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   Chapter 320 I Just Knew the Situation

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"Where is Elder Justin?"

"Miss Dina, why are you here again? I've told you that Elder Justin hasn't been here for a long time. He just called and asked Cayden to take care of it for the time being. Sometimes he would call to ask about the situation here. We really haven't seen him."

Although Justin's men were a little impatient, they still showed respect to Dina. Firstly, it was because of Dina's identity. Secondly, they all knew that Justin and Dina had a good relationship.

"Then where on earth did he go?"

"We really don't know. I'm sorry, Miss Dina."

Dina was sent out of the nightclub. Before, Justin was under the police's watch, so she couldn't go to see him. Later, when she went to see him again, she heard that it had nothing to do with him. After he was cured, he was released.

She had gone to the hospital to ask about his condition, but the doctor and nurse didn't say anything.

She clearly remembered that the bullet hit his artery in his thigh. How could he leave the hospital so soon? But she had been looking for him for more than a month, but she still couldn't find him.

Justin was ambitious. He had always wanted to make his power stronger. Moreover, he was already a little famous in South Sea City. How could he leave everything behind?

Just as the man was about to turn around and enter, Dina suddenly rushed over, quickly took out a dagger from her waist and put it on the man's neck. "Tell me, where exactly is Justin?"

"Miss... Miss Dina, I really don't know. But I know the address of Elder Justin's home. He has his grandmother in his hometown. Maybe he went back to see his grandmother. It was new year celebration."

"It's been a long time since the new year. Are you kidding me?" Dina pushed the dagger a little bit. The man's skin was broken and blood was surging. He screamed continuously, which attracted the people inside to rush out. "Miss Dina, calm down."

"No, it's not like that. It's been a long time, but Elder Justin was raised by his grandmother. I guess he wants to stay in the hometown to spend more time with her! This ki


"Oh, you are crying?" Justin said with a playful smile.

Dina wiped her tears and said, "What are you talking about? Who is crying?"

"I know you are here for me. Those brats exposed me. They must have been shocked by you."

Dina laughed when she heard him.

Pointing at the direction of his house, Justin said, "It's so late now. It's dark, and there is no hotel outside. If you go back to South Sea City overnight, I will be worried about you. You're as beautiful as a flower. If someone sees you and wants to hurt you, I'll be guilty."

"Who dares to take advantage of me?"

"Let's go, my lady. My grandma is the only one in my family. Let me take advantage of you today, may be you can pretend to be her granddaughter in law? My grandma always asks me to get married. It was annoying."

Dina didn't say anything, but she followed behind Justin. She didn't reach out to help him, because she knew he didn't need it and he didn't want it either.

After taking a few steps, Justin suddenly turned his head to look at her and smiled. "Don't look at me like that. It's not you who shot and hurt me, and I didn't follow you. I had to protect my own territory, right? In the past, when my legs were healthy, I was not a match for you. Now my legs have become like this, and I'm afraid I will never be able to defeat you. This is not called disappearing. I just know the situation."

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