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   Chapter 2 Shameless

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As soon as Cassie walked out of the bathroom, she could see two people entering the room.

Holding Adam's hand, Alice gazed proudly at her.

Actually, Adam was already planning to break up with Cassie that day. Ever since she started writing books, she didn't have much time to be with him. Compared to Alice's frequent care, Cassie was much colder to him.

Besides, the only reason why he chased after her was because of the bet he made with his roommate. Obviously, he won that bet.

He actually liked Alice better. Besides, she was even more considerate than Cassie.

Adam actually refused to attend the annual meeting with Cassie because Alice wanted to go. This was why he said that he had other business matters to attend to. He came into this room with guilt rising in his chest,

but the moment he saw the scene right before him, he gritted his teeth in anger.

At the moment, Cassie was only wearing a bathrobe. Hickeys were displayed all over her neck and collarbone, giving him a hint of what had happened last night.

He looked at her in disbelief before gazing at his surroundings.

The dress and underwear that she had worn last night were still displayed on the ground. Without thinking, his palm fell on her face.


The impact made Cassie fall onto the ground.

A searing pain went through her cheek.

Alice hid her smirk as she rushed to Cassie's side. "Cassie, are you okay?"

She pretended to glare at the man. "What the hell? How could you hit her, Adam?"

Cassie had never been slapped her entire life. Her childhood years were spent being spoiled by her own parents. Tears streamed down her cheeks and fell on the carpet.

He had actually hit her... How dare him!

He slapped her.

When she heard Alice call him by his name, she froze.


Cassie gazed at the pair in astonishment.

When did they become so intimate with another?

As if he could read her mind, Adam cleared his throat. "I was actually guilty when I came here to break up with you, but seeing that you've decided to sleep with another man, I guess we're even. We're over. Alice and I are in love now."

There was absolutely no guilt in Adam's voice. It was as if what he said made perfect sense.

Cassie felt sick all over as she clutched her stomach. She used to be so eloquent, but now, she couldn't even string a few words together.

She gritted her teeth as she gazed at the pair in disgust. "Get out!" she choked out.

With a mocking smile, he held Alice's hand. "Let's go."

Alice glanced at Cassie wearily. "Adam, I actually have something to tell her. Do you mind waiting for me outside?"

He smiled lovingly. "Okay, baby."

Once Adam had left, Alice crossed her arms and smirked at the fallen woman. "Cassie, how does it feel when your most precious thing has been taken away from you?" She cackled. "You can speak now."

The pride in her heart didn't allow her to cry. Cassie clenched her fists and stood up, sneering at her so-called best friend. "You tell me. What's the feeling of picking up someone's garbage?" she snarled.

Alice wasn't expecting that remark. She flushed deep red and was about to raise her hand to slap her.

However, Cassie grabbed her wrist quickly and gave her a hard slap. Without missing a beat, Cassie shoved her to the ground.

Alice covered her face in disbelief.

Sitting leisurely on the edge of the bed, Cassie sneered. "Sinc

e you just love to pick up other people's scrap, then I might as well give Adam to you. Since he's just slapped me, I might as well return the favor. From now on, you're nothing to me!"

Anger was written all over Alice's face.

'That bitch!' She clenched her fists. Alice hated Cassie. Why did everything have to be about her? Alice knew that her qualifications were more outstanding than that bitch's, yet she was the one who had gotten famous overnight! 'Didn't that bitch deliberately bring me that party to show off?'

The more Alice thought about it, the angrier she became. Alice stood up as tears streamed down her cheeks. She clenched her jaw. "Just wait and see, bitch!" she spat out.

Cassie snorted indifferently.

"Let's wait and see indeed."

Downstairs of the Windsor Holiday Inn

Dylan's customized leather shoes tapped against the tiles. He was sporting a black Armani suit and a coat of the same color. His handsome face was filled with coldness. Without another word, he pursed his lips and walked through the revolving door.

However, as he was about to go home, a crowd of reporters blocked his way. He had absolutely no choice but to return to the hotel. The news that his secretary had shown him this morning lingered in his mind.

The doorman bowed his head. "Hello, sir."

Behind him stood an array of bodyguards. Countless cameras were flashing his way as his security guards did their best to push them back.

His neat hair flickered under the warm sunlight. Frowning, Dylan walked forward as if he didn't see the reporters crowding over him.

"Today's exclusive report is about, the richest man in Asia and CEO of the Hooey Group, Mr. Dylan," a reporter said to the camera. "He had just returned home three days ago and appeared in a hotel wrapped around a mysterious woman. A suspected relationship is exposed. Now, we ask ourselves, who is this mysterious woman?"

There was a pause. "On a famous website, the leading man of the new book written by a popular female e-writer shares many similarities with Mr. Dylan. In fact, even the setup is the same. What do you think the writer and Mr. Dylan are up to? Let's find out!"


Tears streamed down Cassie's cheeks once they left.

"It's not worth it. These tears aren't worth it," she mumbled to herself.

However, the more she comforted herself, the more tears fell down her face.

How could she not be devastated? She was not only drugged by her best friend, but her boyfriend also broke up with her. What was worse, she just lost her virginity to a man she didn't even remember!

The most ridiculous thing was that she never suspected that they would betray her like this.

Cassie sobbed. "They're not the only ones in your life, Cassie. You have your parents... Yes, your parents," she muttered.

"They'll be there for me."

Her phone rang just in time. Wiping the tears from her cheeks, she grabbed her phone.

Seeing the strange number, a cold feeling rushed through her system.

Her mother, Maggie Shen, was addicted to gambling. Given that, there were many hooligans who were after Cassie, so she changed her number every now and then.

There was an unusual silence at the other end of the line.

Cassie took a deep breath and plastered a smile on her face. "Hello?"

Sean Bo kept silent for a long time until he heard Cassie's voice. He exhaled.

"Cassie...your mother just committed suicide."

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