anger, Cassie said, "Adam, Alice, I'm only going to say this once more. You guys better get out before I make you."

Casually leaning against the door, Dylan looked at Cassie and the other two people with great interest.

'Adam? Why does that name sound so familiar?'

Suddenly it occurred to him that this was the same person that was in charge of

the new subsidiary of HY Entertainment.

Sean couldn't seem to understand what was going on amongst Cassie, Adam and Alice. However, he figured that they weren't in good terms, as they looked like they were about to get into a fight.

Attempting to calm Cassie, he said, "Cassie, don't be rude. Alice and Adam are here to visit me."

Cassie sneered when she heard this and threw her bag on the sofa before getting up. She turned to Alice, who was feigning a smile at her.

Cassie grabbed Alice by her collar and brutally said, "You're not welcome here."

Noticing that Cassie was about to get into a fight with Alice, Dylan stepped forward and carefully pulled her hands away. Upon seeing Dylan standing between her and Alice, Cassie simply stared at him as if completely disturbed.

What was this man doing?! Was he trying to help these guys?!

Before she could even ask anything, Dylan casually waved his hand and two bodyguards wearing black came inside. Cassie looked at him in confusion. She didn't know what he was trying to do.!

Dylan cast a sharp and dominating glance at Adam. For a moment, his eyes seemed to be filled with ice that had been frozen for a thousand years. The atmosphere around the room became depressing. In a deep, righteous tone, he said, "Throw them out."

Now, it was Adam who was in a daze. He looked at Cassie and cursed her unabashedly, "You're so shameless! You were openly cheating on me while you were still in a relationship with me. Now, you and your lover are working closely to bully me, aren't you? "

When Sean heard this, his expression changed drastically. He looked at Cassie, and asked, "Cassie, what the hell is going on?"

Cassie had never expected Adam to be so shameless. After breaking up with her, he still wanted to hurt her more. Now, he was even causing trouble in the hospital, right in front of her father.

She realized that she really had horrible taste in men.

Dylan glanced at the bodyguards with a sharp look in his eyes and asked, "Have you not understood my word?"

Even though his voice wasn't loud, he sounded very intimidating.

Of course, the bodyguards didn't want to risk losing their jobs, so they quickly drove Alice and Adam out of the hospital.

Adam was so furious that his face had turned red. One of the bodyguards threateningly warned them, "Don't you ever come here again."

Alice looked at the bodyguards and angrily yelled, "Ah! You're nothing without the protection of that man! Cassie, I'm not done with you! !"

Hearing Alice's nagging, Adam impatiently yelled, "That's enough! This is all your fault!"

Alice looked at him in a daze and pouted, "Are you mad at me, Adam? "

Feeling humiliated from being kicked out, he tensely walked forward. Now he hated Cassie and Dylan much more.

'Who the hell was that man?! How could he just stand up for Cassie like that? '

Back inside the ward.

Sean was dumbfounded after seeing Alice and Adam being driven out simply by Dylan's order. 'What kind of person has my daughter offended this time?'

Dylan stretched out his hand and like a gentleman, he said, "It's nice to finally meet you, Uncle Sean. My name is Dylan Lu. Those two people are Cassie's ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend. They were the ones who betrayed your daughter first. Cassie has done nothing wrong. When they realized that I was courting Cassie, they came here to say those things to slander Cassie on purpose."

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