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   Chapter 4 Memorize The Script

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Hearing this, Dylan raised his head and looked at Cassie.

Her originally pale oval face was much better after applying rouge. Her nose was quite upturned, and her big watery eyes blinked slightly. Her long eyelashes drooped like butterfly wings.

Her hair was combed and spread over her shoulders, making her more pure. Her red eyes and the dark circles under her eyes were covered with foundation. Seeing her like this, Dylan nodded with satisfaction.

He slightly bent his arm and his chin pointed slightly downward.

Knowing what he meant, Cassie quickly stepped forward and held his arm.

As soon as they walked out of the room, a strong cold air came. It was winter now, and she was only wearing a thin dress. She couldn't help shrinking her neck because of the cold.

As Dylan glancing at her, she smiled sheepishly.

When the elevator reached the first floor, the reporters were still there.

It was known to all that in front of the media Dylan had always been cold, free from gossip and not close to women. If it weren't for the news this time, all the girls in H city would think that he was either sexual dysfunctional or a gay.

Since such explosive news suddenly came out this time, they naturally wouldn't let go of this opportunity to grab the headlines.

Seeing the reporters, Dylan took off his coat and put on Cassie himself.

With a gentle smile that he had never shown in front of others, he said, "Put it on. Don't get cold."

The reporters screamed and took the picture. They crowded over again.

"Mr. Dylan, is this lady really your girlfriend?"

"Mr. Dylan, please answer my question, Mr. Dylan."

Cassie was stunned for a moment, Dylan whispered in her ear affectionately, "Five million dollars."

Hearing the three words "five million dollars", Cassie said with a sweet smile, "Thank you."

Dylan nodded with satisfaction and held her in his arms. He stretched out his arm to block the flashlight that made Cassie blink.

Miss Ji clapped her hands and said with a smile, "I'm sorry. Mr. Dylan won't accept any interview today. As for whether she is his girlfriend or not, please don't make wild guesses. Mr. Dylan will tell you when he wants to. Please give Mr. Dylan some personal space."

The Rolls-Royce was waiting for them outside. As a gentleman, Dylan opened the door for Cassie and covered the car roof with his hand, afraid that she would touch his head.

Many female fans of Dylan who had heard the news had been waiting at the entrance of the hall. As soon as they walked out of the revolving door, the fans screamed, "Ah, Ah, Ah! ! Dylan, I love you! ! Dylan! ! I love you! !"

On the other side of H City, in the CEO Office of Shengtian Group.

A middle-aged man sat in his office and looked at the two intimate persons in the video, frowning tightly. He dialed a number and said coldly, "Check it out immediately. What the hell was going on? !"

Shouldn't it be Sunny Sheng?! Why was it a strange woman?

In the car. With a cold face, Dylan sat in the car silently. The atmosphere was awkward.

She couldn't stand it anymore and asked, "Where are we going? And..."

Dylan gave a glance at Cassie and signaled her to shut up.

Cassie slowly closed her mouth and sat down quietly.

Damn it. She seemed to have said something just now. Would he refuse to lend me the five million dollars? ?

He handed the file bag at hand to Cassie and said in a low and mellow voice, "You must memorize the script and materials. If you make any mistake..."

Knowing what he was going to say next, Cassie quickly said, "I know! If I make any mistake, you won't lend me the five million dollars. I will try my best to memorize it."

Cassie opened the file and read it carefully. The information on it about Dylan is very detailed.

Dylan Lu, 28 years old. The richest man in Asia.

Capricornus, born in 1990, graduated from a key domestic university. A CEO with business w

orth more than 100 billion dollars. The only man on the Forbes Billionaires List in the world who ranked the fifth at the age of 28.

The most interesting thing was that he founded Hooey Group when he was still in college. After eight years, he managed it from a small company to today, becoming an empire legend in the entertainment circle.

Wait, why does this name look so familiar? ?

Damn it! It occurred to Cassie's mind. Wasn't this the name of the leading actor of her new book? ?

Cassie was also a Star chaser. Of course she had heard about Hooey Group, but she knew nothing about Dylan. No wonder she felt familiar with the name when she wrote it, but she couldn't remember it. She didn't expect that she would have sex with him last night.

Staring at the name on the file, Cassie pointed at the name and asked in surprise, "Is Owen Lu your brother? !"

Taking a glance at her, Dylan answered perfunctorily, "Yes."

Owen Lu made his debut through the talent show. He didn't want others to think that he relied on his brother to get where he was today, so he concealed his background from the public.

Cassie turned tears into smiles. She held Dylan's hand and said, "You know what? I like your brother very much!"

Seeing her smiling face, Dylan frowned and teased Cassie, "You are so optimistic."

Just now, she cried like a little kitten in the hotel room. Now she smiled so happily when she heard that Owen Lu was his brother?

It's really hard to understand Women.

With a smile, Cassie said, "I won't cry!"

It was probably Alice was waiting for her to cry! She couldn't let those two persons live a happy life.

The black Rolls-Royce left the hotel and stopped at an intersection. It was a red light.

The driver asked, "Mr. Dylan, where should we go?"

After a short pause, Dylan turned to look at Cassie and asked, "Where is your home?"

After Cassie told the address, the driver drove to the gate of the community where she lived.

There was no parking lot near the community, so she had to get out of the car.

It was a community with a long history. Cassie got out of the car and said, "Thank you."

Dylan followed her out of the car, "Show me the way."

"Excuse me?"

Cassie was stunned for a while before she came to her senses.

She took Dylan upstairs. The iron door in front of her home was scratched with four red words "Pay off the debt".

Dylan frowned, Cassie took out the key from her bag, opened the door and said, "Here it is."

As soon as she passed the vestibule, she saw the mess all over the room.

The originally clean and tidy living room was in a mess. The tea table in the living room had already been thrown to the ground, and the glass container on the table had been knocked over and broken into pieces. Water stains left on the wooden floor, and the trash can was also fell down.

Dylan glanced around the small room and stopped.

Cassie quickly went into the room to tidy up and said awkwardly, "Sorry, it's a little messy. Sit down and I'll get you a glass of water."

Rita heard the noise and came in.

Seeing a figure, she asked tentatively, "Is that... Cassie? !"

After confirming that it was Cassie, Rita hurriedly said to her, "Cassie! You are finally back! Do you know that your father was taken away by those people who collected the debt?"

A family photo of three of them was hung on the wall of the narrow living room. When Cassie turned her head, she saw the photo, and her eyes flashed with tears again.

Her father's words before he was taken away were intertwined with the happy memories of the past. She felt like her heart was stabbed a hole, and endless bitterness gushed out.

Cassie's thin body trembled slightly. She choked with sobs and said, "I I know, Rita. I..."

Holding Rita in her arms, Cassie cried helplessly and desperately. She said, "Rita, do you know... Do you know where they have taken my father to?"

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