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   Chapter 318 Fire Her On The Spot

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Stella was furious, but she controlled herself. She sneered and turned to the three men, saying, "You see what she looks like, but anyone who marries her will be in big trouble. He will be cheated again and again."

"Really? It is really hard to tell. Miss Mo, you know someone is so cheap. Why do you still recruit her to the company?"

"How can I have the face to invite such a great person?" Stella pretended to smile mysteriously and said, "She has a backstage."

"Really? What background is so powerful? Could it be... Lover?"

"Nonsense, what lover? How could he fall in love with her? He just wants to have some fun." Stella walked around Nora and said, "Look at her. With her figure and appearance, she can deceive any man she wants, can't she? Only Mr. Ouyang is stupid." Stella shook her head and sighed helplessly.

"What? It's Mr. Ouyang." The way the three people looked at Nora immediately changed. In their hearts, Adam was the best man in the world. He never messed around outside, let alone flirted with anyone. As the CEO of a listed company, he went to work earlier than anyone else and left later than anyone else. Moreover, he was filial to his parents. He was one of the top ten good men.

Nora felt that their eyes almost wanted to tear her apart, as if saying her name and Adam's name was a stain to Adam.

"Are you done? Can I leave now?" Nora looked at Stella indifferently.

In fact, she really wanted to tell her that it was not that she was tough now, but that she had been in the entertainment circle since she graduated from college. Their little tricks were nothing compared to what she had encountered before, and could not hurt her at all. They just wanted to say something to make themselves happy, and even if they spread these words to the whole company, so what? She was not afraid of being looked down upon.

"Wow, Nora, I really admire your tolerance. Don't you refute us? Or even you think what we said is true?" St

now that we are just friends."

Nora waved to Adam, turned around and walked into the elevator.

On the second day, as soon as everyone went to work, they knew that Stella was fired by Adam in public and that Nora would take over her position.

Moreover, the news about what happened last night had been spread. Everyone knew that Stella had offended Nora and was immediately fired by the president, Adam. Therefore, everyone was guessing the relationship between Nora and Adam.

But what happened next seemed to be different from what they thought.

Nora was still busy every day. She drove to and off work alone. Many people knew that she used to live in the newly built All Safe Community, and she would go home on time every day after work. There was no sign of dating with Mr. Ouyang. Later, they gradually put down their defenses, and no one talked about it again.

After hearing this, Wanda looked at Nora in surprise, "This is completely a hero saving the beauty! You won't be moved by that? I won't help you this time. How can Adam not deserve you? Tell me!"

"It is that I don't deserve him, okay?" Nora couldn't help but roll her eyes at Wanda, "Every time I see him, there is nothing but embarrassment."

Raising her eyebrow, Wanda glanced at Nora and smiled, without saying anything.

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